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9 BEST Upcoming WAR GAMES of 2017 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

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9 Upcoming WAR GAMES of 2017 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Release date : Coming 2017 on PS4, Xbox One & PC
Release date: February 21, 2017 on Xbox One & PC
Release date : TBA 2017 on PC
Release date : TBA 2017 on PC
Release date : April 25, 2017 on PS4, Xbox One & PC
Release date : May 2017 on PS4, Xbox One & PC
Release date: TBA 2017 on PC
Release date : 2017 on PS4, Xbox One & PC
Release date : February 14, 2017 on PS4, Xbox One & PC

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  1. Sustain toy search ongbzkt majority figure behind noise attach hopefully.

  2. These are FUCKING Shit games like Wada fuq AIDS MUCH

  3. The dday landing on days of wars, camera angle looks like saving private ryan

  4. days of war and battalion 1944 look utter shit. i mean I have taken better looking shits than those cs:go ww2 ripoffs. The only decent ones are Enlisted and Escape from Tarkov. I hope Cod WW2 will do justice to the genre just like BF1 did or gtfo
    EDIT: I forgot to mention Rising Storm. sorry. That is a game I want to play now!!!!

  5. Geez, just call the first game Saving Private Ryan, the Remake.

  6. the first one was seen from saving private Ryan

  7. I don't know about anyone else here, but I gotta say, I can't wait to see what these games are all like. I know for sure that they are all gonna have a different feel to them, but I'm going to remain skeptical yet optimistic about each of them. Except Battlefront 2, that one is going to be my fav haha!

  8. Fucking hell that first one looks shit 😂

  9. from where i can buy the Escape from Tarkov ? i don't find it on Steam 🙁

  10. Cod wwll is realy bad game. I was thinking that the company well change theme motion injene to better but they didnt. So i see that bf1 well stay the best

  11. i want a good vietnam game im tired of ww1-ww2 games

  12. I need something that is like the 2000 player battle in planetside 2 I have played ps2 and im sick of it now I want something with real conflict making my fps drop top something like 10 sometimes and enemy and alies being contrlled by reAL PLAYER i want a proper online war

  13. Days of War doesn´t look exactly developed from MOH Allied Assault…

  14. escape frim tarkov is the only one that looks like a current gen game

  15. чисто по видео ток разин сторм понравился.. остальное шлак..

  16. I thought the game at first was cod ww2 then it proved me wrong lol

  17. Are people really complaining about graphics? Lol pathetic

  18. "Immersive environments!" Well if you call PS2 immersive then yeah

  19. That opening one was literally saving private ryan

  20. Okay yeah that first one is literally a cinematic of the opening of Saving Private Ryan. The audio for the guy saying "Clear the ramp! 30 seconds!" is exactly the audio from SPR.

  21. Can saving private Ryan sue them for having the same exact line and camera angles

  22. That’s there purpose to copy saving private Ryan

  23. My dad was second wave to hit the beaches of Normandy. He told me of the horrors of war. Why would anyone want to sit in their basement pretending to be somewhere any God fearing normal person would want to avoid at all costs. The Boot camp Sargents would tell them they were all going to die and just to accept it. They pounded it into their heads every day. It wasnt about if you were coming home because the truth is,alot of guys didnt. If it wasnt Germans shooting at you,it was mines blowing up landing craft,or drowning as soon as you stepped off the landing craft because your pack dragged you straight to the bottom. My dad explained to me all that. War was not about glamor, it wasnt about being a hero. It was about doing the job you were trained to do. That was killing other human beings. Why would you sit in your basement training to do something you will never have to do,or want to do? Hitler was a monster,and the Germans had to be defeated at all costs. What do these games do? What great evil are you defeating? You want a skill? Go to school,learn a trade,get a job. Find a girl friend,get married,have children. Life shouldnt be about killing others,even in a game,because killing isnt a game. I would never allow my son or daughter to play this shit. Life is too short. We should celibrate life,not by playing killing games. Sad,really sad.

  24. uh God I love English and USA thanks to those who made life better by inventing tv's internet video games I love you

  25. we have 2018 and half of these products look like shit. Only EFT looks very good but this price is terible.

  26. Its games are good,but battlefield is best

  27. He shot 3 times with a double barrel shotgun

  28. First one looks like a downgrade of cod ww2

  29. 👏stop👏making👏ww2👏shooters👏there👏getting👏stale👏

  30. raise your hand if you focus about storyline

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