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9 HIDDEN New Additions In WWE 2K23

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Here’s a look at 9 awesome additions to WWE 2K23 that were sneakily added to the game!

Thanks to 2K for providing an early code to create this video! #wwe2k23

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  1. It's Nice To Honestly See Female Referees..

  2. The announcers sometimes react to a Hammer Throw (heavy Irish Whip) in the corner of the ring

  3. I love it the dick made me lose lmfao hahahah shit got me out no where

  4. Ye I like how the ref counts slower when they get Ko I do that alot

  5. fool he fell 20 feet onto a flaming table and kicked out 😭😭 roman is oc bruh

  6. Secret I found : if you put Kevin Owens and sami Zayn as a tag entrance together they will say the smu and Kevin show evn though there is no team announce name

  7. So nobody gonna talk about roman falling thru the cell onto a table and still kicking out😂

  8. I hate the controls for anything after WWE 2K20, which is a shame cause I love WWE but can't get behind the games anymore, plus $160 almost for the game with all the DLC they're crazy, I love video games but the day I pay more than $100 for a video game will be a sad day indeed. (I live in Canada if anyone is curious about price differences).

  9. It’s actually wild it took this long and this many games to add Reigns war cry for the spear animation

  10. does anyone know how to turn off the redness when u do a finisher on someone? PS5?

  11. Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea? says:

    I hate it in myrise when I'm done with the lock persona and the commentary still calls my superstar the lock

  12. Ok, knew I had a weird bug lmao I kept having matches where the ref was counting slow. He didn’t get hit once tho lol

  13. Why can they never get the lighting of the table right now gas being pored on the table

  14. It's so weird seeing a yearly sports game actually improve. I hope in an update or the sequel that they add ref mo cap and guest refs for faster/slower count outs

  15. Yeah i wasnt thrilled to find out the ref counts slower in real time…..

  16. still waiting for them to add the omg where they go through the screen like strowman and lashley did that one time

  17. Why are we not allowed to go from the stage to the backstage like the old games? Would be nice to take the fight backstage in falls count anywhere or last man standing. Start in the ring and end in Vinces office

  18. 1:57 Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker? That’s some cheese!

  19. To those who have it/played it – I am going to upgrade my console soon. Not having played wrestling games since N64, can you tell me if this is worth it? I’ve heard rave reviews about 2K22, so wondering if I should get this instead rather than the other?

  20. All those wrestlers hiding matches in their shoes. Like how they hide blades to initiate bleeding.

  21. What’s wrong with the referee’s shirt? It’s bumpy… 🤔

  22. Does anyone know how to take the straps down on 2K23 or they didn’t add that feature this year ?

  23. OF COURSE Roman Reigns kicks out of falling through Hell in a Cell onto a flaming table

  24. The commentors always had easter eggs mentioning other wrestlers

    One time I played an HBK vs Triple H match and out of nowhere they talked about John Cena

  25. Spiking the guy ontop of the cell into a table takes a lot of set up.

  26. Does it annoy anyone else that the camera is from outside the cell so the cell is blocking part of the view during any cell matches

  27. Wow, reactions. What game changing add-ons. They must have learned from EA. 😂😂

  28. You know during title matches still do slow counts to the referees try cheat you out of the belt

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