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360° LIVE – Watch the WarGames 2018 Cage Get Built

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Join us for exclusive access a day before NXT Takeover and watch LIVE — in full 360° — as the stunning WarGames steel structure is constructed all around you.


  1. This new technology video around the world today check the wrestling ring

  2. A Roman is loffer he is a beggar only cheating 😡😡😡

  3. I don't get it. Why does it take 3.5 hours to set up a cage when all the pieces are there? 😀

  4. How can a friend of mine and i watch it the same time but we get different angles??? These 360 videos i will never understand


  6. Tbh rather watch a 3.40 hr long video of all the nxt crew and talent getting rehired and a formal apology from vince.

  7. This is the closest I will get to experience being a WWE wrestler 😭

  8. Yo for real tho, shout out to all the crew. Ya'll the real mvp's. This got me more hyped.

  9. Question why was there no sound and how did you do the 360 degrees thing?

  10. I would like 2 see how the 2 rings got build

  11. Many thanks to you all. Your hard work brings millions enjoyment. Cheers to you all

  12. Is this an official channel? The views are oddly low.

  13. Mine favorite nxt is Sasha Banks AND Biannca Belair

  14. Wow…what is thia feature?? 360 view…sweet

  15. 3 hours? what u were on coffee break? slow guys! slow!

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