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Today on WWE 2K23, @MachoT & I will be drafting 4 GIANTS and 4 HIGH FLYERS. The first person drafted will be the team captain. This will be a 4v4 Survivor Series WarGames match. Which team will come out with the win?

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WWE 2K23 is a 2023 professional wrestling sports video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K. It is the twenty-third overall installment of the video game series based on WWE, the tenth game under the WWE 2K banner, and the successor to WWE 2K22.


  1. You Should Do A Striker Vs Technician Video

  2. Theres no way the giants loose in real life.

  3. I grew up on wrestling and watching this guy it feels great to get into watching him again

  4. I've been watching Brandon since he first started his YouTube

  5. Bde I just downloaded your character in wwe2k22

  6. No Matt or Jeff hardy anymore gone are the days

  7. I want quit till this came is mine

  8. No game make me go crazy like the way this came does

  9. This game is 100% the astonishing game on the planet

  10. You should’ve picked the tribal chief the ass Slayer Roman Reigns

  11. Brandon can you ones use te great khali

  12. Bde 4 high flying vs 4. Giants wwe2k 23

  13. When he said four high flyers and four giants their were five giants and five high flyers

  14. Tails never fails… It’s not a gimmick brother, is real to me! 😅

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