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11 Best War Games For Android & iOS 2021! [Offline/Online]

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Are you looking to play some games that reflect World War 1,2 events? Or games similar to Battlefield? if yes, then here’s 11 best war games to play on android & iOS!

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0:00 intro

1:13 ​WW2 Battle Combat
1:47 Justice Gun 2
2:21 Noblemen: 1896
2:52 Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight
3:26 World of Warships Blitz
3:56 World War Polygon
4:25 World of Tanks Blitz
4:57 Ghost of War
5:27 Brothers in Arms 3
5:58 Modern Combat 5
6:31 World War Heroes

6:58 Outro

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Thanks for watching! ❤

Plyzon ♛


  1. Bruh modern combat 4 is 10000x times beter then 5

  2. Thanks for the chapters…. It proves you care about our comfort rather than you your watch time.

  3. Thats not an intro u made it from the game world war heros

  4. i disagree in the no.1 wwh isnt worth in this list this new update is fucking trash there p2w trash if your a f2p you will feel pain

  5. so hungry havent lunch yet
    but trying to diet here

  6. Ou se trouve le lien sous la descrip svp

  7. Brothers in arms 2= waw campaign
    Ww2 heroes= waw multiplayer
    Cod mobile zombies= you know

  8. hey bro can i use the first 0.4 seconds in my own video

  9. Why didn't you put Call Of Duty Mobile on your boring list ?

  10. modern warship is kinda good to it has high graphics just try it if you want

  11. No there no best best war game on phone is company of heroes

  12. World War Polygon is really good game but they made the missions really short to get people to watch more ads and its annoying.

  13. Downlowd poly field its like an Hell let loose but for mobile

  14. Ive played world war polygon but it jas too much adds in my opinion. Tbh after every mission that you completed you would always get an add.

  15. Dude, you literally forgot best of 'em all, D-Day.

  16. Wait can you upload like war games but with missions?

  17. kênh này là nồi thập cẩm content says:

    Modern Warship is better

  18. I downloaded modren combat 5 in play store and chrome in the graphics are too bad what is the reason

  19. Best of them ( world war heroes ) no.1 game

  20. Well I'm playing BIA 3 . IM IN RANK 18 IN ONLINE.

  21. i’ll give justice gun 2 a try since i’m not a fan of first person shooters anymore and like to see my character during the action. if you like aviation games then i’d recommend armed air forces, it has 5th generation fighters with dogfight and free flight modes 👌🏽.

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