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300 Spartans Vs 100,000 Persians – Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2

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Leonidas leads 300 of his best Spartans to defend Thermopylae against 100,000 Persians!

Can only 300 Spartans hold against the Persian Horde of 100,000 Soldiers long enough for Greece to gather its forces and save Sparta? or will they fall to the Persian Empire?

I hope you guys enjoy this survival battle replicating the Battle of Thermopylae!
If you want to see more insane battles like this one make sure to leave your suggestions in the comments.

In 480 B.C Persia and Greece find themselves at war once again. At the Battle of Thermopylae, Leonidas, King of the Greek city state of Sparta, leads his best Spartans against the massive Persian Army. Though certain death awaits the Spartans, their sacrifice will inspire all of Greece to unite against their common enemy!

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  1. Technically, it was 7,000 Greeks against 300,000 Persians, they said it was only 300 Greeks because there was 300 Spartans which were the most iconic in the battle.

  2. This is so bs
    A lie in history for those who dont know

  3. Bro building persians right this:oonga banga you see that shield spear war oonga? Yeah boonga..then lets attack them separately with swords with no boonga strategy…..it is a sick bad joke with history and putting a fairy tail content in this fight a god make it more funny and unbelievable

  4. persians army destroyed pantless spartan

  5. One by one even pesian soldiers was better than sparta. So only 300 persian soldier would be enough to defeat them. The 300 film nothing just bullshit.

  6. those clothing are arabian , persians were likely similar to spartans nude upper body with strong helmet , and known for their elephants , persia now is influanced by arabian islamic culturs and people confonde them with arabs .

  7. ایرانی ها قوی ترین ارتش تاریخ را داشتند❤🇮🇷

  8. ایرانی ها قوی ترین ارتش تاریخ را داشتند❤🇮🇷

  9. ایرانی ها قوی ترین ارتش تاریخ را داشتند❤🇮🇷

  10. ایرانی ها قوی ترین ارتش تاریخ را داشتند❤🇮🇷

  11. ایرانی ها قوی ترین ارتش تاریخ را داشتند❤🇮🇷

  12. With all respect to greeks and their history❤ this war is a fairytale and myth there is no any exact proof of it

  13. Forgot to mention Leoniadas is a God 🤣🤣

  14. It’s known that the Persian army in the battle was much smaller than 100,000 and the Spartans had around 700 men

  15. Bro I'm Persian and Persian not Islam and not Arabic

  16. forgot the add the other 7000 greek city states' participants who were there at the pass

  17. in real history spartans cant do anything vs persians

  18. This is not Persian army spartan leve the game and face me😂❤

  19. In reality the persian fighters where actually supper strong.

  20. 😂😂😂they think they was the winner , what a fairytale , im persian and i love greek history،but come on guys , even a child can understand 300 soldiers cant defeat 300000 soldiers. They changed history, so much love for my greek brothers we were great , i love ur gods , Love from Persia 🇮🇷♥️🇬🇷

  21. Where is the video about all the Persian military victories? Most people think the Persians were week, they were a super power back in their day, it's just the Spartans were very well trained, but so were the immortals, they came a close 2nd. Persians were no pussies like they are portraid in the films.

  22. Movie of 300 was just horrible lie that ruin the real history , persians won the battle and fired athen in reality, and the only reason of high casualties were the thunder and big waves that hitted persian ships in the way of athen . In the reallity Persians won over greece many many timee until Alexander the great defeated them

  23. It'd be a cool to see a version showing around 6,000/7,000 Greek Soldiers vs the 100,000 Persian army.

  24. Thats arab custom not persian
    ( that game and the creators doesn't know history )

  25. The soldiers of the Achaemenid Immortal Guard were many times more skilled and stronger than the Spartans, but these were also Arab soldiers

  26. Xerxes, the conqueror of Athens🤣🤣🤣

  27. We destroyed the Spartans. 😢😢😢😢

  28. Only In Games Aur Movies You Nothing Did In Real Life 😂

  29. Did the Spartans have atomic bombs? 😄😄

  30. The lightning kind of ruined it for me

  31. They event doesn't look persians, they look arab😂😂😂

  32. This is ridiculous 😂😂😂
    A story for kids
    The channel owner's dream 😂😂😂

  33. At least have all the other Greeks there and not just the myth of only 300 Spartans holding them all off by themselves.

  34. how exactly someone could think about 300 man defending 200000 man its literally indian movie bro there was at least 10000 Greece soldiers in that war and they got crushed the only honorable think about them was that 300 of them didn't run and died in 5 minutes

  35. zack snyder got yall really thinking spartans fought naked.

  36. Bro persians arent arab
    Why i cant undrestand why the world are thinking like that
    Guys we arent arab

  37. Can anyone tell game name plese😊

  38. It is really unfortunate, the Persian soldiers were very powerful warriors in the open fields, the Spartans were noticed by the West, that's why they respect them, but the most respectable warriors are the Persian soldiers.

  39. A lie, lier Herodot, It Was Sorena an Persian general that resisted with 300 soldiers in against Eskandar and that lier Herodot wrote it for pride of Rom, Long live Persian Empire 🟢⚪🔴🦁

  40. They must not desecrate the body of our king!

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