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2Pac/Makaveli – War Games ft. Outlawz (Lyrics)

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Artist/Group: 2Pac/Makaveli
Album: N/A
Released: 1996
Label: N/A


“War Games” contains shots towards Bad Boy Records, Biggie Smalls and Jay-Z


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  1. This is a timeless masterpiece…Tears slidin down my face rn, the whole world lost a rare soul that felt without peace there wasnt hope, yet he gave us HOPE. His songs scream our pain n wearinesss fed up with the system but NEVER GAVE UP! Stayed true to to HiS truth n wasnt deterred by no man, no entity, n no weapon n no ill spoken word… He went harder, never failing to deliver words that to me are like gold… i cherish them n witness them then and now….. You forever gon hold a place in my heart n the masses of hearts that feel we were robbed of a resilient leader that stood on every word he sed… and that is sumn no time nor death or man can ever erase. Rest in power King! . you were and always will be it! mad crazy respect n love you never knew, A SOUTHERN ARIZONA NATIVE that carries your truth daily in my ♥️ heart. 🗣️💯👊🏾🫡💯👊🏾🥹

  2. My WarGames are superior to the traitors war games

  3. there is no one that can get to 2pac forget it.

  4. Pac n tha outlawz r unbeatable they killed this beat

  5. Omg first time hearing this shit or maybe bcuz the different rhythm making it new shit, Dope 👌🏽

  6. Dope af and quailty sound. First time hearing this version with the "Untouchable" verse from Pac.

  7. Now a days people say pac aint as lyrical as j cole Kendrick and them and I refer them to this song ✍📚

  8. Is that eyyy yooooo where the wire gets it from

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