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Countryballs At War
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  1. Ik how to use soldiers and how to produce and attack but idk how to make a march I saw that my enemy had that

  2. needed tutorial but this came in allot to first

  3. needed tutorial but this came in allot to first

  4. How to play against muscaters? Why All are villagers troops?

  5. " I should bore you with this but I won't "You're my favorite utuber for a reason

  6. Me Watch the message for Install for Countryballs at war but I was here First and it shows me How to Play so I Play and I won the France County

  7. Africa is good for leather the Americas are good for wood and Asia is good for iron

  8. If u choose Ethiopia I recommend to use archer but rifle camel is slow to move
    Also claim all the land in Africa fast

  9. E jugado este juego y e esperado mucho tiempo para que salga y ya lo tengo, me estoy entretenimiento mucho aunque como es la beta es algo obvio que aún le faltan algunas cosas como otros mapas y más countryballs

  10. finally is released I can play it but I need to download it with slow internet bc there was a rain

  11. I got 18 characters already lol. Also how to get food?
    Edit: I got 22 now im speedrunning this thing!

  12. Glad You Played Because This was made by SHC GAMES

  13. the new game that shn games released is s da best than the 1890 countryballs.

  14. I played the game yesterday and it's really interesting and amazing!

  15. All take 1turn to get the one you recruited even if you level them up

  16. Hey brunchimati How you install modes to World conqueror 4? (I really want install Great patrotic war but idk how to install and i hope it don't have a virus)

  17. Nice,hope it will become a series,we really like it!

  18. Is this on the apple store or app

  19. Congratulations 🥳!your the first one to post a video about this game!

  20. I wonder if all the countryballs are even obtainsble

  21. You can conquer more than 2+ territories in just 1 battle.

    You can also upgrade your Units/Cannons. They can be very useful for hard battles

  22. This game still brand new we will wait what will they add to the game

  23. 밀가루폭탄 - countryball 컨트리볼 says:

    This game is so fun it steals my time!

  24. I don't know how to get diamonds can you tell me how to get them?

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