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10 Biggest Battles EVER In Video Games

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Video games are known for battles, but only a select few have legendary massive ones we still talk about. Here are our favorite examples.
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  1. Viking: Battle for Asgard was life back in the day

  2. The first big battle game that ever impressed me were Cossacks 1 which released in year 2001 for PC.

  3. What about GoW, the ending of chapter one in Rayman legends and Middle earth shadow of war

  4. I took part in the biggest Arma battle ever, I uh bombed a friendly camp cause I miss recognised the flare..

  5. Lord of the ring the return of the king for ps2… whan you need to hold the fortress

  6. New Vegas final assault is so big you may never finish. Probably why we keep bringing it up. 😆

  7. How could you leave out the fortress defense of diablo 3. You see thousands of demons and humans fighting as you rally men save catapults and light beacons.

  8. I would've put the battle of B-R5RB at #1. Over 7,000 REAL players, and costing in real money over $300,000. That is absolutely devastating. A lot of rage quitting, keyboard smashing, and possibly a suicide over such a huge high stakes battle.

  9. if you didn't mention kingdom hearts I would have been very upset. thank you.

  10. I feel like that eve online one should have been number 1, loosing that much money created a real world scale. Although not upset, number 1 is a world record

  11. Dragon Age is my favorite game ever cuz of it's story. I'm so glad it make it 2nd on the list 😌🥰

  12. Kinda surprised but was also hoping for a mention for Kingdom Hearts.

  13. Glad to see Dynasty Warriors on the list. Still will defend Dynasty Warriors 9 with my last breath. It's not as bad as people say it is. I like it more than the previous installments.

  14. How could u not add middle earth shadow of mordor

  15. The first borns last stand Starcraft II WOL… come on 😩

  16. Viking battle for asgard back on 360 battles in that got pretty big

  17. As a doom player I thought the battle of hell from doom eternal was going on this list

  18. top 10 biggest battles EVER in video games… your list is wrong. by default. every one should be an EVE battle.

  19. Eve sounds insane I can’t believe people pay for 9k ships and risk them in massive battles like that lol

  20. You forget age of empires with unlimited population mode

  21. I don't usually comment but I felt there were 2 games that were overlooked

    Lord of the rings: conquest
    – most of the games is massive army fights while you control specialty characters, but near the end of the game theres a massive war.

    -if you've seen anything about this, you get it

  22. Battle for middle earth ??????????????
    Helmsdeep and minas tirith?

  23. I am surprised that clash of clans isn't here

  24. 10 and 9 were big…but I think you need to look up the definition of the word "big" for the rest

  25. All the dynasty warrior games are hot garbage😂🤣 just play the actual romance games🙄

  26. I have played DW8 and DW8E,a nd I have to be honest you are right on that. Though….you could argue that Samurai Warriors series may also have the same thing

  27. For anyone looking for a hack n slash game with pretty good sized enemy groups, an old game called Ninety Nine Nights did it pretty well.

  28. It is so ironic how the list includes something about Russians attacking the USA. Because it will happen! Just look at how the US is flirting with Russia´s wife, Ukraine.

  29. I have thousands of hours in Planet side 2 since playing in the beta nearly a decade ago and still play now, I can assure any one watching this, there are no Sea battles and there have never been any ships…

  30. Until you've fought 100,000 Revenants or 9,000 Cyberdemons in just the first Map, you don't know the meaning of the term Biggest Battle.

  31. The Melee event in Zone of the Enders Anubis (ZOE 2:The Second Runner) Jehuty and 99 Levs vs 1000 enemies. Also in Robot Alchemic Drive there is a battle where you're supposed to destroy a Vulgara facility while all of the other powers/supporting cast fight a large group of Vulgara. There's not a lot and you don't see the action (I think there's 11 of them, 10 normal ones and a Warlord) but considering all of Japan is going against this group of giants and that you end up fighting 4 targets in one mission I believe it should count.

  32. Unfortunately Guinness world records dont mean anything. Its a pay to win organization that has really no merit in the actual real world.

  33. World at conflict is my all time favorite RTS glad to see it on your list!

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