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1000 Archers vs 30000 Romans Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

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  1. Oh man I was with the Roman 🙁 but they can form tetsudo and kill the Archers

  2. The Romans is samurai and the archers a imperial army

  3. Although the archers fire rate r cranked up its surprising if lasted 12 minutes

  4. that is know where near fair i mean like you cant have full auto archers and they most likley would have won because in 300 or thermopalye the persians won the same way well and there ground troops but still the archers mightve won

  5. 01:20 во-1х, стрелы у них идут откуда-то из живота, во-2-х, не по одной от человека, а по целому пучку. Непорядок.

  6. those large roman shields aren working ? Something wrong with set up , 30 000 Roman Soldiers can not slaughter by just 1000 archers .

  7. Try putting some arches to the Roman army that would help

  8. So maybe this is how the empire lose 5-6 legions and they were killed by 2000 archers hmm this doesn't makes sense at all

  9. I was wondering how 1000 archers were going to stand a chance against 30k roman soldiers. Apparently some shenanigans are happening.

  10. Romans, I find your lack of effort disturbing

  11. Arr they slowing because they stepping the dead bodies?

  12. Hmmm archers are bugged 😬

  13. This was one of the worst like this I have ever seen.

  14. Los.romanos atacaban en falange , está mal el vídeo este

  15. it unlogical, the roman soldiers have shields but die like having no shield

  16. This game looks absolutely terrrible, TBH, and it certainly doesn't simulate anything at all, lol.

    Looks more like slapstick comedy, if anything.

  17. In historical reality, the Romans would have formed a solid cover of shields overhead and advanced on the archers and slain them easily.

  18. Awsome its like the archers are hwachas because they are firing like the sensei in totally accurate battle simulator

  19. Romans dropping like flies…Still For the Empire of Rome

  20. This is stupid! Why do the Romans just run forward in a straight line right into the arrows when they could branch off to the left in the right in a single envelopment?

  21. Why did the romans even have shields the arrows just go threw them the romans would be better off without shields

  22. En la vida real esa batalla la gana a los romanos porque se supone que las flechas se acaben tiene que tener un límite para flechas

  23. Así cualquiera gana si se la acaban las flechas perdieron ya punto pero tienen que tener un límite de la cantidad de flecha que tira para cada arquero

  24. The centurions should have splitted and flanked the positions,going straight on persistently is suicide.

  25. To the person who made this video: what were you thinking, what have you read,. And why did you do this so badly?

  26. Gagyi,persze egyiknek sincs annyi esze hogy felemelje a pajzsot!!!

  27. Why is there rate of fire increased so much? This is dumb

  28. When is your next video, because you haven’t been uploading since last year

  29. the music literally matches with the battle sooo much

  30. No Not Slow Down Please Going to On Seep Up Please

  31. Romans using shield : roman wins with no one die

  32. Worthless video….
    If only you rename the title.

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