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10 Best Star Wars Games You Can Play On PC Right Now

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No Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order review just yet, but here are the best Star Wars games for PC. Oh, and why not check out our Rock Paper Shotgun Displate store, to help support the channel. Click here:

There are more Star Wars games than there are films, some good, some bad, some legendary. These are the best Star Wars games on PC – well, our favourites. Of course we’d love to hear your best Star Wars PC games, too, so share them in the comments. What makes a top Star Wars game? Is it a game that pushes forward the lore, one that captures the feeling of being a Jedi (or Sith, boo hiss), or ones that simply transport us to those mad alien worlds. Whatever your approach, and whatever genre you love, there should be something here to tick your box.

And while you’re watching our greatest Star Wars games list we’ll be working on a Jedi Fallen Order review in time for early next week. Early impressions are good, so here’s hoping it delivers throughout. If you’d like to check out more words on best Star Wars video games, check out this link:

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer is a much-beloved racing game based on the podracing bit from Episode I: The Phantom Menace. It holds up really well and works right off the bat with any standard controller, the only thing you need to know if you go back to it is it crashes if more than one external USB device is attached, like a set of wireless headphones. Simply unplug, launch the game, and plug things back in, and you’ll be fine.

Knights Of The Old Republic 2 is Obsidian Entertainment’s rougher but better-written sequel to Bioware’s KOTOR. KOTOR 2 got a patch in 2015 to make it run better, but for additional improvements, check out our guide here: If you want to see the cut and unfinished stuff, there’s also a restored content mod:

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (that’s the classic one because it’s got a colon in it) is properly good, and a GOG Galaxy update brought multiplayer back with crossplay for Steam users too. The Force Unleashed is also just as entertaining a Sith power fantasy as it was before, even if that The Force Unleashed star destroyer bit is a tad controversial in the Star Wars fan community.

Star Wars Republic Commando is a tactical first-person shooter where you’re the leader of a squad of elite clone troopers called Delta Squad. The best bit about Republic Commando, however, is when you get blood on your visor, a little laser windscreen wiper cleans it off for you. Lego Star Wars Complete Saga doesn’t have any blood, but it does have a good sense of humour that lovingly pokes fun at the films.

Star Wars Empire At War isn’t the best RTS ever made, but it serves as a pretty good option for those aching for some real-time space opera strategy with AT-ATs, storm troopers, and rancors. If strategy isn’t your jam and you prefer a simplistic but fun arcade romp, Star Wars Rogue Squadron (with a 3D on the end of it for the PC release) is exactly that.

If you want to fly about but want it to be intricate and extensive, Star Wars TIE Fighter is the game for you. The TIE Fighter game is an in-depth space combat sim where you play an unnamed TIE pilot. If you want to play the hardware-accelerated special edition, you’ll have to perform a fix that’s explained in the video, but the original MS-DOS emulated version works as is.

Star Wars Dark Forces is basically a Star Wars Doom game. The old Doom, with the 3D environments and 2D character and item sprites. It’s really well-done though, with perfect sound effects, fully-voiced characters, and a cracking MIDI Star Wars soundtrack.

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  1. No mention of The Old Republic? You disappoint me. And no Star Wars Pinball either…

  2. None of the Jedi Knight games or Shadows of the Empire? 🙁

  3. Ahh, that explains the lack of a VTM episode this week. I'll let you off….

  4. Kotor I&II
    those are the best ones.

    If the you can handle the pain of remembering when BioWare made good games…

  5. I would pay someone to come to my house and play games. I used have a friend but I have failed at life. I'm in merseyside so send me a message if anyone is near. £20 an hour and free sundries and supper.

  6. The character in Tie Fighter is not an unnamed imperial – Maarek Stele

  7. You’re missing out big time if you haven’t played the current battlefront 2 lately and you enjoyed the original. Predatory lootbox practices are long gone and theyre still adding new content for free. It’s pretty much a must own now for any Star Wars gamer fan.

  8. New Battlefront II is honestly so much fun. They fucked the launch but they've been supporting it so much since then and its grown into an amazing game.

  9. Advice for Tie Fighter: do the combat chamber missions first listening to the briefings and selecting the "officer questions" before launching the mission, they are the game tutorial and quite a detailed one especially for the time.
    Also the GOG version has all the extras both the manuals and the novella that tells about the protagonist and several gameplay tips (though it's listed only under the extra downloads of the floppy version for some reason, but no matter since the GOG package has all versions of the game).
    Also get a Logitech 3D Pro or a Thrustmaster T-16000, they are the two "good enough" (TM) sticks on the market, no need for a HOTAS if you aren't into it (also you'd probably need to fiddle a bit to get all the buttons and the throttle to work anyway, I know I had to with my HOTAS).
    But another must is a MIDI soundbank switcher for your audio device so you can have the best music possible with the CD DOS version (I use the Timbres of Heaven soundbank) after setting the music to "general midi" using the setmuse file in the game folder under dosbox.

    PS: also the game is not quite as "pro-empire" as it might look, there's a lot of Starship Troopers style irony, especially the debriefing for the very last mission is a masterwork of black humor.

  10. I tried to get back on Star Wars: The Old Republic, but I have a mac 🙁

  11. You found my old Star Wars game! Thanks alot, now i can restart beating it over and over.

  12. dud…Star Wars Racer is just ultimate joy. I've played it on Mac G3 laptop first back in 2002 and playing it still. And cursing myself for not making remake in unity engine, when every monkey who is capable of typing in if function is shitposting games on steam like a champion.

  13. Yeah, but no. The new battlefront 2 is genuinely fun, it is not oversimplified. It isn’t pay to win. Everything can be unlocked in a short time without paying, In-fact you can’t buy abilities and the cosmetics can be unlocked in a short time.

  14. The new battle front 2 is not as bad as it used to be

  15. you seem to think it was the elkecticity that agee sith lord..

    i saw that scene different !i saw the fact they where exposed to be sith. so there was no reason to hide anymore.
    so there was no reason for the sith lord to hide his corrupted face anyore so the sith transformed his own face back to normal ( corrupted)

  16. I really like OH star wars battlefront 2 u could invade planets and take over the galaxy and choose your side or choose your nap and gammode like hero battle or hunt which is alien species fighting and you can play fighter battle which you can go to the other ship to take out genorators

  17. Dark Forces had a Sourceport called Dark Forces XL (same project as the dead Daggerxl)

  18. The best game was Lego starwars III clone wars on Lucasfilm website, sadly its gone

  19. The plural of vinyl is "vinyl"…not "vinyls."

  20. Swtor is also a good game (though it takes at least 3 hours to download, 4 days if you have a slow-but-not-that-slow pc like mine), also it's first 2 expansions are free! So definetly recommend swtor

  21. I grew up playing Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II – loved it. Played through the single player multiple times. Also, Battlefront I and II.

  22. star wars battlefront 2 the new one has really improved and you should play it

  23. I love star wars yeeting game thank you

  24. This is more like:

    "The only Free Star Wars games you can play yet."

  25. his visuals for all of these games are really bad, which is not how they actually are

  26. I highly recommend Dark Forces II, it had an interesting story and live action cutscenes that weren't cheesy, they surprisingly worked. Its massively underrated and I would like to see it get more love.

  27. Swtor is great too. It's free to play but almost everything needs money because its EA but as a free to play player. You still can do a lot of things.

  28. Actually battlefront two nowadays it’s actually really fun

  29. Who tf made the "Guerra delle Stelle" poster?
    Star Wars in italian has always been Guerre Stellari

  30. what is the game in the back rounod at 3.26

  31. There is this one sw game i just remembered playing but forgot the name, so you choose beetween the sith and jedis and once you choose you are on tatooine and build a base, eventually you upgrade your building and train troops. Bassically clash of clans but star wars if anyone knows the name please let me know and i apologise for the bad grammar.

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