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1000 Archers vs 30000 Romans Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

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  1. Archers are shooting way too fast. And the romans would win this had they just formed a testudo… game over.

  2. Pa empezar asi no atacaban los romanos
    Lo hacian en formacion
    Y a un mismo ritmo..

  3. Bro teach me also how to do waiting for your next video I which you will teach us

  4. what is the purpose of a shield of roman they not use it

  5. Surely running over that many bodies would begin to become a challenge.

  6. How do you make the arrows fire that fast in slowmo

  7. Raining arrows 🏹🏹🏹 made by archer

  8. Los que están biendo : guau que increíble el rendimiento de su pc

  9. 1000 archers canʼt defeat 30000 romans, becouse they have shields

  10. Those arrows just came out of his archers faces

  11. The shlieds was made from paper, stupids game programmers

  12. It’s 4 am and this is what I’m watching great

  13. Flavius Belisarius the Based Liberator of the West says:

    I find it disturbing that no one knew about the Rome: Total War deployment theme

  14. So Roman armor and shields count for nothing..?

  15. The title never said 1000 super archers Vs 30000 normal romans

  16. after you watch the first 45 seconds you've basically watched the whole video

  17. Is it game? If it is please say the name

  18. This can only happen in Archers dream, Not in reality.

  19. If Rome bring 6 legions to you I think that you made something absolutely fucked up

  20. This reminds me of a real battle in the roman civil war, a small Roman garrison held a position against Pompejian archers. The hired greek archers were arguably the most skilled of their time and they shot 3000 arrows on one day, at the end of the day only one soldier was killed and the centurion survived with 120 arrowholes in his shield. Man, real romans knew how to defend against arrows.

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