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5 Best VR War Games to Play

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THESE ARE 5 OF THE BESTS VR WAR GAMES TO PLAY ON THE STEAM STORE RIGHT NOW! this channel is where you are guaranteed to find all the popular VR games and titles in a fun narrated way. So if you are into VR come join the VR ASYLUM with the rest of us crazy VR people by hitting that subscribe button and that bell icon!


  1. Man actually brought out my favourite flight sim for a beginner and a little bit easier AND THAT IS VTOL VR

  2. $80 for a fallout game that came out 8 years ago?! Wtf

  3. Baseda studios? Bethesda is what you meant

  4. how is the rudder operated without pedals, in Vtol??

  5. I had to re listen to how you pronounced Bethesda a couple of times lol

  6. Is any of these games available for the metaQ2

  7. Nice list 👍 I've been wondering about fallout 4 for vr as I've never even played the pancake version, but worried how it'll run on my 5700xt? I tried no mans sky vr and it was terrible!

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