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A Total War Saga: Troy Review

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A Total War Saga: Troy reviewed by T.J. Hafer on PC.

It may not be up to the grandeur of Three Kingdoms or Warhammer 2, but A Total War Saga: Troy is a significant step up from the previous Saga game, Thrones of Britannia. Troy is simply dripping with style and offers exciting, diverse campaign objectives that enthusiastically retell the timeless tale of the Trojan War and its iconic characters. There are enough technical missteps, particularly with the campaign, economy, and battle AI, that it’s still vulnerable to a sharp jab in the heel. But with a bit of post-launch love to clean all of that up, it could certainly take its place among the Total War pantheon.

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  1. the community can basically clean up the bugs, apart from that this review is empty, i thought ign would know total war mods ffs

  2. Love this game. As a historic total war fan I didnt like the idea of over powered heroes. But I'm 100 turns in and love it

  3. For my first time playing a total war game: it's just a Civilization clone, not as polished with big battles that seem confusing, not accurate and buggy as hell.

  4. Total war shogun 2 had custom animations for normal units in combat. They never just poked at air and suddenly some unit 4 units away dies. Each individual unit actually fought each other. They have since stopped doing that and now all the battles look lame.

  5. IGN: "Everything's great 10/10 must buy!

    Everyone else: "this game has issues…"

  6. so, for all people that played it free

    was it worth it?

  7. This game has way more weaknesses than just the Achilles tendon that's for damn sure. Haha

  8. In an age of machine learning, you'd think they would be able to somehow implement it into AI designs for games.

  9. The single entity mechanic really has watered down Total War. It turns battles into blobbing messes and completely takes the simulation out of the game. The battles are decided in the first couple of minutes; they move WAY too fast. I can only play Three Kingdoms on Records mode and even then it requires the Beneath a Red Sky mod to make the battles enjoyable. I would have appreciated a Records mode for Troy, with heroes (generals) having attached elite retinues, as was the case throughout the bronze age.

  10. This is 8 GB RAM Recommended?? It's like playing 4K on Old cathode Tube TV

  11. It looks like they went with the version of chariots from Homer rather than the real Trojan War, where the heroes use them as taxis to battle and not to fight from them as they were really used at the time.

  12. really? no criticisme about lack of troop variety?

  13. Its OK, its not the best total war game in the series but its not a bad game. There isn't as much strategy and diplomacy as Atilla or Kingdoms.

  14. This seriously looks old. Three Kingdoms looks way nicer and the interface is friendlier.

  15. I feel like since Shogun 2, the total war series hasn't been the same

  16. sleepsounds nirvana daequan easscenario ironmaiden basshunter

  17. wasn't troy anatolians hence turks? lol not greeks that's for sure

  18. for me problem with Total War beside those bugs is constant full stacks fighting. Even one region of enemy can produce one or two stack, This make that game repetative and simply boring.

  19. Imagine a total war game with Empire's map, Rome's music, Shogun 2's buildings, and Medieval 2's ai. Wouldn't that be a sight.

  20. I started playing it last night after getting it free a while back….. been playing medieval 2, and rome5total war…… what I don't like abput troy is the battles are far far far less organised they are more like mosh pits rather than strategic, organised thought out battles

  21. I stopped playing total war when it stopped being total war. Meaning Warhammer onwards.

  22. I’m very upset this isn’t for console

  23. I waited 1 year after release because i tought it was for april 2021 …..

  24. btw the reason 'most history games act like nothing before Alexander is worth mentioning' is because there is hardly anything before Alexander that is not entirely speculative and historically uncertain. Just take Mycennia for an example — we literally thought the Myceneans and Minoans didn't even exist outside of myth and folklore until a bit more than one century ago when we discovered the real Minoan island with the caves of the Minotaur

  25. LOLOLOL in comparison to TWWH2 this is like a WoW free trial..

  26. Why is there so much HUD clutter in modern TW games? So many icons, windows, thick lines and stuff. I've played a lot of Shogun 2 recently and it looks so much better than these recent TW games.

  27. They will do a small scale map like Troy but they won’t do the American Civil War

  28. If all goes well this is going to be the first total war game I’ll ever play

  29. If there's any computer savvy people on here can someone tell me how it is that games get released before the bugs have been worked out? Do they just not test the game enough? Or do they release it knowing they can work them out as they go…

  30. Just here after the mythos dlc announcement. Im pretty hyped

  31. 3:38 "AI-CHILLES HEEL" was clever.
    You earned your like from me.

  32. How can this be a year ago but the game just got release today? 🤣

  33. Funny i've started reading the illyad a moth ago, prolly gonna buy it

  34. How, after that review can he justify "Great 8 out of 10" .. more like: "Needs some work, 5 out of 10"

  35. ther game is so slow and its very very boring no fun to be had playing this game

  36. The campaign is annoying because of the 10 or so pop ups in between turns. Constant offers for bartering is so damn annoying as well

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