AAA Developers have been LYING to you -

AAA Developers have been LYING to you

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  1. Do you not know what the knobs on the side do?

  2. I think in arena breakout they actually have that too

  3. Hey, did you know? When Zeroing a sight, youre actually putting the little red dot and lining it up to where your shots are so that when that little red/green MOA dot pops up on target, you know its going to hit without a shadow of a doubt. So yeah, where you aim is where the bullet goes. You can dive deeper into Windage, Bullet Drop Rate, Distance, etc etc but for simple 100yrd shots i line up the dot and I'm watching bullets go right to where my sight is.

  4. this is like saying
    "did you knovv you dont respavvn vvhen you die irl?"

  5. Yea…triple A studios have been lying to you…they release literally the same game over and over and call it something different 😂

  6. You are wrong. There Squad game is realistic

  7. I’ve always wondered how that worked 🤣

  8. Go try it in the overwatch workshop. You'll be surprised

  9. No one lied, they just made the games approachable to the masses. Even then.. most of the games out there that are milsim type aren't THAT realistic. they're just realistic enough to be satisfying.

  10. All the people who play ArmA: I’ve seen this before…

  11. Um actualy red dots are made so that the red dot aims in the same place as the barel

  12. They should make a survival/extraction game where you have to properly install optics (save QD) and zero them or deal with sight hold-off until you do. Many people think you just slap scopes or dots on any weapon and they're accurate by default.

  13. Ofcourse we been lied to our entire lives that’s how life works

  14. Ever since i was a little boy ive questioned this

  15. well its not really a lie, technical limitations used to exist, it wasnt a lie, its jsut the best they could do at the time, but theres a time where they could have been making advancements, but they didnt because all they wanted was more money

  16. or you sight your optic/sight true to the barrel?

  17. Guess that’s why you sight in the optic so it actually lines up

  18. I feel like by now everybody should understand that the COD franchise wasn’t entirely based on realism after all the game was released in 2003, a time when that was as real as it gets and to be fair these newer game developers have more privileges and ground breaking mechanics that the first ever FPS video game developers paved the way for, so it’s not about who got it right first or who did it better so we shouldn’t really compare them. The COD franchise never got it wrong they’re a multi billion dollar franchise if they wanted to put their money into realism they would’ve done it long ago, they were very well aware of it but chose not to because it would cause a lot of conflict with Easter egg exploits and other game mechanics. But Thankyou for pointing that out @TactiGamer, I just love COD and I wouldn’t want to see anyone be greatly distant by a minor misconception.

  19. This is what your attacking? many games have HOB and arent hitscan. You seem a little desperate my guy.

  20. i figures this out when i still used nerf guns💀 its pretty obvious sht

  21. I shoot guns in real life and it’s called zeroing in also it depends on how long the gun is if it’s short it will be close to the dot

  22. The scope is zeroed at a certain distance period

  23. Wait untill this guy realizes that when you get shot… you need to go to a hospital and you don't just heal all by yourself!

  24. I think this is a pretty well-known fact for anyone whose dabbled in game development. In most fps games, bullets are raycasted from the camera, so theres no actual bullet projectiles either their just for aesthetic in most cases anyway.

  25. I thought this concept was common sense. They really have a term called sight over bore to explain this. Clearly the sight is higher than where the bullet comes out.. fun fact: Ready or Not also utilizes this concept in their game.

  26. Maybe other games have weapons with zero out scope

  27. Then what’s shooting out of the barrel 🤓☝️

  28. What is that first game? The graphics are crisp👌

  29. Escape from Tarkov does this well too, but the devs are still liars regardless😂

  30. This is why i just prefer a laser and irons for close quarters i always keep forgetting these features when i play any game that has it and I've died countless time because of it

  31. I mean you’re right.. but who wants to sit and work out ballistic patterns and spin drift.. it would ruin the whole game

  32. COD is not and was not supposed to be realistic. They tried to make it more realistic and look how it ended. Mw 2019 / Mw2 / MW3

  33. Dayz has bullets as physical objects if Im not wrong

  34. I mean if you get your reality from video games, ummm..

  35. I have this doubt since my childhood!

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