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10 Worst WarGames Matches Ever | partsFUNknown

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10 Worst WarGames Matches Ever | partsFUNknown
WarGames has a spotty history and hopefully this is as bad as the stipulation ever gets again. Tempest counts down the 10 worst WarGames matches ever but make sure you let us know which you think is the worst in the comments below!

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04:31 – 7
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  1. Hard disagree on Number 3. But yeah, everything else isn't fun.

  2. You can hear Tempest’s soul splinter when he says “spooky bullsh*t”. Thank you for sacrificing yourself for our sins Tempest.

  3. You said Lethal Lockdown counted but somehow had Fall Brawl 96 on it?

  4. Someone should be brought up on charges for War Games 2000.

  5. The 2014 lock down match is great. Listen I really like the Women's Wargames match from last year

  6. Hulk Hogan sneaks into the 98 match, knocks everyone out, and instead of pinning someone, which you could do, he just walks around the two rings with Stevie Ray. It's that lack of logic that eventually lead to WCW's downfall.

  7. Happy US thanksgiving! Thankful for you lot giving me endless entertainment

  8. A bunch of others have said it but I'll chime in too: the women's wargames match from last year does not deserve to be that high at all imo. Was it kind of underwhelming compared to the others we've seen and strangely structured? Yeah, that's fair to say. But to say its the 3rd worst one ever? To say it's worse than the one in tna that they straight up fucked up? Id have to strongly disagree.

  9. All War Games matches were good except for Fall Brawl '98's and Vince Russo's Nitro WG Match.

  10. What the heck with number 1. I fricken loved that match

  11. Blood and Guts one because of the terrible Jericho bump should make the list imo

  12. The NXT Women's match should not be that high on the list. I'd put it in the bottom three, DEFINITELY lower than the Bischoff match. The only thing that felt weird for me was the crowd shifted to support Gigi specifically. Otherwise, most of the crowd was split over Toxic Attraction, which wasn't a surprise at the time since they were doing great work. 🤷‍♂️
    The match definitely wasn't "bad". Just odd at times, and not necessarily great.

  13. Ngl the NXT 2.0 women's wargames was pretty good , the finish couldve been better, but not the worst.

  14. What makes the 98 War Games a bit more disappointing is the rumored original plan for that War Games match. Apparently, original plans called for it to be nWo Wolfpac versus nWo Hollywood with the losing nWo being forced to disband. The rumored teams would’ve been Nash/Sting/Luger/Konnan versus Hogan/Hart/Ray/Hall.


  16. Fall Brawl 1996 is one of the Best WarGames in history. Might want to check again PartsUnknown

  17. whats the name of the song playing in the background at the begining of this video?

  18. Sean Walt at that time continuously no showed at events and tapings for TV

  19. so basically you could not come up with 10 worst war games so you had to bring in some non war game matches.

    oh Hogan as always worked heel even when he was face in both wwf/e and wcw in fact in tna too, hes always biting, scratching and poking ppl in the eyes

  20. To be fair though, West and Tenay struggled to keep up with and understand the most basic one on one matches. A literal quote announcing a match finish: "did this just happen? Did that just happen? What the hell is going on?". Concise and articulate storytelling right there.

  21. oWn vs nWo Hollywood vs nWo Wolfpac was fun to me then again I was also 9

  22. Poor Sting, in more of these entires than anyone else. But Kevin Nash being in the second most sounds right at least

  23. I don't remember Harlem heat in a war games match must of been during the down years of WCW…I do like the 92 war games, it was the best after that I think war games went downhill…95 was boring, 96 and 97 was lame nwo finishes, 98 was confusing, 2000 was terrible with Nash winning another russo nwo swerve

  24. Vince Russo may have been a shitty booker but you also gotta admit that that man created very compelling stories that’ll have your eyes glued to the tv.

  25. Every last one of the All EX WWE ones should be on this list. Objectively terrible.

  26. The women's war games does not deserve to be on here…come on.

  27. Okay so you are clearly a mark for today's wrestling. You put 96 on the worst war games and a few of the others but had mostly this modern day crap on the other list? At least it was a bigger, better, smarter fan base. There were more legends and better wrestlers than the nobodies and never-will-bes of the more recent stuff. You guys clearly have no clue wtf you're talking about

  28. Reason they did that is because of the movie ready to rumble

  29. Wargames is a terrible concept, so many wrestlers just thrown in no one can have enough space to preform their moves


  31. Actually number 10 wasn't called war games it's called 3 stages of hell

  32. I can't get used to this guy 🙁 where's Blampied?

  33. So, those guys say that 2021 Women's Match was one of the worst in history cause it lacked work rate?
    Guess they have to find new ways to trash wwe, you guys don't even deserve to be disliked, it's not worth the effort

  34. To gotta disagree with the 2012 and 2014 lockdown matches being on this list

  35. 1996 and 1997 were not bad War Games.
    1994 was a boring one.
    I guess if you had to put a WWE owned one in there, that one you have from Triple-A promotion, NXT is as good as any.
    Someone said 2000 was called "The Three Stages of Hell" (more associated for best 2 out of 3 fall matches with each fall having a different stip). In that case, that match should be disqualified from the list.
    TNA Impact's Lockdown is certainly difficult to say if it qualifies. It has similarities to War Games, yes, but there are even more differences to it than the awful WWE rules.
    AEW's Blood and Guts nails the War Games rules correctly, but the match itself is one of the worst.
    It's true that when Wrestle War (the second PPV to feature War Games after The Great American Bash went back to being non-gimmick), was dropped in 1993 and War Games was moved to the (then) brand new Fall Brawl (former subtitle of some Clash of the Champion TV specials) PPV, it pretty much went downhill. Sans the decent 1996 and 1997 editions.
    While I understand why the heels win the coin toss 99% of the time, it's also very unrealistic for them to always win it. Obviously, booking a War Games with the faces winning the coin toss is hard, but it can be done if you think really hard. One of the first times the faces won the toss, Bryan Danielson betrayed Samoa Joe during the match to give the heels the unfair advantage! Another idea is to do something like this,

    Face team: Angela Hunt, Sue Jacobs, Shay Ethan and Lola Lee
    Heel team: Mary Russell, Bron Breakker, Brock Lesnar and Andre the Giant

    The faces are all elderly pornstars (sans hairdresser Sue Jacobs). But with the heels, only dwarf model (and team captain) Mary Russell is weak. The rest of her team are GIANT men of muscles! So even with the faces winning the coin toss, they are up against guys that can handle more than one at the same time to the point that the heels would have the advantage anyway. Mary Russell would obviously enter last.
    Finally, there is a special place in hell for 1998. I agree with the ranking for that one.

  36. If we are going to include TNA Impact's Lockdown, one match comes to mind. Bobby Lashley vs. Ethan Carter III.

  37. The NXT 2021 Women's WarGames match wasn't that bad

  38. dunno what #10 was trying to be but a War Games match it was not

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