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12 Things WWE 2K23 Does Better Than WWE 2K22

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In this video i showcase the things that i believe wwe 2k23 did a better job than wwe 2k22. It includes war games,double title entrance,hair physics and more. Let me know if you any more of these like and sub if your new.

0:02 Weapon taunting
0:39 Backstage interactions
1:20 Double Title entrance
1:50 Custom nameplates
2:20 New kick out animation
2:58 Wargames
3:51 Improved universe mode
5:08 Improved My Gm
5:41 Tag teams work together in royal rumble
6:49 Advanced entrance returns
7:27 Hair physics are better
7:38 Fire looks real in wwe 2k23

The gameplay footage that i use in my videos are my own recordings which i have edited myself.


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  1. Why are there kickouts when they arent even getting the bar?

  2. I should pay 60 dollars for something that should have been a update in 22……no most of those are general features in other games. Create a finisher? Buried Alive Match? WWE 12 Universe is better than 23 I'm sure. Always skip a year….also do they have all the wresters from all DLCs of 22 I paid for?

  3. Actually that kick out system sucks but I am glad you can go back to the rapid button pressing kickout like in 2k22

  4. All great.

    But they’ll still never get the hair right lol

    I wanna see the hair get wetter from sweat.

  5. Hardcore matches are gonna go crazy

  6. I think double title entrance is only for Roman

  7. To everyone saying " you should be thankful the game is working" no we shouldn't be. Because that's not something we should be thankful for. We should expect it. Especially if you're paying 70 dollars for a game. I remember when games were $40 or $50 and were expected to work. Now it's $70 and what you all are saying is that we are paying more money for games yet its considered a luxury they do work? Come on now. Game is good but the save data glitch is still in the game and has been for years. I commend 2k for how much they've improved but we have to keep the pressure on or they will go back to their old ways. Especially with take two interactive in charge. That company has already told us what their priorities are and it's not making sure a game they publish is a complete and finished product.

  8. Double title entrances should’ve never been removed

  9. It's nice, but I hope they improve it even more in the future

  10. I don’t like how you can’t defend 2 titles in career mode. Hopefully they can fix that

  11. UFC 4 was good but whoever made this game should make the next UFC game

  12. The Prices For This Game On XBOX Marketplace & PS Is Nuts $99 $119 Ain’t No Way I’m Paying That S** I Learned My Lesson Last Year When I Paid $120 For WWE 2K22 NWO 4 LIFE Edition lol😂

  13. I wish they would’ve added better entrance music atleast in 2K22 we could pick the theme songs from the game

  14. Advanced entrance is the only usefull thing. Rest is trash

  15. I’m going to preorder that tomorrow I’ve got every game since ps2,ps3

  16. This Game is Almost perfect. Except for The Rocks's Move Set they Got the Sharpshooter Wrong. They add Bret's Sharpshooter instead of the People's Sharpshooter.

  17. Haven't played since 2k19 and I'm shocked to learn that the previous two entries didn't have backstage interactions 😅

    Way to praise old things as new again.

  18. Custom nameplates were a thing since… was it 2k18? But now I’m noticing here in 2k23, a lot more wrestlers have custom nameplates than I thought, like Wes Lee and Bobby Lashley here.

  19. If this game had all of the attitude era and ruthless aggression era wrestlers, I’d buy this in a heartbeat.

    I just don’t know any of these damn wrestlers 🤣

  20. Anyone else think the roster is lacking and the showcase mode is worst than the mysterio and Stone cold one? This game is alright but I think it’s getting overrated

  21. I might buy a wresting game again it’s been awhile.

    But the improvements makes me want to buy and I appreciate that cool little detail with the lighting effects on the wrestlers when the flame is ablaze. 7:39💪🏽

  22. I've not seen a single person mention the problem I have with this game. It's a great game overall, but in quick play, when I've won a title match, it sometimes does the wrong title celebration when you include a manager. I defended the wwe title as roman, and Paul Heyman and the Usos were out with me. When I won the match, we were celebrating round Jey like he was the champion. When I defended the intercontinental title with GUNTHER, I had imperium at ringside. When the match was over, Ludwig Kaiser and GUNTHER were both in the ring, celebrating with two IC titles like they'd defended the tag titles. Anyone else having this problem?

  23. There were always backstage interactions, come on

  24. This game needs weapons physics like wwe2k14

  25. Seems like it's just been focus on mechanics and making the game look good, but it's definitely not the same wrestling game anymore

  26. My only complaint lies in creation mode and not being able to use the songs from the soundtrack for entrance and victory music

  27. Another thing thats better is my rise mode being far more enjoyable in this entry than 22. Still needs some work but i did enjoy my run through of it since it felt more coherent and not all over the place like 22.

  28. why spend $70 when you can just watch the entire package here for free? This game will get old real quick and it just not enough to warrant a $70 price tag.

  29. The gameplay is the same, which sucks. I hate this mediocre fighting game style that they adopted last year.

  30. Just know that this could've been an updated 2k22 but instead slapped a 60 dollar price tag and are calling in it 2k23😂

  31. Still not enough to pay 70 bucks lol Ill still keep playing WWE 2k22

  32. I need them to react to being put through a table on fire. We need blood to drip again and get all over the opponents fists again. We need the details 2010 had with the chest getting red the more you hit it or the back.
    I quit, Buried Alive. We need to be able to lean ladders against ladders to run up again (Shout out to Shelton Benjamin) I miss being able to put a trashcan on an opponent and whack them with a kendo stick. Being able to grab the championship title/bell as a weapon. There's a LOT to be desired here

  33. Wee need better blood an the mini games being brought back

  34. I always wanted the advanced entrance creator

  35. Actually they finally should use a whole new engine.
    This is like Far Cry, you can do more and better details but movements, environments and else still looking like from 15 years ago and didn't improoved because of that …

  36. 1 weapon taunts
    2 backstage interactions
    3 double title entrances
    4 some wrestlers have custom nameplates
    5 new kick outs
    6 war games
    7 create your own story (universe)
    8 all match types can be selected in my gm
    9 teams work together in royal rumble
    10 advanced entrances
    11 improved hair physics
    12 improved fire physics

  37. Is the double title entrance only for roman and can you pin me

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