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10 Times God of War Infiltrated Other Games

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Kratos has ventured outside of the God of War games on several occasions! For this list, we’ll be looking at the games where Kratos and co. made guest appearances. However, we aren’t including “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale” as that’s just as much Kratos’ game as anyone else’s. Our list includes “Astro’s Playroom” (2020), “Heavenly Sword” (2007), “ModNation Racers” (2010), “Little Big Planet” Series (2008-2020), “Fortnite” (2017) and more! Which cameo or Easter Egg is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Kratos should have never been in Fortnite. I don’t care what anyone says about him being just a skin, it’s hypocritical for them to say “Mortal Kombat is too violent for Fortnite” but then they add guys like Kratos who brutally murdered AN ENTIRE MYTHOLOGY, accidentally murdered his wife n kid and was cursed to wear their ashes, had to kill his mother because she was cursed, watches his brother die, and this horrible stuff.

  2. can we all agree that kratos in fortnite is wrong everywhere? He would never use guns as he can do more damage with his fists, would never die to a gun, and should NOT DANCE TO K-POP SONGS

  3. There is also a god or war armor in ghost of Tsushima

  4. Kratos Vs Kratos? Seems legit of his inner turmoil

  5. Another one that's probably less known is in ghost of tsushima legends mode you can customize your character and there's spartan armor

  6. 3:29 kratos’s character on the mini map looks like a bald James Charles

  7. Omg!
    Kratos was in SO many games!
    And sometimes only if you got stuff from GAMESTOP of all places!

  8. Imagine in Ragnarok kratos starting telling stories about his adventures in other worlds
    One can only hope
    Actually maybe some Easter eggs would be nice

  9. I hope NRS Add Kratos again for next MK Games

  10. I love how Kratos in Shovel Knight is canon

  11. My favorite one is little big planet was one of my first games I played on my ps3 I was so hype to see kratos

  12. Also cant forget the armor of war in Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut. By finding a forbidden shrine and doing a specific set of actions you can unlock a look for the Clan Sakai armor that looks like Kratos and a special Kratos themed helmet with a special Kratos themed mask

  13. What about the war totems in forbidden west

  14. they added kratos in fortnite by mistake

  15. Also apparently Kratos in Shovel Knight, is cannon to GOW somehow

  16. Bro when they added kratos on fortnite with thoose shitty dances bruuuh where's your dignity kratos you beat all of olympus gods and now you're dancing in tilted tower

  17. How I wish that stupid Sony would do more of these epic crossovers
    They literally have THE MOST ICONIC mascot lineup
    A real ps fighting game would be groundbreaking

  18. Also in ghost of Tsushima directors cut. Kratos is there

  19. Now this is what I call saving best for last

  20. i wish to play mortal kombat again my ps3 is broken

  21. Assassins Creed is trying to be up to par with GOW… Even using Baldur's tattoos in AC Valhalla. I was a huge AC fan years ago, but when it comes to mythology, GOW takes the cake.

  22. Kratos after killing all gods

  23. Kratos after killing all gods

  24. Kratos is also a miencraft skin in an old skin pack from 2012

  25. 4:13 Kratos looks like he’s regretting all his life choices! 😅

  26. Everything is fine EXCEPT for fortnite

  27. by help of some pc modder , kratos has now also infiltrated Spider-Man

  28. Kratos always have angry face.
    GoW my favorites game ❤️
    Poland 🙂

  29. I feel like little big planet shouldn’t count because with enough creativity, it’s safe to say you can make ANYTHING.

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