2025 The Second Falklands War: Who Would Win? (WarGames 70) | DCS - nzwargamer.net

2025 The Second Falklands War: Who Would Win? (WarGames 70) | DCS

Grim Reapers
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Can Falklands Be Defended In 2022?:

Queen Liz Mod by T-Pap(links below)

0:00 Intro
1:50 Argentina’s Air Force History
5:26 Battle Details
9:32 Predictions
10:48 Take Off
12:22 Argentine Tactics
14:51 Combat


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  1. Love the videos, big fan but shouldn't the f-35 have 12 missiles. 4-in compartments, three under each wing and 2 on each wing tip?

  2. Should there be another war, I don’t think the Imam of the UK will have any interest in defending the “Falklands”

  3. Love your videos!. But to correct a couple of misconceptions:
    First the air force has 7 operational A4AR.
    Second our entire hércules fleet has undergone modernizations and upgrades (including our 2 refueling tankers).
    Third the number of operational pampas as of 2023 is close to 20 (mainly because they are Still being produced in their most modern version)
    And four the deal with china is for 24 jf17 Block III .
    Other than that great video.

  4. Great video, comments, and too our Argentine friends, peace and reconciliation, we have the Islands, you trounce us in World Cups!!😢

  5. Your F35 hate makes me sad. Talked to two pilots this week who said it’s equivalent to flying a spacecraft. Think it gets a lot of hate but is light years ahead of a lot. It’s not the raptor but for it’s purpose it’s insane.

  6. Looks like the British Foreign Office is kicking butt.

  7. I mean, the Type-45 was built to do this exact job; make it impossible for aircraft and missiles to attack what ever the ship is near; it's a ship designed to be a literal no-fly zone, and once you add a QE's worth of F35s with long range A2A missiles, I think the result would be that the task force would be almost impossible to attack. In a real Falklands War 2.0, the problem for the British would be the army; which seems to be funded by the change down the back of the MODs sofas.
    I think the best Argentine tactic would be to try and attack landing zones to destroy as much of the land forces and transports/supply ships rather than go for the carrier task force, although as was shown, even using only ship-based radar, any attacks were seen with plenty of time.

  8. How did Argentina defeat the garrison on the islands? They are far stronger than in 1982.

  9. did you include the latest block upgrades to the f35's ?

  10. How was the f35 shot down, you glanced over that from “I’d be surprised to lose any lightnings – all argies being shot down to 1 lightning lost”?

  11. 1. The UK would send two carriers, not one. The second would add Apaches, Merlin’s and Chinooks to the air group and provide a secondary recovery platform in the event of a fouled deck on the primary carrier. 2. The RNs stated CSG operational composition is 2x Type 45s, 2x Type 23s and 1x SSN. With 2x QECs that’s 3-4x Type 45s and 4-6x Type 23s (both depending on vessel availability) and 2x Astute SSN (with Tomahawks). 3. Crowsnest is not a legacy AEW platform and would enable the RN to manage the air battle at range from the carrier. 4. By 2025, the UK will have 42x F-35s so would embark 30+ by deploying 207(R) Sqn pilots just as they did in ‘82 5. One of the RN fleets key capabilities is the R-ESM and C-ESM systems fitted to the escort fleet. With these they can detect Argentine aircraft at very long range. Not sexy compared to radars but they are a game changing capability.

  12. Great Britain would win the next war. They have a treaty with the USA and wed help the British.

  13. Hi Grim Reapers, I thought Argentina said they couldn’t afford the J-10 Firebird and they were only going with the JF-17 Thunder Block III or Second Hand F-16 Fighting Falcons from Denmark 🤔🤔

  14. I did read that Argentina is buying a Damen 100 LST Amphibious Assault Ship.

  15. I love this! I love your videos with the British Army, Navy and Airforce in war thing pls do more!

  16. Why is there black smoke coming from the QE and the destroyers as they are moving, is this a genuine replication? I

  17. If the argies could get good anti ship missiles and some piggy back air to air refueling they could be problematic to a budget strapped RN. If they did buy chinese planes there could be the use of chinese satellites and early warning tech to warn of a british fleet coming so falklands based jf or j10 could head out and start attacking sooner. I don't think it would be an identical re-run of 82.

  18. Have the trainers carry buddy stores to fuel combat craft on the way back.

  19. Also, there should be a flight of 4 Typhoon FGR4 at Mount Pleasant. I’d like to see how well they blunt the initial invasion.

  20. Do the Falklands 1982 Again but with all ur Boms and Torpedos that didnt exploted Worikin good 😘

  21. it seems more likely to get a dozen or so f16 now

  22. my mate worked on the 45's on the clyde, he said that the radar was picking up air trafic in moscow and from the falklands argentina's airforce in argentina

  23. I'm 66 years old, I had friends in the South atlantic on the carriers and merchant su_pply ships. We thought our frigates and destroyers were good. In techno they screwed up. and got sunk. Why- should these new ships function perfectly?

  24. I just came back from the Falklands, you get a nice passport stamp of a penguin there. Not really sure why anyone would start a war over the place though. Sheep, so many many sheep..

  25. The UK would win the next Falklands war the same way it Harold Wilson won the first one. Margaret Thatcher chose a different path, but next time we will revert to Hards plan.

  26. Hopefully we would have more intelligence in and above Argentina IF this scenario is a second Falklands war and we have learnt the lessons of 1982. BUT if this was just a very delayed Falklands 1 its quite likely we would be caught with our pants down just like we were back in the 1980s. IN 1982 all the satellites and comms was set up for Northern Hemisphere for fighting the USSR, I dont think we would be so restricted in 2025.

  27. they’re gettin some good ole American Made baby

  28. Great vid, but you forgot about the flight of typhoons and the infantry company and air defence artillery battery stationed permanently on the Falklands

  29. In this scenario, if the Argentinians already occupy the airfields at Port Stanley, Should they have at least one squadron at the island running CAP?

  30. What about the type 23 Royal Navy frigates??!!

  31. Instead of aircraft carrier battle group going 12,000 miles
    800 royal marines
    600 soldier
    Boxers APC
    Scimitar light recon tank
    Scorpion tanks light recon tank
    2 patrol ship
    2 frigate
    1 destroyer.
    1 attack submarine available in the area.
    This would stop Argentina attacking Falklands and no need for a bigger task force.
    All you'd need is regiment of parachute regiment

  32. Well, your adjustment is indeed crucial. If we look at the actual situation, this will be a one-sided war without any suspense, because Argentina has no aircraft left, and there may be some light attack aircraft left– That kind of propeller aircraft, and the gap in the navy will be even greater, and there are also Typhoon and Sky Saber air defense systems on the Falkland Islands

  33. What about the 4 typhoon jets at raf stanley

  34. coming form the predictions section- I want Argentina to win, but i don't see it happening.

  35. Catching up on videos, great battle!

  36. Bueno… Ahora tenemos f 16…, ya pueden hacer una version actualizada del mismo intento para ver como el resultado es el mismo… Messi es nuestro unico consuelo…

  37. I was really hoping the deception would be a surprise submarine in a reverse Belgrano. The given plan worked pretty well though all considered.

  38. Just think how powerful the british will be in 2030 if they get the 6th gen tempest ready in time

  39. This is made on a false premise that the argies could take the island. The Island is now invested with the brits and the ability to reinforce. We and I do say we as I was in 42 in 82 down there. In attack we were outnumbered but also bare in mind to attack you should be 3 to 1 superior but the ration was 2 to 1 against us. The brits love being in defence. The argies would get such a hiding and very quickly.

  40. Love it! Please do a sim in South China Sea islands. US vs. China.

  41. Hi Grim Reapers you have the gulf map pleas do one mission from The Attack on H3 One Of The Most Successful Airstrikes In History | Iran Iraq War 1980-1988 | 😉

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