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3 Solo Wargames to Start With

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Are you interested in wargaming, but unsure where to start? In this video, I recommend three very accessible entry points into the genre (that are also fun in their own right).

Tutorial for Field Commander Alexander:
Tutorial for Castle Itter:
Tutorial for The Shores of Tripoli:

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  1. what's the easiest war game a beginner should try? I've only tried storms over the Reich (still counts as wargame?) and every die roll was so bad, right from the setup.. i couldn't go back to try out even for the second time and sold the game :(what's an easy game where i won't get super overwhelmed and i don't get completely destroyed in the game? 😅Oh I also tried resist. not a fan, found that to be on the hard side, as well.

  2. Great range of games covering different time periods. Beginning wargamers may also want to check out the Mini Game Series at Decision Games. They offer several solitaire games covering topics such as Lawrence of Arabia, Vikings, and the Congo. They are relatively inexpensive for those wanting to start wargaming without making a larger initial investment.

  3. Are you guys familiar with solo tabletop RPGs?

  4. Thanks for these recommendations. Love your channel and videos!

  5. As a solo gamer, who never plays wargames, but certainly has an interest in them, this is the video I was looking for. I really like the look of the Valiant Defence series, and I have backed Soldiers in Postmen's Uniforms (perhaps, because I was a Postman for 6 years), largely based on your overview/tutorial of the game. I am currently on the fence whether to go all in on the three-game-bundle, and I think this video may well have convinced me 🙂 Thanks for more great content Liz!

  6. Nemo's War. Most historically accurate recreation of the Nautilus' journey!

  7. Pavlov’s House and Thunderbolt Apache Leader will be my first war games thanks to you in previous videos and podcasts. Hopefully they won’t be too hard to get into 😬 lol

  8. I know it's more of a war themed game but I just wanted to put a shout out for Maquis by Side Room Games. I only have a PnP version which is great but there will be a new Kickstarter for the 2nd edition soon. Woohoo!

  9. Really cool list. Not something I’ve really seen before.

  10. Do you have a list of the best solo war games you’ve played? Not just recommended for starting out.

  11. Thanks, Liz. I'm really interested in all of the Valiant Defense series (partially from having watched you play Pavlov's). Itter may be the first I get, due to the strangeness of the castle's defenders. I'd been on the fence about Tripoli, and worried about its solo play. You answered my question. Stay well and keep up the great work

  12. I was intimated by the charts on charts aspect of some war games. Thank you for making this!

  13. Great list, great games!

    I had the same experience with FC Napoleon as you had with Alexander. Played through the campaign five times in a row. At some point I felt the battles were missing tactical depth, so I used the player made module with flanks and terrain, but got tired of the game nonetheless. I need to get back to my playthrough series, though…! 😅

    Shores of Tripoli is also really good. I served as playtester. The US player has a bit of a harder time in the first games, but once you know how to prepare your deck, it's a hard fight for both sides. Haven't played the solo version, yet, as it wasn't ready when I playtested.

  14. This is perfect for me but the other way around. I'm a boardgamers who's curious about getting into wargaming. Thanks!

  15. Super list, and exactly what I wish I had access to a few months ago! Pavlov's House and Days of Ire were my first two, and I recently picked up Shores of Tripoli. I find the DVG games to look intimidating, so when they said By Stealth and Sea was meant to be a little lighter than some, I jumped at it. I haven't yet busted that one out, though, since it still looks intimidating! (also, I keep reading that the first mission is brutally hard…) Still, now I'm looking at Field Commander Alexander. Thanks for the great list!

  16. Liz, thanks so much for including Castle Itter in this list! It's an honor! 🙂

  17. Non-war gamer here 🙋🏾‍♀️ First war game and solo only game I purchased was Comancheria. Also my longest shelf of shame game. 😕 I can wrap my head around mid/heavy euros, but not around this one. I will try to learn it again one day. Thanks for these intro war game suggestions!

  18. I saw the videos of Castle Itter and it was really interesting and straightforward! Very good recommendation!

  19. Hi Liz, have you played Fields of Fire by GMT? It will be great to see a review/gameplay from you.

  20. Got Shores of Tripoli. love it. I've been playing games on n off 40+ years. Rec'd Panzer Blitz when I was early 20 something. sometimes simple games are great. especially if you don't have time for a 3+ hour game. Castle Itter and the other two david T. interest me.

  21. I don't know if I didn't set the right places, but I can't really find any of these games for purchase — are they still available somewhere (at a "normal" price)? Thanks.

  22. Any of the Field Commander titles are superb – especially Field Commander Napoleon. Freeman's Farm and Chancellorsville 1863 are quite frankly awesome solitaire as is Pavlov's House Thanks for a great video and great recommendations!

  23. i lplay a system tacked onto 40k . The AI has 4 roles for units…ie support (devestators , close combat. (Berzerkers)..Each unit roll a D6 each turn to see what it does……move/stationary/ charge. THe AI make stupid descions but its a bigger army..my army is 1700….the AI is 2000….its bloody good…..should have done it years ago.

  24. Outstanding video, Liz! Love your content!

  25. If we could have seen some components of the games as you were talking, it would have been much better. But still thank you for this

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