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A Civil War game? Surely you can’t be serious

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I am serious, and general lee I think it’s a hoot, Shirley.


  1. But why did Johnny reb charge without bayonnetes afixed?

  2. i could not help but laugh at the confederate guy doing a southern ass scream whiile smacking this dude in the face with his rifle

  3. "What, do you shoot in a field and wait for four minutes because that's how long it takes for you to reload?"
    Sounds like my dad.

  4. 유리큐브 제왕Lord of the Glass Cube says:

    You know, a civil war Cod sounds like it would be pretty cool. Maybe they could make up the lack of auto weapons with advanced melee mechanics.

  5. Took me a second at the end but finally saw what you did there.

  6. That's exactly what the game is getting charged by people with bayonets every time you reload

  7. Facts, when you ever play a game you always forgot to put bayonet and just took many sec

  8. If you practice enough, you could reduce the time to one minute

  9. 4 out of score… 4 score and seven years ago…

  10. You can tell how old my mental age is when I can sing along to the song playing at the beginning…

  11. Lmao I just noticed that there is a picture of the USS Monitor's turret on his… well.. monitor.

    Also in that same frame he's hot Hard Tack on his desk and a couple of teeth that probably fell out trying to eat it.

    This guy knows his stuff

  12. Average WWII fan vs Average Civil War enjoyer

  13. Why do people keep saying this “it takes minutes to reload a musket” crap? You were expected to fire three shots a minute.

  14. This has been in my recommendation since it was released. Just now watched it and I can't believe I spent so long to actually do so

  15. The only unrealistic part is the fact the soldiers had the nerves to charge towards a bunch of bayonets.

  16. There is only one Civil War game and it was made by the History Channel

  17. How i play every RPG: Ah The Negotiator…

  18. How come they wouldn't prone in the grass or wear camo? like they had to have known they wouldn't be seen if they matched the colors of the grass while laying down in the grass. oh wait i guess the smoke from the powder would instantly get you swiss cheese'd

  19. wasn't the civil war fought with repeating and bolt-action rifles?

  20. what people eat when they play video games: *chips, candy, stuff that’s easy to eat with your hands*
    what this guy eats when he plays video games: *HARDTACK*

  21. why did i get sad when his smile disappeared

  22. Mans got smacked with a musket like a baseball bat

  23. War of Rights: a term used by southern revisionists who attempt to portray the Civil War as a war over States’ Rights and not slavery, despite plentiful and thorough evidence the root and sole cause of the Civil War was secessionists refusing to release their slaves.
    -Sincerely, a Texan who had to watch history teachers lie through their teeth and perform mental gymnastics growing up.

    Dope animation style though.

  24. I like the fact all the Union soldiers are uniform meanwhile the Confederates barely have anything beyond the grey caps to distinguish themselves.

  25. In order of historical occurrence,
    War of Rights,
    Beyond the Wire,
    Rising Storm 2

    Is there a Korean war sim?

  26. Is it just me or does this feel like a YouTube video from back in the day

  27. Played it. Yeah it is lame. It's an fps for thecrusader kings crowd

  28. Honestly? A triple A video game about the civil war sounds pretty dope. I’m gonna be even more honest and say I’ve literally never heard anyone say a civil war game would be lame. It just seems like it’s never brought up.

  29. i love how the confeds don't have uniforms.

  30. To be completely honest, the Civil War was probably the wackiest, and the most badass war America has ever been in

  31. War of rights walked so hunt showdown could run

  32. the animation so smooth, but the story are stagnant

  33. A Great War game? How are you going to play a game about the Great War?!?!? What are you going to do sit in the trenches while taking turns peaking over because you get shot in the open? SOUNDS LAME!!!

  34. I love the fact that he points his finger down like he's going to poke a key to launch the game, but then he just slams his whole fist on the keyboard.

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