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2/3 The Day After | 1983 Nuclear War Movie

Waleed Higgins
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A 30-minute rework of the 1983 nuclear war film The Day After focused on the documentary aspect of the movie.

The Day After is an American-made-for-TV movie first broadcast on the ABC television network in 1983. More than 100 million people, in nearly 39 million households, watched the initial broadcast. The film hugely impacted US audiences and aired on Soviet state TV in 1987. The Day After is often credited with helping to usher in a period of nuclear arms reduction treaties in the late 1980s and was ranked the highest-rated television film until 2009.

The Day After depicts a scenario of rising tensions along the East-West border of a divided Germany during the latter phase of the Cold War. Relations between NATO and Russia rapidly deteriorate as events spiral out of control leading to armed conflict and nuclear war. The film focuses on Lawrence, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri where several family farms sit close to nuclear missile silos. The Day After documents the actual state of nuclear readiness maintained by the US and Russia. Both nations maintain a nuclear triad in constant readiness for thermonuclear war.

The Day After was first conceived by ABC Motion Picture Division president Brandon Stoddard who came up with the idea after watching The China Syndrome. Veteran television writer Edward Hume undertook a massive amount of research on the likely effects of nuclear war and went to work on a script in 1981. Due to the graphic content of the subject matter, however, several drafts were rejected by the network until the characters and plot finally seemed acceptable for a family audience. Most of the actors in The Day After were Kansas City residents recruited from local shopping malls.

Director Nicholas Meyer had just completed Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and wanted to create a film that accurately portrayed the consequences of nuclear war. After wrangling with the US Department of Defence and the ABC censors, Meyer released a compromise version of The Day After for primetime TV screens. According to the message at the end of the film:

‘The catastrophic events you have just witnessed are, in all likelihood, less severe than the destruction that would occur in the event of a full-scale nuclear strike against the United States.
It is hoped that the images of this film will inspire the nations of this earth, their peoples and leaders, to find the means to avert the fateful day.’

The Day After:
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  1. Anyone ever watched 'When the wind blows' it's a British animated movie about an elderly couple who lived through world war 2 and who think the cold war will be pretty similar and that the government will always have their back. It's a very disturbing movie as they try to survive and come to terms with the effect of nuclear warfare and its very visual when it comes to showing the affects of radiation sickness

  2. When people can no longer find a way out, they repeatedly commit the greatest stupidity

  3. How comforting to know potato head Biden has control our our nuclear codes. Sleep well

  4. With the potentiality of such an event, it seems the words of Jesus may be close to fulfillment…

    "you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. … and unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect's sake those days will be shortened." Matthew 24:6-7, 22

  5. The chess pieces have been placed – there is nothing we can do anymore. Embrace life to the fullest before check mate.

  6. esta película la ví en el cine cuando era un niño de 13 años y hasta hoy me deja sin palabras, es una de mis favoritas, siempre en mi infancia y adolescencia pensando que apretarían el botón y esta película sería real y verdadera. saludos desde Chile

  7. Wenn das passiert werde ich mich still hinsetzen und eine gute Flasche Jack Daniels Trinken auf Ex. Dann kanns einschlagen. Wegrennen ist sinnlos.

  8. This movie petrified most of us kids back in the early 80s. I thought our world was going to be ending in nuclear holocaust at any moment.

  9. I remember this when it first came out. There were also French and British movies on the same theme. This one was the least credible, the French the most credible. All scared me. Our politicians include some seriously inept folk capable of thinking this is the best way forward.

  10. Every American who votes for Trump is helping to make this movie a reality. Watch what you do, because no one would survive.

  11. The day the woke democrat, anti gun, anti white, anti American, BLM and pro feminist ,climate change LBGT agenda BS died….

  12. Glad that I’ll be living in a major American city if this ever comes to pass.

  13. Far out. Just imagine this could be Israel

  14. Ничего подобного не случится, перестаньте угрожать России и всё ☝️🤷

  15. Crazy that America did this twice to japan.

  16. You wouldn’t have much chance of surviving that in the cities ffs,scary really,beter of if you’ve got shelters and supplies,like these doomsday preppers have

  17. This movie scared the crap out of me as a kid because I knew it could really happen. Everyone watched it, too … and were scared shitless.

  18. Aim 54 phoenix long range anti air missiles and conventional rockeye cluster bombs are shown on the carrier scenes but no nukes.

  19. A companion movie: "Special Bulletin", a tv-movie about a domestic terrorist group stealing a Atomic bomb and threatening to detonate it…

  20. This still scares me, specially with so many nutjobs in Governments (Trump, Putin, etc)

  21. I remember watching this the night it first showed on TV. I was 6. Definitely kept me awake that night.

  22. Just as others have said, at least those of us who watched it on TV in 1983, it scared the hell out of many many people, mainly because it was "probably gonna happen" in our lifetime. I remember watching this, and then a panel of "experts" afterwards basically saying it's not a matter of "IF" it's a matter of "WHEN?" as in, yeah we will probably get nuked and die horribly in the next decade or two. I then went to my place of work to flip burgers and thought "what's the point?" and nearly just walked off the job. Now fast forward 40 years and, despite the era of hope after the breakup of the Soviet Union and tearing down the Berlin wall, etc. the world is again a scary place with threat of WW3. With sociopathic lunatics like Putin and Kim Jong Un in power and access to launch codes and the big red button it could still happen. Even worse if tR*mP somehow tragically and horrifically gets another potus term, he is a pathological sick BABY who could cause the world to melt down. Let's at least do our part and make sure that DOES NOT HAPPEN by voting against that crazy screwball maniac.

  23. Well, at least we have this to look forward to🙀👍

  24. Look at these silly fuckers trying to outrun a nuke. If you're close enough to see the explosion you're already dead.

  25. Yep it wont be a meteorite. It will be us.

  26. If anyone wonders why we spend money on Ukraine so another country and crazy dictator doesn’t gain more power, show them this.

  27. Thanks to Joe Biden/leftists fools, this might just happen. Trump 2024. No Wars Under Trump.

  28. Brings the trauma of the '80s right back.

  29. It’s funny to think that all the government officials will be in there nice comfortable bunker saying yes there is an acceptable win outcome what the hell do they think there going to govern when they come out

  30. These special effects are something else 😂

  31. The sequel to this was called the Planet of the Apes…

  32. After believing this would happen, I remember the Russian US target map.
    Missiles would not hit any fields, but rather big cities with military infrastructure.
    My city for example had five Russian targets, one for each military base in the area, including two air based, Navel ship yard and military transport hub. There would not be time to see a mushroom cloud, you would be dead first.

  33. I think jaws the movie had more impact on me than this movie did back in the day but this is infinitely more scary don’t you think?

  34. Honestly, I’d be less horrified at the thought of an asteroid, creating an ELE (an extinction level event), than a nuclear war, which as bad as it’s depicted in “The Day After”, would be far worse …

    The profound man-made destruction, mass death, and post-blast suffering from radiation sickness, burns, and starvation … 😔 … While the leadership on both sides (who caused it) probably survive …

    In contrast, with an Asteroid/ELE, an unavoidable scientific phenomena, at least there’d be some warning, some time to say goodbye, some time for indulgences, time to make peace with each other.

  35. All those computer sounds lifted From Six Million Dollar Man. LOL

  36. I remember this! I also remember when the idea of all human life being destroyed was somehow the scariest possible outcome we could imagine.

  37. I never understood why people were afraid of this, will never happen.

  38. Si cela devait arrivé un jour,je pense que vous le peuple américain vous serrez les premiers responsables à cause de vôtre cia, la nasa, vos milliardaires stupides et avares , et votre état profond deep stats , sorros, gate, rockfeller, rotchilds, jp morgan etc… la liste est trop longue tout ce monde est stupides et idiots

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