AAA Developers have been LYING to you -

AAA Developers have been LYING to you

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  1. So I guess you can’t sight in your red dot?

  2. Theres a reason why call of duty and battlefield are called arcade shooters 💀

  3. Tbh if you want realism in a video game just go and do that shit 😂

  4. Realism is stupid in games. The whole point of games it to do things you can't in reality. Games being GROUNDED is what's important and what a lot of AAA devs fail at so horribly
    We don't use the realistic bore height in games because it FEELS LIKE SHIT TO SHOOT THOSE GUNS.

  5. Iirc it's modeled correctly in older Battlefield games

  6. This isn’t actually always true. Some rifles have built in ballistics. (Long range.) Guns like an assault rifle sometimes even have red dots that are more accurate to the target.

  7. Cool but the game u showing that’s more “realistic” has bullets making dents in wood instead of actual holes. Just wanted to point it out since u have a love for “realism”

  8. Honestly who cared it's a game sure it's cool

  9. no, YOU are being lied to.
    Dude, you play Call of Duty and you like realism? are you stupid?
    If you want a good game about realism play ArmA

  10. Another dumb short made for people who are under average intelligence so that the youtube algorithm will give them likes and views to grow a pointless channel. Really outdid yourself with this one, huh?

  11. That's definitely interesting, but I don't care at the same time. Weird.

  12. bro its just a video game its not real from the start

  13. Any person who isn’t one bit stupid realizes actual guns don’t shoot like this

  14. I have never thought about and I haven’t cared

  15. Doesn’t that just mean the sights are adjusted correctly?….

  16. i thought this was common knowledge by this point. CSGO has it come from your eyes, R6 has it come from the optic, Tarkov actually has it come from the gun. it changes game to game.

  17. Tarkov…? You always say no game does something but tarkov always does it

  18. bro the bullet should not drop if your really close to a target

  19. I could think of a few other AAA lies…

  20. We knew this in delta force online in 1999 lol

  21. um, I wouldn't say you're right. optics are adjustable, if you don't use optics, but analog, then you predict. Optics has a setting at which average distance you want to aim, it is known in advance what kind of rooms you are entering and what you need it for at that moment.

  22. This man is no real shooter obviously. All scopes can be zeroed in to go where you aim. Durrr red fire truck 😂

  23. To me I just downloaded any game and I’m gonna play wether they got the aim correct or not it’s a game most people may not like it I mean come on everyone always talks about what’s wrong and what’s not in every game same with movies people have opinions ok but to me this it’s just a game and I’m gonna play it hate or not but this me and my opinion

  24. Huh. I've rarely played an FPS without this. Usually playin milsim type stuff though since 2005

  25. I’ve always thought “sighting” your weapon would be a great feature to add to FPS and bullet hells and shooters in general. Even if it’s just part of the tutorial. On the loadout selection screen would be a good place to put it.

  26. Oh I know this, in wot I shoot the tank I am using and the tank thing was down

  27. With conventional player type in FPS, absolutely correct. However Some of you are over zealous in realistic game mechanics as if convention applies across the board. If using a MechWarrior, or remotely controlling a drone they wouldn't have a need for this slight bullet trajectory adjustment, being only humans use this form of sighting. So it really does depend on the game mechanics that are real for the given player type. All third person shooters get trajectory, rebound, and deviations wrong on all weapons. Besides the melee, and area effect weapons, Knockback being the goto mechanic in such games, as bloom is for triple A JRPG's/RPG's. Which really should only be used with descretion, but have seen simple game mechanics like bloom ruin a game. Mainly behind developers treating such as features of game, instead of the tool it is in game development. Anyone doing GameDev would do themselves the biggest favor learning the difference.

  28. I suspect that little gem of a flaw was laziness in the coding part. Say you took the A.I. aiming then applied it to the Player. It would make sense to not have A.I. fine tuning the aim after initial targeting and aim. So they aim and shoot straight. I suspect the same mechanics was applied to player, why we see unrealistic handling of projectile. It's likely based of a simplistic system for A.I., the industry settled on for the shooting mechanics for players and A.I. Probably to do with making it more sporting, A.I. doesn't need the extra time to sight in the aim, then shoot. You do with realistic mechanics. Probably why so many get stomped by Bots on several MMO's. You have a bunch of extra calculating to do in movement, turn, avoidance, ect. the A.I. in game see's it's own mechanics as fluid. Which is the case for most A.I. not having to account for the same obstacles the player does, even in engaging certain mechanics, let alone general game play. Used to be enemies had too watch for hazards to, at least in games I grew up with. A.I. has it easy already, and hearing humans say make it harder is poetic, so to speak.

  29. I think you're lying to me, triple A games haven't existed my entire life, lol

  30. Most games use hit scan. So it doesn't matter. GTA 5 is a prime example. Lol

  31. Games are lying. Realistic Graphics arent realistic at all

  32. Iirc , fallout 3 actually had bullets coming out of the barrel. It's one of the reasons that the shooting mechanics were so janky .

  33. So he just explained why the games aren’t lying to you technically it is possible that all the sights that you use in these games have been angle downward thus why the bullet matches where the sight is

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