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11 Most ANTICIPATED Strategy Games of 2020

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These are the MOST ANTICIPATED Strategy Games of 2020 with gameplay footage and amazing cutscenes. More upcoming strategy games here:

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►00:00 Age of Empires 4

►01:37 Akhenaten Rule as Pharaoh

►02:24 Knights of Honor 2 Sovereign

►04:54 Iron Harvest

►06:30 Desperados III

►08:37 A Total War Saga TROY

►12:29 Neolithc

►14:32 End State

►15:40 Humankind

►17:39 Ancient Cities

►19:42 Stronghold Warlords

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Footage from the Age of Empires 4, Akhenaten Rule as Pharaoh, Knights of Honor 2 Sovereign, Iron Harvest, Desperados III, A Total War Saga TROY, Neolithc, End State, Humankind, Ancient Cities ,Stronghold Warlords Gameplay Trailer, has been used.




  1. also even if i did say sorry then they will keep it up and keep going to the extreme they keep pushing their limits

  2. Command & conquer and star craft best games

  3. We are in trouble if this is the best for 2020


  5. Imagine Total War WW1 or WW2 how will be the gameplay – I KNOW – TURN END!

  6. Roman Total War 1 is and will be the greatest strategy game ever created

  7. Honestly, I'd like a real Age of Wonders game. Not the ridiculous scifi parody or whatever the heck the latest one is supposed to be. I liked AoW because it was a fantasy strategy game. There aren't too many high fantasy strategy games anymore.

  8. Age Of Empires lV is the only game i care to play, it better be as good or better then age of empires 2 or age of mythology.

  9. NoTimeForTheOldInAndOutLove OnlyHereToReadTheMeter says:


  10. I want a modern rts strategy game like world in conflict.

  11. if there isnt ingame footage, just leave it, dont make yourself their hypebitch.

  12. End State was the only interesting looking game besides Age of Empires 4

  13. Ya think you could add ANOTHER five adds into this or will no more fit at this point? I won't be back.

  14. Iron harvest it is for me, but nothing really that impressive.

    Lets see how the starship troopers game develops.
    Praetorians remastered also will hit the shelves 2020, that look better than most here, and its way older.
    I would like to see a metal fatigue reboot also.

  15. The total war series is about as good as it gets if you ask me took all the worst parts of empire earth and fixed them

  16. I’ll be playing ALL OF THESE on my channel!

  17. Im going to throw a curveball on here; Close Combat. They had A Bridge Too Far, Battle for Russia, Battle of the Bulge and Normandy. They could do a N.Africa/Italy to finish up the European Theatre. Or switch to the Pacific…

  18. I LOVED Knights of Honour. Can't wait to take Jerusalem again DEUS VULT!!

  19. is that Tywin fucking Lannister in the AOE trailer?

  20. Just want to play Bannerlord and Total war!!

  21. 1st Empire Earth remastered, or EE4 with the same concept as EE1.

  22. ohhh… i see no one played knights of honor around here… lol am i that old? cant wait to KoH II

  23. I think that the best strategy game of 2020 will be WW3…

  24. who know rise of nation it is a good game too

  25. Hey guys so somebody know the song of the humankind trailer? .

  26. What's with the ridiculous motion blur throughout this video?

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