18 KILLS TDM VICTORY WITH DAISUKE! | SHADOWGUN WARGAMES | 1080p 60fps | Android/IOS - nzwargamer.net


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Device: Pocophone F1
6 Gigabytes of RAM
Snapdragon 845


  1. From my point of view, this game has capability of being an esport game . Don't you think?

  2. So cool bro,btw this game can join friend?

  3. Оставь свой ник в описании

  4. I am sory i no good speck english

  5. Zypher I am that you are telling that download from play store if your mobile is android or ios

  6. In my tab the game is not coming in playstore then what I do ??????

  7. Basically whole game is filled with bots not fun getting no challenge winning every game

  8. Keep up the content bro ski you will become big one day

  9. This game is going to be a sensation…. It just needs to be advertised more

  10. Can this game play competitive party with friends?

  11. Sick gameplay if u wanna play sometime just reply on the comment

  12. I have a iPhone 6s can I play the game or it doesn’t support my device

  13. hmmmm i started this game and i bacame the best player 14 kills

    imma fighting computer or players

  14. To be a legend in this game u need ammo and medkits so they can’t kill you

  15. I had twenty one and I just started the game (level 8 about to be 9 level)

  16. May I ask, what sensitivity do you play on and are you using a controller?

  17. Who is watching at season 4 😂😅😅🤣🤣

  18. "Willow gameplay"
    "Willow gameplay"

  19. Can we change skill position button? It hard to me

  20. I've notice that most of the players that are matched against me are probably bots because you can't find them when trying to add them as friends. Do you think the same or am I wrong about this?

  21. I wish this game wasn't shutting down its so goodd

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