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11 Most ANTICIPATED Strategy Games of 2020

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These are the MOST ANTICIPATED Strategy Games of 2020 with gameplay footage and amazing cutscenes. More upcoming strategy games here:

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►00:00 Age of Empires 4

►01:37 Akhenaten Rule as Pharaoh

►02:24 Knights of Honor 2 Sovereign

►04:54 Iron Harvest

►06:30 Desperados III

►08:37 A Total War Saga TROY

►12:29 Neolithc

►14:32 End State

►15:40 Humankind

►17:39 Ancient Cities

►19:42 Stronghold Warlords

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Footage from the Age of Empires 4, Akhenaten Rule as Pharaoh, Knights of Honor 2 Sovereign, Iron Harvest, Desperados III, A Total War Saga TROY, Neolithc, End State, Humankind, Ancient Cities ,Stronghold Warlords Gameplay Trailer, has been used.




  1. WOW this looks really cool, i like ancient strat games

  2. this is 2021, on nothing news about AoE 4 🙂

  3. Endstate seems dead no update and their website is also down.

  4. I got news everybody!

    Troy total war is free on epic games right now!

  5. Can we get a total war game that has cross era battles for example nights vs samurai

  6. A new Company of Heroes would be spectacular…

  7. Anyone who wants a new Wargame which sets in the modern era (post 2000)?

  8. I would love a remaster for Company of Heroes 1. That would be great

  9. I would realyl appreciate combining RPG with strategy aspects more…BannerLord is fine game,Total War too,loved AoE series and then I loved placing objects in Fallout 4 from 1st person view.. Just combining it would make a concept…With more than just one possible starting point and ending and you have a game,that is immortal.

  10. How I can get the serial number for ancient cities free

  11. LIKED!! I absolutely praise you for structuring your 20 min long video in such a perfect way. You can scroll over the time-spans and immediately see the title of the game. 10/10 more people should do this!

  12. Age of Empires in all its previous versions was the best and still is of all RTS games. Many thousands still play AOE 3.online every day. I am really looking forward to AOE 4- A long time coming but can't wait for it

  13. naruto fans will know teaser song from humankind game trailer, epic

  14. It be cool to get a total war middle earth. I know there are mods for it but a proper CA game would be cool. I think it would work after seeing the success with warhammer

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