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10 Biggest Battles EVER In Video Games

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Video games are known for battles, but only a select few have legendary massive ones we still talk about. Here are our favorite examples.
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  1. Fuck
    Im Missing the fucking StarCraft series here

  2. A criminally underrated game that seems to go unnoticed is Spartan: Total Warrior. Haven't played in over a decade, but if memory serves me right, it definitely would fit in this list.

  3. I thought Black & White 2 had some pretty massive fights when you go to conquer cities and the armies you build to go along with your gigantic beast.

  4. Supreme Commander also had huge battles and huge armies

  5. The biggest battles in video games EVER would have to name Dark Age of Camelot relic raids back in the early days with multiple thousands of people fighting a three way fight.

  6. Check out the final battle in serious sam 4. That battle almost melted my video card.

  7. When an online battle lasts longer than the Invasion of Denmark

  8. what about shadow of war any fortress siege at latter levels

  9. Dude you should do a research on this one its a group in Roblox that hosts a 3 thousand and sometimes 5 thousand people battle every month and every week 300 players its called empire francais its a group about the napoleonic wars you can join hundreds of different divisions and climb up the rank to lead the french empire or MANY other factions/nation to victory its quite amazing

  10. So EVE online

    Is highly market?
    Like is there some content for players who just wanna play it without spending real life money?

  11. Does Shadow of Mordor and War count? I think so… . And also Assassins Creed 3, and For Honor. That’s all 😀

  12. For a spread sheet game, yes, Eve is insane. People are basically fighting over Excell cells 😅 Sure, it looks prettier, but it's still a spread sheet game. Years ago when I played it, I did find it somewhat soothing to just watch the space and the emptiness of it, but eventually it started to get boring and I dropped out when capsuleer's started to walk. Also got tired of all the neo-nazi drama that the dev's were involved in 🤦‍♂️

  13. Cool list. Some of my favorites were the battles in the Kingdom Under Fire games, the Drakengard games(well maybe not 3 so much), Spartan Total Warrior, and the Shenmue 70 man battle. Currently I'm having fun with the Mount and Blade games. May not be as big as some of the battles on the list, but still super fun moments.

  14. Suprise you did not mention ww2 online blitzkrieg

  15. Viking Battle for Asgard( I think that is the title) and the big battles in that are great

  16. black ops 2 the battle at the start of the campaign was superior

  17. How can eve online ships be worth real money? Can you take out real money into your bank account like Entropia Universe now?

  18. Surprised that Supreme Commander wasn't put in this. It's got some pretty big stuff you can deploy and a lot of them too

  19. come on, lord of the rings!, the return of the kings it was a massive war every where you walk you fight i remember me playing it with my brother as a multiplayer and we leveled up a lot there cause of the fightings

  20. Assassin‘s creed 3 battle of bunker Hill should be on this list.

  21. hoi 4 when you as thee germen reich invade the soviets and get a lot of encircelments

  22. Eve online devs when a massive conflict starts.


  23. Surprised that Viking: Battle for Asgard wasn't on this list. Hundreds of soldiers fighting over a city was really impressive.

  24. This video reminds me of the good ole days of Warcraft 3 forge mode. Always just created new maps and put hundreds of troops out to fight each other.

  25. Even though it’s only 256 players it still feels criminal that MAG isn’t on here considering the time it came out

  26. No way… Metal Gear Solid 2 should’ve been on this list for the boss fight where you had too destroy 25 metal gears while fighting 3 at a time…

  27. I thought Assassin's Creed Odyssey would be here at least in top 5 because of the huge conquest battles you fight , you know what I mean …

  28. No Spartan total warrior?? No Vikings : Battle for Asgard?????? 😀 !!

  29. Any old time vanilla Alterac Valley battle should be in this list

  30. Another great battle is from Serious Sam 4,the final battle,which isn't challenging like the one from The Second Encounter,but there are like dozens of enemies on screen,and you just mow them down with heavy weapons.

  31. Why is this guy sounding like Ed Helms

  32. Scenario editor on age of empires or empire earth

  33. Conquerors blade is best pc game for that everyone should play u control ur own unit and its a 15v15 fight

  34. HELL YEAH, Dragon Age Origins getting some well deserved love

  35. bro planetside 2 is a bop. you never know how crazy a server will be. from like 20 people and you never see a soul too hundreds just duking it out for land control

  36. Man, i never got much into Eve when i played it. But it did teach me one thing.. PAY YOUR BILLS ON TIME.

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