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a NEW ROBLOX WW1 GORE game dropped…

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  1. Remember last stream? When do I get to sniff your eyes?

  2. I like how bro talked to the mg gunner NPC

  3. what your grandpa experienced while walking to school:

  4. It not a ww1 game it a fictional war corny

  5. How didn't he notice it was something based off WW1
    And not actually WW1 lol

  6. This is the first time i have seen corny get ptsd and actually get scared from a gore game like wow

  7. "This game looks cool" 💀💀💀💀 if the game look cool then join the war right now in Europe

  8. i played it and its fun also its a roblox version of battlefield 1

  9. This game is not fun because nobody advances, it doesnt matter how skilled one team is because the sheer volume of both forces keeps eachother at bay. In my opinion, if this game adopted the sandbox aspect of Entrenched, it would be the best ww1 game in roblox.

  10. Fun fact: at 6:29 a youtuber called blueconx killed you as he was recording. Also, you can find his video on this platform

  11. Hi, they dropped an update that updated guns a lil bit, guns now have a damage dropoff so that you can headshot someone from like across the trench but in cqc theres a high chance that you'll 1 shot somebody

    Remember: Know your teammate's uniform.

  13. You didn’t see the children survivor you can eliminate, she’s hiding behind a box in the town map.

  14. i know a game that dosent have copyed gore gore town2

  15. i love classic master noob's creations i have met him in game (he also makes one of my favorite games "Dead Ahead", sad it was temporarily discontinued like windward another favorite naval game of mine)

  16. This game is in the dead ahead war, the war is beteewn corvus and cetus

  17. Ngl if this game gets banned for too much gore i will go time traveling back to where ww1 starts

  18. Idk if my mom likes that I’m playing this. I’m 14

  19. try jumping crouching and proning as fast as possible cus that usually helps I in combat edit:if u can

  20. the gunplay isn't bad, you just need to find the right gun for YOU

  21. Fun fact you can be deaf if an explosion really near you

  22. that gore image in the thumbnail, what game is it from

  23. Trench war:pretty good non gore ptsd simulator
    Trenches:all the while pretty bad but its pretty decent
    Entrenched:fun oll war

  24. Tan uniform is corvus and green uniform is cetus

  25. Me playing centuara in mobile but its pvp😞

    Me playing centuara in mobile but its pve💀💀💀💀💀💀

  26. it can be first person u dumb man????
    and before u play this is not ww1 read the lore

  27. My device runs so bad on this game I don’t even have time to acknowledge the gore

  28. Wow, a new WW1 game! I sure hope the lore isn’t even darker than WW1!

    Oh… oh you poor Sandra…

  29. Only the dead seen the end of the war
    :Berk sheilerher: 1916

  30. new updates even feature stuff like people of the town that didnt manage to evacuate in time and got killed there
    theres crying civillains and corpses of them lying around the town

  31. 3:27 im pretty sure almost everyone atless once mistake thes ai turrets as team mates.

  32. Average Corvus Enjoyer vs Average Cetan Enthusiast

  33. You should play shellshock its not that bloody but its kinda scary and sad it shows the horrors of war and as each wave goes by your character gets more depressed

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