A soldier is drawn into a war-game with the neighborhood kids. Then he loses control. | Gamechanger - nzwargamer.net

A soldier is drawn into a war-game with the neighborhood kids. Then he loses control. | Gamechanger

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Thirty-year-old soldier Max is on his way to another tour of duty when he notices two local children playing a game of war with toy guns. He gets caught up in their game, playing alongside the kids as they venture into the woods surrounding their neighborhood.

But as Max loses his grip on his reality, the game of pretend suddenly feels altogether too real — and the two young boys lose their innocence.

Director Christian van Duuren has crafted a powerful exploration of the effects that warfare has on the psyche, combining excellent camerawork and finely calibrated performances to delve deep into one man’s brief descent into darkness.

The film begins on a light enough note, as a grown man joins a game played by two young boys. It seems innocent, though small moments of dissonance offer some sense of underlying unease. But as the film progresses, it transitions into something altogether taut, dark and tense, and the tonal shift is absolutely seamless.

The hand-held camera seems edgier and more nervous, and the superlative sound design captures the memories haunting Max effectively, evoking the harshness of the battlefield in the middle of a quiet, tranquil wooded area.

The performances are subtle and excellent all around, and both adult and children find perfectly specific moments to communicate their fear — and the realization that this game is not just child’s play anymore, but something much darker and complicated.

“Gamechanger” is a haunting and tense portrayal of the very human cost of warfare, whose images and emotional moments will linger with viewers well after viewing — much like the invisible scars than many in the military struggle with, long after their battlefield days are over.

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A soldier is drawn into a war-game with the neighborhood kids. Then he loses control. | Gamechanger


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  1. Yes, Leave the dog in the car and play a childs game…


  2. this is about PTSD! once a soldier always a soldier.
    you carry the scars of war for the rest of your life.

  3. Yeah so the man shaw the kids what war really is… a good lesson

  4. Comme moi d'ormire avec mon poignard sous mon oreillers de peurs des attaque terroriste

  5. he just never grew up,he might of played a little too much airsoft.

  6. Not only does this outline the struggles with PTSD but also the power adults have over children. They feel they have to listen

  7. My grandpa had PTSD from flewing the winter war in Finland when he was 6years old he just ran, without family or anything he was told by stangers to get under white blankets in the snow when they heared airplains abouv them so they would not bomb them AT 6 YEARS old, so i saw him getting scared of the sounds of airplains at the age of 75 and sometimes crying, he got adopted in sweden after he got here by a little boat with strangers he did not know the language so he just followed people around even tho he dident know if he was withthe eneim or safe, and started a new life here, he past away 2012

  8. daaaaaaaang good film keep up the great work

  9. "target" "go" "ok" "snipers" "medic" we use so many English words, it's like we forget we have a language of our own.

  10. My grandpa was in Vietnam we played paintball and he destroyed me and my cousin's

  11. Is the Dog okay? I'm concerned About Her…

  12. War is not fun.
    Many soldiers after the war can change to rapist, killers,hitmen, or get psychological problems.

  13. am i the only one worried about his dog in the car her left??

  14. Well feels bad for that dog in the beginning

  15. Im gonna have nightmares after this

  16. I think he might have PTSD. PTSD is scary.

  17. Legends say that the "traitor" kid is still sitting in the forest

  18. They say to this very day little yackoff is still in the woods patiently waiting to be released

  19. guy at checkout counter: humming his favourite song

    checkout clerk: staring at freshly made ear necklace 😶

  20. The soldier looks like a beefed up Conan O' Brain…

  21. He just might have lost a little bit of himself when he was deployed

  22. When The 7th graders playing with the 5th graders

  23. When your friend has just got the game that you're a pro at and you're teaching him how to play:

  24. que acabo de ver? xd no entendi nada

  25. My dad used to be in the Cuban army now he taught me everything sometimes I see him stare into the distance and just snap out

  26. Plot twist, he was actually just a DayZ roleplayer who escaped his server

  27. people joke about ptsd but its a hell of a thing watch your vets guys ptsd will seriously mess someone up

  28. ngl i though the dog was the soldier

  29. I love stumbling across older Omeleto presentations that I missed when they were first posted, especially when they're strong ones like this.

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