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2Pac – War Games (Death Row Version)

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  1. This shit was live Pac was crushin motherfuckas for real bustin on all enemies.

  2. Fuck Jay z find that Fuck where he breathes


  4. 3 plus 4 equals the 7 day theory. PAC GOT ME

  5. I ain't got no word to describe pac and outlawz on this track they went crazy, RIP pac

  6. The Last Song in Shakurspere
    Have Only 2 songs

  7. if this is not real hip hop then idk what is

  8. Intro: 2Pac]
    Niggas playing deadly motherfuckin' war games (deadly war games)
    That nigga rappin' about my motherfuckin' life!
    I'm talking to you, nigga (fake-ass motherfucker)
    The fuck you talkin' about
    Let's get it on now
    He got shot and left the hospital the same day
    Bring the noise
    When? What month, motherfucker? (Y'all motherfuckers soft as jelly) What motherfuckin' month?
    Bring the noise
    How the fuck talkin' about gattin' and shootin'
    You ain't firm nigga, you soft
    Where the fuck do these niggas live where all this shit be goin' down?
    Soft ass nigga
    Fuck your clique nigga
    You want to know how I did this shit?
    Bunch of skinny motherfuckers
    You want to know how real my shit is?
    Nigga, go read the motherfuckin' newspaper, you trick-ass nigga

    [Verse 1: 2Pac]
    Heyyyyyyy, huh
    How many broke-down rappers got some shit to say?
    I sit and strategize, in due time, them bitches pay
    Plus all day, I puff weed 'til my eyes bleed red
    Undercover tactics, leave my enemies dead
    Check this, I know you niggas got no love for me
    But how the fuck your whole clique turn to thugs, homie?
    Like misdemeanors, it's a small thang
    You niggas ain't ready for war, let my balls hang
    Bust it, I took apart your whole crew, lack heart, I ain't concerned
    I bust at Bad Boy, Mobb Deep and murder The Firm
    When you scream "Fake thugs," who the fuck you mean?
    Get more cream than all of y'all, nigga, fuck yo' team
    Now Dre want to switch sides, tricks hide in war
    Last year, I'd shed tears, but I don't cry no more
    Plus Jay-Z tried to play me, won't last long
    Go ask King Sun how it feel to have your ass gone
    Listen Doo-Wop, don't get your shit knocked, you can't win
    Tell 'em all to let the games begin, we havin' war games



    ‘Eternal Atake’ Producers Break Down Uzi’s New Album | Genius News

    Yeah nigga, y'all niggas can't fade this shit
    Got shot 5 times, got out of jail on bail
    And sold 5 million
    Sold more records then all you trick motherfuckers put together
    More than the Firm, more than Bad Boy, more than Mobb Deep
    More than all you bitch made niggas

    [Verse 2: Napoleon]
    Now won't you just, signal me
    Before you try to take another one of my folks
    Took they breath so they choke
    And I know I did a lot of dirt
    But grand said it wouldn't hurt
    My death is comin', 'cause I feel it, smell it
    When I work, did you see me
    Comin' up I tried to take it easy
    Plan at the wrong place, at the wrong time
    I leave you with a broken mind
    Ya whole block is fucked
    Whole family is cryin', when the guns go bust
    I went from Jersey to Cali, nigga
    I seen it all, when niggas get they head busted
    And didn't fall

    [Verse 3: E.D.I. Amin]
    Huh, yeah
    I be that young nigga, EDI, Amin, huh
    Rappers is fixin' to come up short
    If y'all don't come clean
    Check it, I'm at home watchin', shittin', sittin'
    And I see some niggas on a T.V. line, what a pity
    Ain't nothin' but a copy, of a copy
    Reincarnation of an imitation, sloppy
    Don't even know you got these white folks laughin' at cha
    How the hell, you gonna base your lifestyle after a movie character
    I'm dumpin' back at cha
    Huh, fully loaded and you can quote it
    Thug niggas casket is ridin' roll it

    [Verse 4: Young Noble]
    I'm hell-bound, One Nation
    My destination is jail bound
    Penetration to get ya niggas shot down, it's my town
    Put your B'9s and Glocks down
    Outlawz drop down
    Shuttin' your whole spot down
    We rock towns daily
    Sippin' on the Baileys with thug passion
    Mashin' with Mr. Makaveli, so tell me
    Which one of y'all niggas want the war to be civilized?
    Ill as Killa Keise and I be cockin' in your enterprise
    Criminalize thoughts
    When I be thinkin' draw fast, haul ass
    When you see a nigga reachin' for what, the heater
    Back streets I know, critically in Italy
    Like Bellissimo
    But down in Mexico, policio try to track me
    Transform my Jersey army to some Killa' Cali
    Khaki so Kadafi back me

    [Verse 5: Yaki Kadafi]
    Ehhhhhhhh yoooooo
    They wanna strangle me and trap me
    Angle to angle, blast me (ride on these bitches)
    So you niggas can't match me (hehe)
    When it comes to the chips (that's right)
    We flip and cock back like a fifth
    (Eh yo, Kadafi keep a gat on these, while I do it)

    [Verse 6: 2Pac]
    After the fire comes the rain, after pleasure there's pain
    Even though we broke for the moment, we'll be ballin' again
    Time to make it yo; my military be prepared for them bustaz
    Similar to, niggas that scary, get too near me we rushin'
    Visions of over-packed prisons, visions and niggas thug livin'
    Pressures, three strikes, I hope they don't test us
    They pull the heater ammunition in crates, shhh
    Move without a sound, as we slide down, pistols in place
    They got me fiendin' for currency, the money be callin'
    It's like I'm – dreamin', seeing scenes of me ballin'
    Participated in felonious behavior
    Cock the cocked fo'-five, snatchin' niggas pagers
    Labelled a mark soon as we start, it was hard to quit
    We started out drinkin' 40's, moved to harder shit
    God damn now I'm a grown man, I follow no one
    Nigga got my own plan, WATCH ME, uh

    [Outro 2Pac and Yaki Kadafi]
    Ehhhhhhhhhhhh yooooooooo
    Ooooooo oooooo
    Get that money nigga
    Yo nigga come here come here nigga
    Come on come on, whassup whassup
    Eh yooooooo
    Yo niggas down the block, yo yo
    Ehhhh yoooooo
    That nigga Mu ridin' in a hot car
    Yo that nigga Mu got a stolen car
    Yo, eh yo, Mu got a stolen car, oh shit
    Eh Mu, that nigga 'bout too, eh yo
    Watch out, that nigga rollin' in stolen
    Jersey style nigga (that's right nigga)
    That nigga Mu crazy as fuck
    That nigga Mu, rollin' in stolen
    Nigga doin' donuts in the middle of the street
    K diggity watch out, watch out
    Eh, yo K, hahahahehehe look at the nigga
    Look at that, K drinkin' a gallon of fuckin' Tanqueray
    That nigga ain't no fuckin' joke (motherfucker)
    Eh K, eh Malcolm watch out the police, nigga
    Policia, watch out nigga, you rollin' weed right in front of the fuckin' police
    Stupid nigga hahahahahahaha
    Eh yo Yak, you got weed?
    I don't know man, I had some
    Who got the strap
    I lost, I lost the herb running motherfucker
    Where the strap at nigga?
    I got the strap
    Eh yo who dat? Eh yo who dat, who dat? Eh yo who dat?
    Watch out, watch out, watch out, watch out
    Yo, yo, yo, eh yo, eh yo, eh yo
    Eh, yo why you let that nigga come through the block?
    Nigga not supposed to be down there
    Eh, Malc come here, come here
    Fuck wrong wit y'all niggas, man (hehe)
    Eh yo, get money
    Yo the next one mine yo, next one mine
    You got that, you got that
    Let me get down, let me get down, let me get down
    Let me get down
    I just came out here, nigga come on man

  9. where is instrumental version pleeaaasseeeeeeeEEEEE

  10. Still listening to this 2021 the best ever 💯 Thug life

  11. This Classic Underground 2Pac song has one of the ILLEST BEATS!

  12. Hello, good afternoon, I wanted to know whose background instrumental for this song is, thank you very much.

  13. Fuck !! Tupac come back …please…niggaaaa

  14. Og Untouchable with Left Eye lyrics being recycled?

  15. This beat is sinister as fuck and Pacs delivery… Wow 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  16. Hey yo who who dat?!! hey yo who dat?!!! Fucking beast outro! Hearing this track make me wanna punch somebody!

  17. The other Rappers they r not that versed as Tupac if u know what I am saying here.

  18. Jayz tried to play me all this long ask king tut how yall aZz will be gone🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️!!!!!!!

  19. Real niggaz speak in code fuck the police as my future unfolds

  20. God is only one positive we going very you tonight racist devil

  21. Never betrade God why you die secrets of war

  22. Negative attacks negative positive attarcts positive follow God+ enternal life he is alive learn from mr. Makaveli don't follow him why he died those who follow him 2 sorry for all fallen soldiers God give you enertal life this life a test to the next stage graduate like Kanye West if he gives back with thos billions dollers give back like all ones holding money

  23. The goat passed on undefeated on the mic nd stl remains undefeated and undisputed 🔥🔥he was jc destroying evry1. Biggs,nas,badboyz,mobb deep, the firm ,Jay z. Pac is god

  24. This is original Song untouchable Song from tupac

  25. 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  26. Tupac was exposing the industry even Nas, Jay Z, Puffy and everyone else knew that the brother was the real deal. Yet nobody was willing to take it to death if needs be, only Tupac. There were points at which positive change was arising between the bloods and crip gangs, Tupac was essential in unifying the divide, aiming to build one nation, empowering communities to be self sufficient.

    This is polar opposite to the dead end programs that the government had in place aimed keeping the status quo of drugs, poverty, division and violence. Music is highly influential for better or for worse.

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