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A New, Brutal WW1 Strategy Game – The Great War: Western Front

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The Great War: Western Front releases today, and it’s probably one of the most brutal and unforgiving real-time strategy games I’ve ever played… which is very, very appropriate for World War 1! Trench warfare requires completely different tactics, sending thousands of men to their deaths to secure just a few more inches on the battlefield amidst the endless rain of artillery shells. In fact, the game is so brutal that there’s already some controversy surrounding the game, suggesting that the AI must surely be cheating (a claim the devs have refuted). Is this just a skill issue, and players have to adjust their expectations and approach to better match WW1? Or is the realism taking away from the fun with seemingly pointless, repetitive, bloody battles that barely move the front line? In this video, I show off most of the features of the game, and discuss my thoughts.

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No copyright infringement intended. The Great War: Western Front copyright is owned by their respective owners which includes but is not limited to Petroglyph Games and Frontier Foundry. I did not make the game (or assets) and do not claim to. I do claim recording the gameplay and associated commentary.

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  1. This game looks really awesome! Nice gameplay hoping to see more!

  2. Huh, game actually looks a bit better than i thought and calculated
    I love being wrong about games being bad

  3. I think it’s all come down to difficulty on expert AI cheats on every game but in normal or easy mode I think it’s work the way game intended to work

  4. Of course AI suppression is stronger then yours. AI always gets benefits or cheats

  5. Was expecting this to be more like total war

  6. Ah the somme, where Sir Douglas Haig channelled his inner Zap Branigan, sending wave after wave of his own men.

  7. It's not a cheeky maneuver to hug the sides of the map. Its called a breakthrough and envelopment and its what every general and field marshal dreamed of every night during the war

  8. Damn, was rather disappointed. COH2 spearhead trench battle is much more brutal than this, with artillery singing louder and hit harder flattening whole front, and of course infantry in trenches can shoot 360⁰ as long as theres clear LOS like ANY HUMAN CAN.

  9. Ai Machine gun is working when under fire cause you have it at the 3rd highest difficulty. AI usually gets to cheat in these games. From what I've played so far you can only have 2 troops assault a trench at a time. That's why your 3rd guys are just hanging outside getting shot the hell up.

  10. Very interesting concept. Would love to see a series on this to fully see the game.

  11. Looks like you should use heavy artillery to destroy machinegun nests and use bombers to destroy enemy artillery? Because cost of calling down even 4 heavy artillery barrages is much lower than calling a bomber (36 versus 90).

  12. Hey, i really liked this episode and was sondering if You are foing to make more about ww1

  13. Great video, looks fun!
    Also, WW1 was highly mobile, global and dynamic…just not on the Western front. The game is thus appropriately named and accurate, but not representative of the conflict as a whole. That's just the area that has received the most media attention for a hundred years.

  14. How do you change the position of the trenches I can only seem to get them in one line and nothing else

  15. Petroglyph is the spiritual successor to Westwood, so im not suprised its good

  16. Such a good succinct and informative overview/display of the basic mechanics and game. Top notch mate, very informatiove

  17. Around 35:50 (and in a couple earlier spots, too) there is an explosion effect shown happening all along a trench line in front of it. It doesn't seem to be artillery because it is quite linear looking in its effect. But, what exactly is it? Some sort of mine field effect?

  18. I think it just seems like a clunky game to play

  19. Do you think we will get a series out of this?

  20. Can you play the campaign in Multiplayer? Would love to play this campaign with my friends.

  21. 1:58 I must have failed history… I never realized Kreuznach was the capital of Germany…

  22. I appreciate what the devs have done, but this isn't the game for me. It looks and sounds like a grind to make any meaningful advances on the grand map. I can appreciate how that is in keeping with the themes of WW1, but fighting over the same scrap of land over and over and over again doesn't sound like a lot of fun.

  23. I like your comments and review. The game looks good but I think its out of my league. I would have wasted my money.

  24. This was a really cool game. Id love to see more of it

  25. I love games where you can finally play as the good guys.

  26. I think it’s really cool how it goes from grand strategy to rts based on your troop movement, are there any other games like this?

  27. Aww, what? The craters, bodies and I'm assuming also vehicle wrecks aren't persistent on the battlefield? That kinda ruins a lot of the immersion of a WWI game.

  28. bodies disappearing after 5 seconds we really should have left in the 90s

  29. Its like an old browser games where you play with trenches and using artillery and stuff so the enemy loses morale. Forgot the name though. If someone remembers it please do tell.

  30. 32:56

    I haven't played this game, but I'd say the reason the A.I seems like it's cheating is because the A.I can pay better attention to what it already knows.

    People tend to focus one one or two places at a time, but the A.I can focus on everywhere it has visibility

  31. there are not many ww1 strategy games, since my last ww 1 rts games, the entente. but this one looks potential and promising,

  32. I watched some dude play on elite and he just made 2 doom stacks and owned every battle. there needs to be some type of restriction on how many units you can have in one hex. Too many and you get a penalty.

  33. also may i ask please if you put down a basic trench, Will it only cost 8 to make it an upgraded trench? or is it just 10

  34. Thanks for the video.

    Just FYI. For Lille it’s “leel” not “lillay”.

  35. Cant believe the bodies disappear, its soooooo lame

  36. I think it would be cool if this game let you send a rush while in the field commander mode and then you become a soldier in an fps style mode wher you are trying to get across no man’s land

  37. Brutal? without + zoom and bodies? it reminds me more of ant war than verdun slaughter

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