6,000,000 Mongol Army Invades Fortress of Imperial Roman Army - Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 - nzwargamer.net

6,000,000 Mongol Army Invades Fortress of Imperial Roman Army – Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2

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Can Imperial Roman Army Defend Fortress From 6 MILLION Mongol Army | Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 UEBS 2

Welcome to Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2, the most ridiculous and insane battle simulator in existence! Create eye watering battles with hundreds of thousands, even millions of characters on screen! Jump into multiple campaigns in game or player made, or play in sandbox mode and FPS invasion.

If you’re looking for an epic battle simulator, then look no further than UEBS 2! This game lets you play as a Jedi Knight or a Special Forces member and defend against 10,000,000 Evil Army in a battle to the death.

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  1. That was a really good one. Great job…

  2. У монгол почти не было пеших войск все были конными и они так тупо не атаковали 😏

  3. Is there a reason why the Mongols are all melee?

  4. Mongols conquered half of world. This is some kind of joke. No difference between zombies and them…

  5. لكن من الذي سينضف كل هذا ؟ 😐

  6. зря такое отношение к татаро монгольским войскам.не исключено,что в десять раз меньше,хватило бы весь мир захватить.

  7. And what about the Mongolian cavalry, archers, stone throwing companies? Where is it?

  8. Just game
    Real life Mongols > rom

  9. Mongols without horses? Ahhh they are just having picnic, don't worry

  10. lmao the mongols came into existence 800 years after rome fell, basically 800 years of modern advancement and strategy. Roman legion would be stomped like a pancake

  11. I like when there’s commentary on the battle happening, it makes the time go by faster, no offense to this channel but Daleytactics is dat dude when it comes to UEBS

  12. Wow, how could you get it so wrong, you give the Romans god strength and take away most of the Mongols weapons, where were their archers, Marco polo showed them how to build catapults, the Mongols also had gunpowder and a type of hand grenade, the Mongols dont fight this way They were warriors on horse back.

    At its height, the Mongol Empire encompassed over 24,000,000 km2 of continuous land. For comparison, at its largest extent, the Roman Empire encompassed roughly 5,000,000 km2. That means the Mongol Empire was nearly five times as large as the Roman Empire.

  13. Где вы видели монгола без лука и лошади? Чушь полная.

  14. Weird tactic to allow your infantry to give chase in the beginning making your archers useless

  15. when there’s more blood then water 😂😂

  16. Mongols are chinese race such North Korea and South Korea different countries but same race.

  17. If those are 6M what's 100M looks like? Hahaha I doubt the 8B number now

  18. Господа запомните, армия Чингизхана тоесть монголы во первых были верхом на лошадях, во вторых большинство где то 90% были лучники и в третьих они воевали тактично. Вы сдесь их сделали как зомби типа стенка на стенку. Так что не забывайте

  19. Did Phalanx strategy would stop the mongols?

  20. Врать не харашо а где конница

  21. الموسيقى الحماسيه الملحميه تجعل لها طعم اخر🥸

  22. Where is Mongolian horse warriors and archers 3m solider 2m archer 1m horse warriors then easy win 😂😂😂

  23. It's Actually islamic way.catholics-sunni,Sunni-chatholic unleash,Oh my god I Am touch.

  24. That was awesome! I really thought the mongols had it when they stormed the keep..

  25. Is this running on a NASA computer?😳

  26. As a total war fan, i must say that these animations and fast pace is far better than total war.

  27. Damn that turning point in the battle had me like oh shit, they can win this

  28. почти все перехуярились

  29. Every mongol fighter has two horses always bruh.

  30. I believe the Roman Empire would defeat the mongol empire. I even think that the byzantine empire would defeat the mongols. I even think that roman Middle East and Africa would have defeated the mongols. Even Italy on its own could have just been able to stand up to the entire Roman Empire.

    Lets imagine that all of the roman states fell into chaos and was in civil war. Even then the romans would beat the mongols. If roman Britain and gaul went up against the mongols. I think that would be a fair fight.

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