😍 Top 10 Countries With Most Beautiful Female Soldier ✨🔥#top10ner #top10 #shorts - nzwargamer.net

😍 Top 10 Countries With Most Beautiful Female Soldier ✨🔥#top10ner #top10 #shorts

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  1. They are pretty until their heads get popped like a baloon

    Also the tank are cuter

  2. They do this to get more people to join am i wrong😅

  3. us is a straight up of model not a soldier

  4. Israel🇮🇱 is not a country 👿 they don't have places in this world 😏


  6. I don't think they look that Beautiful, but they look just as badass as any other male does.

  7. Why does israel look like she regrets joining💀

  8. 🇮🇱👎Where is Palestine?😢

  9. How long does it take to get to……Nevermind

  10. Have you even seen female soldiers that look Nothing like this lol

  11. If i had to be honest, an F-22 raptor has better personality, has better looks, it can ride faster and is more in shape. The only thing that might be a problem is that it fun away fast.

  12. Oh, this hit me right in the feels! So emotional! 😢 🍑🍑🍑🍆🍆🍆

  13. Aww, my heart just melted! Adorable! 💖 👅👅👅🍑🍑🍑

  14. Half of these including us arent even real fucking soldiers

  15. the 1940 general wdym they don't use guns! That's just for shows there still in the kitchen and cleaning!

  16. Why tf yt recommend me this💀

  17. Night witches are Russian women in the 2nd World War

  18. I only need one girl in my life and that my A-10 thunderbolt

  19. Why only Korea and china doesn't have a lot of hair that would disrupt the battle

  20. People who think South Korea and china look same


  21. Елена из России.😂самая красивая. Вы не путай

  22. Who tf wanted to know what country has the hottest soldiers

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