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160 Players Simulate a WW1 ROBLOX WAR in Roblox Entrenched

Plastic Scot
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We got 160 PLAYERS into a single Roblox Entrenched reserved server and it made for some of the most MENTAL Roblox war games in history… JOIN THE SCOTS ARMY

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So recently i have been playing a lot of roblox war games but more specifically a bunch of roblox ww1 games. Having recently played roblox trenches and the new roblox shell shock game, I decided it was a time to resort back to one of the best roblox world war 1 games out there. Yes, it’s more roblox entrenched gameplay. This is not youre average entrenched roblox gameplay though.. we used a roblox entrenched reserve server so that we have no cap on players. That’s how we did this funny roblox raid and it resulted in some of the funniest roblox memes to come from the channel so far. If only shell shock roblox and trenches roblox servers had this feature so we could deploy the roblox army aka the scots army.

ENTRENCHED is a game loosely based on World War 1. The Entente Powers and the Central Powers face off in turn-based attack and defense, you must coordinate with your team in the trenches to achieve victory!
🛠️ ALPHA a0.8
New Entente Powers nation Russia with a new gamemode, 4 new maps, 9 new weapons and 2 new uniforms!
Full changelog can be found in the server.
Supports PC 🖥️, Console 🎮 and Mobile 📱
Tags: Warfare, Great War, WW1, WWI, Edot

Title 1: 160 Players Simulate a WW1 ROBLOX WAR in Roblox Entrenched

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  1. Nah bro, I need to participate in one of these vids, I'm so good at entrenched I litterly snipe from like 600 studs without being a sniper, the tunnel war was real cool

  2. i like how entrenched finally got some spotlight here on yt

  3. i love this type of content keep it up scot wqait my name is scot

  4. Nah the part where the brit said '*holds hand' is funny as hell.

  5. Should've had the underground fight with flamers only. XD

  6. Imagine being the dead WW1 veteran and seeing some youtubers from the sky turn the worst horrors of your life into a roblox game.

  7. i love this, obviously not support actual war, but a simulation- I love

  8. Ahh a beautiful day to start to harvest my soldiers colony

  9. Just quickly, ww1 was central powers vs the entant, allies and axis was ww2, otherwise this video was amazing

  10. How is a Roblox server capable of holding 160 players!?

  11. YourFathersGirlfriendWhoHeCheatsOnYourMomWith says:

    The gladiator pit wasn’t German vs British it was actually Russia

  12. Germans, you are a disgrace. Dare you lose to Brit’s, they SUCK. So Nervig, SO nervig.



  14. Finally, I’ve found a guy who plays this game

  15. how did you even manage to fit 160 players into a server?

  16. miners are fighting a war so they can get diamonds and coal more than hostile miner company

  17. "Hellothere" "HELLO!"
    Me: Gener- what?

  18. I did try to join your discord, but my discord is really glitchy because I got hacked one day and I lost my entire app to it, I still do have the discord app, but every time I join it, it just kicks me out

  19. We should make a d-day video. Even though it’s a ww1 game

  20. This is like an Ant War but Human Version with WW1 tech

  21. I heard “Axis soldiers” And I was like: hmm… how can ww2 be in WW1? 😮

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