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5 Great Tabletop War Games | Alternatives to Warhammer 40k & Sigmar | Miniature Recommendations

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Let’s look at 5 tabletop miniature strategy games that might be better for your war gaming style over the current Games Workshop systems.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love playing Warhammer 40k, and I will always enjoy painting up a fancy Age of Sigmar model, especially if it’s one of the Underworlds miniatures, but there are a lot of other games out there to simulate battles with so let’s look at some.

Dust 1947 – an alternate history war game that gives you a way to skip the hobby side of miniature gaming.

A Song of Ice and Fire Tabletop Miniature Game – Fight for control of the Iron Throne in a this fantasy tabletop miniatures game based on the books of George .R.R Martin.

Infinity – Fight for control fo the Human Sphere in this scifi skirmish game filled with classic metal miniatures to assemble and paint.

Marvel Crisis Protocol – Assemble a team of Marvel Super Heroes and face your friends head to head on a field of intractable terrain.

Star Wars Legion – Join the unsung battles of the Galactic Wars and bring your favorite Star Wars character to life in model form.

I want to give a huge thank you to my friendly local game store, Games of Berkeley and their staff for letting us film after hours for this video! Please support them with the link below for all your gaming needs!**

You can find my recommendation here:

And if I didn’t mention your favorite war game, make sure to mention it in the comments below! I love learning about new miniature games!

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0:00 Intro
0:31 #1 – Dust
3:15 #2 – Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game
5:00 #3 – Infinity
7:10 #4 – Marvel Crisis Protocol
9:35 #5 – Star Wars Legion


  1. A song of Ice and fire is great. I play AoS and the Msbg but Asoiaf is my favourite to play. It's just so quick compared to the others I play

  2. I think Dust officially died again about a week after this vid came out.. sad..

  3. Axis and Allies and Battletech mere 2 of my favorite “lite” wargames.

  4. Moonstone is a great little skirmish game with some unique mechanics. Better bring your poker face!

  5. i just checked out the dust 1947 web sight they dont seem to be selling models any more.

  6. "not called warhammer" ? when was wh a good wargame except fantasy battles 1st edition?!

  7. I am just playing One Page Rules Grimdark Future and it's other offshoots like Age of Fantasy, Grim Future Firefight and other stuff. I'm done with playing GW game systems and refuse to buy into its business model anymore and since I've made the switch it's been liberating from being trapped into the GW army list ecosystem where the newest hottest thing they want to sell gets pushed and everything else gets gimped.. I'm so over GW. One Page Rules games are miniatures agnostic and play wonderfully

  8. I'm surprised to see so much Malifaux love in the comments. It showed up locally(Large city area, ton of game stores) for like two months and everyone tried it but almost immediately dropped it because no one wanted to play it. Now you can't find it in any of the game stores and people rarely know what it is. I didn't even know they still made stuff for it.

    On a similar note, Warmachine/Hordes is still one of the better and well balanced games out there…if you can find people to play.

  9. I went to Dust 1947's website and it looks like they have shut down operations. That makes me sad because this looked like a game I might have picked up and played. I guess what is on the shelves now is all there is.

  10. is Warmachine/Hordes still a thing? they look really good

  11. coolest war game bg, im looking for these

  12. Currently enjoying Burrows & Badgers, Infinity Code One, The Drowned Earth, Deadzone 3rd ed and 7TV (Pulp & Fantasy)

  13. I know it's an old post but I can't help but comment. I've recently got interested in what if's, like gamming obscure battles like Alam El Halfa, ironically one of the most pivotal battles in WW2 Western Desert. Or the what if scenario of a US Marine Battalion v the Golden Horde of 10 tumens, 100,000 men. Some dope had the Marines being rolled over in one easy charge, but restricted the Marine capabilities to defend themselves. I have naval games, plus the Black Seas Napoleonic scenarios. So don't be upset if your favourite game was not here. I have at least twenty of which none were mentioned.

  14. Apparently with the Song of Ice and Fire game you're supposed to start the battle, promise to finish it later, and then never do.

  15. I wish StarCraft and command and conquer had model's

  16. Skip the monster terrain items. The only item on that shelf you need is Mel "the terrain tutor" Bose his book. And make your own terrain 🙂

  17. That store looks amazing!!! You can always prime and repaint the Dust minis. So tempted by Song of Ice and Fire!!! Lol, only reason I'm not into Infinity is because I hate metal minis! Corvus Belli is getting into plastic for their new releases. Wow, you studied under Tom Lyle!

  18. Great video. Which should I choose between star wars and marvel crisis protocol? I want it for play with my siblings and my friends. Not for a competitive stuff.

  19. Star wars legion finally got me to kick the Warhammer bucket and I couldnt be happier. Awesome models, really balanced, and the biggest one… CHEAP AS HELL! Like I'm telling you this stuff is a 3rd of price of Warhammer. Just bought bossk for 12 dollars… meanwhile GW charges 40 for a star priest… no going back

  20. Dust 1947 is expensive like warhammer 40k, i'll pass on that.

  21. Some of the 3d printers are making good goblin armys. Esy good place to buy. ❤

  22. I'm considering Infinity BECAUSE of the metal miniatures ❤️

  23. I wonder what she got her degree in?

  24. awesome video, i would love to paint the dust models but i cant seem to find anything online but ebay selling it for 300 dollors

  25. BattleTech is awesome why don't you ever mention that? Its my 1st real game and painting hobby and it's awesome.

  26. So she has never played marvel crisis protocol but she put it in the video?

  27. I have been playing Infinity, MCP and Battletech.

  28. Hey you guys I need help I have been getting into different games with my 14 year old, the most recent has been games he's picked llamas unleashed and here to slay. Hes really getting into it and I want to continue playing with him and I want to encourage his gaming. I was wanting to starting a more budget wargame and campaign game with him. You guys have any ideas? I have spent 3 days already looking around and I was thinking maybe necromundo or battletech but I was thinking for wargames something more simple and with fewer mini figures and with co-op campaign I was thinking something like d and d but I cant find something simple and would spike his interest. Any recommendations?

  29. Mantic games deserve some recognition they have great products and I never see them on any of these kjnds of lists. : Kings of War, Firefight, Deadzone just to name a few. All made by the same designers who worked for GW in past.

  30. this is my favorite video of yours Angela. you should do a redux of it!

  31. No Battletech.
    No Babaylon 5: A Call to Arms.

    You seriously need to try both of them.

  32. More DIY is needed in the hobby! Less reliance on major games companies and franchises to provide us with entertainment.

    Don't get me wrong, I do like all the games in this list, it's just the best stuff is more likely to come from small scale indie designers who don't have shareholders to appease. The best games I ever played were obscure and only had a small player base. The problem was finding players – the games themselves were great!

    For players looking for alternative mass fantasy I just launched 'Runestar D12'. Its designed for low-fantasy armies which can easily be made up of historical plastics + mage + dragon! Its only a first edition, but a living game so it's going to be well supported 🙂

  33. Awesome that you mention Dusty 1947. It was very popular where I lived. Unfortunate that Paolo is finished with Dust and it's not being released anymore.

  34. Berkeley as in Berkeley California (famous for UC Berkeley) nice to see a focus on one of the largest wargame stores in the USA. Well done love.. warm thoughts from Richmond CA

  35. ahhhh I'm into Battletech myself but good stuff anyway.. yea I'm so retro that retro is defined by ME! grin! 🙂

  36. The First World War was "The Great War". The Second World War was just that WW2. 👍🏻🎅👍🏻🇺🇸

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