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A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Every Total War Game in 2023

Andy’s Take
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It is quite astonishing how many Total War games we have these days, and if you haven’t been following the series, then it can seem daunting to dive in. But even if you have some experience and wanna try out other games, how would you know which ones are good, or what differentiates them or indeed, is similar between them? In this video, that’s a question I’ll be answering, as we’ll go through every single Total War game and give you my opinions, recommendations and tips on which ones you should try and why.

From A Total War Saga Troy, Total War Pharaoh (soon) and Rome Remastered, all the way up the age of Medieval 2, Empire, Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai and even the Warhammer series’ fantasy universe, I showcase them all, so make sure to stick around or jump ahead to the game you’re the most curious about!

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  1. Been playing Med 2 and the worst part is the slow response of the troops on the battlefield

  2. Just bought rome 2, shogun 2, and Attila…. good bye life

  3. Sucks that you didn't include the original Shogun and Medieval. There isn't anything wrong with them at all, they are fantastic games and easier to get into for a new player than even the modern masterpiece that is Three Kingdoms.

  4. One of the only things I hated about medieval 2, was how another faction would surprise attack me, and just as my counteroffensive is ready to smash them, the Pope pops up and demands a ceasefire.

    If I agree, sometime later the same thing happens again and again. I get attacked, often hurt, and before I can take the fight to my enemy I'm forced into a ceasefire that gives them time to prepare their next attack.

    It's frustrating to not be allowed to do much besides soak up their latest raids and invasions. That must be how Israel feels right now

  5. Empire and attila are really good 😊

  6. The only game I’ve played is medieval 2, I’m a bit of a history buff and am interested in a lot of these other games, can’t decide between Rome remastered or Rome 2

  7. Really thinking of buying medieval 2 but the thing holding me back is the graphics

  8. I played almost all of them. Rome 1 and Medieval 2 were the best. It's not only about features and gameplay. The atmosphere counts as well. It's just those old games were much better at.

  9. 9:07 You are talking about Rome but this part of the video on the timeline is still marked as "Pharaoh"

  10. Why would you remaster Rome total war? Now you can't even buy it?

  11. What language do you talk. I mean it is really hard to understand your english

  12. Which of the titles is the easiest? Im not familiar with the series nor battles that go back more then ww1.

  13. Loved medieval 2. The morale system was the most realistic, especially with the fun dread attribute of generals. One thing I hate about later games, especially Rome 2, is the prevalence of situations where even an exhausted levy unit will hold after incurring 80% casualties. Breaking the spirit of an army with strategy is far more rewarding than a brutal brawl to the death.

  14. Total war has ended on shogun 2 fots. Pinacle of TW to this day and forward. Theres only 1 thing i would like to tansfer to it from earlier, buliding and population mechanics from rome 1

  15. I flippin dislike the, everyone starts with one city, system.

  16. I knew nothing about medieval Japan but absolutely loved Shogun 2. The expansion was even better. I wish Rome II was as polished as Shogun 2.

  17. I like total war warhammer 123 crazy unit and tactics
    if you want more simple every game but warhammer every game is fun and diff speed of progression

  18. Bro didn’t even include medieval 2 or shogun 2 literally just got rid of the best total war games

  19. If you haven’t played a total war game I would get total war Rome 2 or Attila but if you like fantasy then get warhammer

  20. Hey man, which is the most similar game to attila ? But no gunpowder, I've tried shogun 2 it's really hard compared to attila 😅 and the ui is really confusing lol

  21. the armoured hoplites look much better in rome 1 the original they remind me of spartan total warrior

  22. shogun2 Fos best, Total War: Napoleon second


  24. war of kings is such a good song man jeff van dyck was cooking up heat bro holyyyyyyy in rome and medieval 2 the ost was banger

  25. rome total war was my first total war aswell, I got it for like 10 bucks on steam but didn't really play it, I also got three kingdoms but it wasn't until I got like warhammer 2 or medieval 2 that I actually played it and I have to say its great, definitely missing a lot but its really good for the first 3d game and 3rd game in the series, medieval 2 basically added everything you needed to fix rome and has so much more than every other game so its still my favorite
    the music is already nostalgic for me and i'm pretty young, most people got into it as a kid back when rome or medieval 2 was coming out and are now adults but i'm still a kid and i'm nostalgic for like 1 or 2 years ago lol

  26. Most will disagree with me, but I loved rome 2. I would love a rome 3. That or maybe do a deep dive into Africa? That could be cool

  27. Never played a total war or a Warhammer game before. I'm torn between
    medieval II total war kindoms
    Total war shogun 2
    And total war Warhammer 1-3
    Closest game I've played to any of this is bannerlord
    Shogon2 would be my best bet I like the time period and it's affordable
    I know nothing about Warhammer but the 3 game mega campaign sounds awesome

  28. Please i wana know which one has most killing animations? And also has simple economic system

  29. So which would you recommend Rome remaster or Rome II. I am pretty new to total war games

  30. Never understood why DEI Roman’s need to run around everywhere in a combat stance once they’ve thrown their pila

  31. Rome total war remaster is so bad, fortunatly got the first one in the internet for cheap and works good in new hardwares, not like the remaster that was made just to take your money with worst visuals

  32. Is andy's take and andy's paradox the same guy ???

  33. Where's three Kingdoms? That's the best one.

  34. i can't hardly understand what you are saying.

  35. 5:11 This is probably the ONE thing we never needed simulated in video games – the mood swings of the fairer sex 😀

  36. We need another musket warfare total war game like empire or napoleon

  37. Warhammer 3 and Rome 2 are the best total wars to me

  38. Everything after 2020 is kinda meh/bad, apart from RTW Remastered (can't really play the original on my hardware)

  39. Which one is the best to try for a new player, interested in graphics and play

  40. Is there an English setting for 3 kingdoms?

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