11 Best War Games For Android & iOS 2021! [Offline/Online] - nzwargamer.net

11 Best War Games For Android & iOS 2021! [Offline/Online]

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Are you looking to play some games that reflect World War 1,2 events? Or games similar to Battlefield? if yes, then here’s 11 best war games to play on android & iOS!

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0:00 intro

1:13 ​WW2 Battle Combat
1:47 Justice Gun 2
2:21 Noblemen: 1896
2:52 Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight
3:26 World of Warships Blitz
3:56 World War Polygon
4:25 World of Tanks Blitz
4:57 Ghost of War
5:27 Brothers in Arms 3
5:58 Modern Combat 5
6:31 World War Heroes

6:58 Outro

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Plyzon ♛


  1. Does anyone know what game the intro scene is from?

  2. Modern combat is the best and most realistic in my opinion I've played it its soo good

  3. I play world War polygon world of battelships world of tanks world War heros and ww2 battle combat all really good

  4. Alternative title:How to use a lot of your storage😂😂

  5. I played modern combat 5 but I forgot and now you reminded me thanks

  6. Hi i want a game that can give me PTSD (an fps game)

  7. What's the name of first game in starring the video

  8. There is total war Rome Android I think it's 2 gigs

  9. WW2 Heroes…Too many hackers and the developer (AZUR) of this game only want the players money!#If you want to be the strongest player,you must PAY TO WIN!

  10. Nice games ❤️😎.

    BTW it is random but I just crossed level 100 in COD mobile 😎😅

  11. IDK why but I am starting to like Warship.🔥

  12. Oh I'll 100% like atleast one of these games

  13. Actually i am not into war games, if i choose 1, it will be Nobleman : 1876, anyway nice video there😊😎

  14. Bro can you please suggest me games like bombsquad 🥺.

  15. Your previous thumbnails were more attractive than compared to this one to be honest 🤔😅

  16. I want these games so I can grab a machine gun and spray all them tangos!

  17. You see in wwh is the best game forever but you will feel the pain of playing the game with god like player.They are hard to bekilled.

  18. Bruh theres no noblemen. I installed it long ago on my ipad but its not in my play store anymore

  19. what game is in the intro (the guy in beach I think)

  20. Justice gun 2 asking app purchase it not free

  21. Woah woah wait a minute what game was that in the intro of the video 👀

  22. ᵘˢᵉʳⁿᵃᵐᵉ ᵗᵃᵏᵉⁿ says:

    The warplanes one is a actually really good why? I used to play it

  23. Mean while Russian soldier: get the f* ck away from my vodka

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