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10 Best Tactical Shooters That TRULY TEST Your Patience

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Looking for a game with intensity, room for teamwork, and a reliance on precision? We’ve got you covered with these fun recent tactical games.
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#10 Insurgency: Sandstorm
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, PC

#9 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, PC

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, PC

#7 Star Wars: Republic Commando
Platforms: PC

#6 Rising Storm 2: Vietnam
Platforms: PC

#5 CS:GO
Platforms: PC, macOS

#4 ARMA 3
Platforms: PC, macOS

#3 Squad
Platforms: PC

#2 Escape from Tarkov
Platforms: PC, macOS

#1 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Google Stadia, Xbox Series X and Series S, PC


  1. Why can u not aim down sights in CSGO? That is the dumbest shit ever it makes no sense

  2. The best part about sandstorm insurgency is that voip is heard by both team AND enemy. Makes for some very funny, “get outta my house” moments.

  3. I miss the good old Delta force times, that was a really good franchie back in the days 😅

  4. Have never played siege I've only played rainbow six lockdown. And that was fun!

  5. I want a game that’s basically like a modern war game mixed with Skyrim two factions going head to head in a few side factions alongside them it just sounds like perfection to me

  6. I always love your guy's video and work's. But man seeing Republic Commando on this list really made my day.


  8. Rainbow Six Siege at the top of the list? You've got to be kidding.

  9. IDC about anything anyone say ! if u played tarkov…. its a fucking nightmare! 1 bullet is enough..

  10. The best game that really makes you and 2 other buddies work together is Goldeneye. Cuse we need to get that bastard with the Golden Gun!!! Lol

  11. F*!
    Most of them are PC.
    The PC ones look amazing and sound way better

  12. "Escape From Tarkov" storyline UN against Russian forces, why does that sound familiar. Oh wait that's right it's happening in real life 🤣

  13. I hate multiplayer games. Almost all shooters are multiplayer games.

  14. Photographer Its Different Productions says:

    Number 1 is The Division easy or The Division 2

  15. There’s no way you guys didn’t include Ready or Not… that game is the pinnacle of tactical shooter

  16. Okay zero hour should definitely be on the list instead of rainbow six

  17. I wish Siege would have stayed smaller in popularity. The beginning era was the best era of siege. There weren’t 20 different ops to pick from that all did the same things just different visuals. I miss having to think about my decisions in picking ops and really thinking

  18. And Hell Let Loose wouldn't be considered? I'm a bit intrigued by that

  19. I recommend
    Hell let loose
    It is like squad game but ww2 era
    It is about controlling sectors

  20. Verdun!!! Amazing realistic WW1 game! Multiplayer, high pace, similar to insurgency (which I loved!)

  21. For tarkov it's really worth mentioning, any gear you bring into a raid is a potential loss.
    You have to pack your mags with rounds, dress wounds, set broken bones, eat, drink, clear gun jams, and do quests.
    But yeah, the most punishing aspect is that if you die, all your equipment is free to loot.

  22. Enlisted is pay to play though. Game is fun but kinda sucks

  23. Cmon, rainbow six siege number 1? I would have put Ready Or Not there, Siege is dead.

  24. Breakpoint was garbage because of too many random AI events that were way too difficult to avoid or beat. Flying drones, random roaming groups, etc. It was just too much.

  25. Tried Enlisted earlier … good lord, absolutely horrible! If you really want that immersive full-blown WW2 Sim, give Hell Let Loose a try … an aaaabsolute gem!

  26. Surprised to see Squad in here but not Hell Let Loose. HLL is the literal definition of tactical shooter

  27. If you're looking for a ghost recon but an ACTUALLY good one, go for GR Future Soldier, you'll be happy

  28. Man I would absolutely love a good remake of republic commando

  29. CSGO Is not tactical. you can quick scope so it is not tactical. And you run and shoot unlike real life. Rainbow six siege is not that tactical. But it kind of is.

  30. No one who remembers Operation Flashpoint? That game was awesome. Every hit from a bullet injured you in realistic ways. The first game was the best game.

  31. Siedge nr 1 no!! Siedge is trash i played it at least 400 h sinse release but all the operators are nerfed to the brim and it doesnt make any fun anymore the comunity sucks too they vote you out because you don't run thru the map like they and geting killed after 10sec. Try Zero Hour, ready or not (Enemy AI is faster then Jerry Miculek) or Ground Branch instead.

  32. lol where's Ground Branch or any of the actual Rainbow Six games? Swat 4? Ready or Not?
    What a joke. Maybe actually try to make good content next time… or you could just reupload someone else's content and delete your tweets or something…

  33. Squad is one of the best games you can play. I always wanted Battlefield with a heavy reliance on teamwork to win, over just going Rambo. You NEED teamwork to win. Great pick,

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