Abby Martin at RIMPAC War Games: The Inside Story [PREVIEW] -

Abby Martin at RIMPAC War Games: The Inside Story [PREVIEW]

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Exciting news! We successfully got Abby access to the RIMPAC war games, including Navy assault ships and press conferences with top commanders, as well as the Secretary of the Navy.

We got incredible footage and interactions for our new documentary Earth’s Greatest Enemy, and are making this inside story available to everyone who has donated to the film.

Thank you so much for your support, we are so excited about the progress we’ve made and what’s to come!


  1. is this like the link i can like come too and say 'like' after like every like word

  2. Funny US personelle patronize Russian pollution while tolerating vastly high RF, magnitudes more way-way beyond what other countries think safe. Like atomic radiation, beyond ionization, there is no safe dosage.

  3. Abby Martin 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻

  4. Great journalist and patriot. Stay safe as these same qualities make you a target of the criminals. And to answer your question, the sovereign kingdom of Hawaii was illegally seized by robber baron capitalists using the violence of the US military. The president did not authorize the ''action'', but he was lame duck and it ended up a fait accompli (done deal). It was/is illegal under US and international ''law'' for all that means to the US empire.

  5. GO ABBY. Stays out of nowhere! True journalism – and guts

  6. Commenting to bump the algorithm…great as always abby 🙂

  7. Thank you Abby Martin for your reporting ❤

  8. The demonstrably evil actions of the US is always predicated on a hypothetical worse evil lol

  9. abby..after you where do the Hebrews come from? and should they not have a country of their own? if yes witch one if not Israel

  10. When you see the shit that Abby has seen you can understand why she swears so much.

  11. What question did the Taiwanese cameraman ask?

  12. Hi Abby.. I have a message for you from the head of the UN OK? Take care sister. Hopefully we get a chance to speak sometime in the future. I love you Abigail.. 😍 💗 Haha peace ✌️

  13. That play by play was great at the end Abby. You totally had me rolling, I'm surprised that other people don't think on their feet like that lol

  14. How is it that the World Economic Forum is doing so much damage, and are literally writing rules that will effect us, not not them, and they are investing in stocks for things that they are having world leaders push into law, and you don't say a word about them? You used to be someone who exposed stuff like this, did this slip under your radar? Because the WEF isn't interested in a fair world. If they were, they wouldn't be writing laws that made them exempt from their own rules…..

  15. Thank you Abby Martin for bravely telling us the truth no matter how much the government tries to hide it. I wanted to know where can I find "Earth's Greatest enemy" documentary?

  16. Abby we live in a third world system! And I mean American mentally is pretty fucked up ! There is no freedom nor brave soldiers ever exist in America ever !

  17. ⁷7 Abby you really need to read John chapter 16 so that you can understand what's going on with the Palestinians in Gaza Empire and if he hired her I'm sure my background check was done so all this good people and a monster Energy

  18. I appreciate the news but you have fallen into the trap of being on a team opposite, when you should be an umpire (as opposed to an empire). Every country is a team with players, what you want is a fair playing field. Covid has shown me, it's all BS except for people's lives. Capitalism, Communism, Socialism are fictions invented to give people some goal to be for or against. They are all wrong when you learn the truth is really accounting. (Accounting truly controls the world). To be truly fair, you need every country and it's people to be fair and that means a fair playing field. When you have success, you become large and by definition, you impact a lot of people. If you don't have success, you don't impact anyone and you can't hurt anyone. That doesn't mean when that person finally has success they won't become a Hitler or worse. As much as we would like, no country can't please everyone but can do it's best to maximize the benefits and minimize the negatives. Do you think China, Russia or a middle eastern country would be as kind if they ruled the world? Perhaps the USA allowed things to go to shit in the name of freedom, and they can certainly improve, but that doesn't automatically mean anyone they don't get along with is a Good guy.

  19. Thank you Abby for what you do. Don’t stop.

  20. Russia commits more war crimes in a week in Ukraine than the US and UK did in the entire Iraq War, but you don't hear much about it from the Left because they're evil, lying, bad people.

  21. Hi Abby. I'm unable to figure out how to contact you about an idea for a news story. Please message me. Thanks. BTW: You're doing great work in this world.

  22. Abby hasn't been capped yet because it would be a big black mark on the U.S. and /or Israel. But sooner or later, dictatorships of any stripe will not put up with public enemies as she's been deemed, indefinitely. indefinitely. There hasn't been free press since the end of the Vietnam war.

  23. The lockdown left did a great job manufacturing consent for the Covid Hybrid Class War policies that attacked the working class, destroyed the economy & psychologically conditioned the public to accept unlimited war. The lockdown left serve the ruling class.

  24. Abby we love you. Keep giving out the truth to the public. Do not fear the zionist non American empire.
    All the support
    We are with you forever. You rock girl🙏🙏🙏🙏👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼❤❤❤

  25. Abby Martin is one of my favorite, and one of the best, journalists of all time. Long live Abby Martin and I can't wait to see her returned!

  26. So Abby, doesn't seem to be talking much about the Russian invasion … I wonder why?

  27. Where are you Abby we missed you so much

  28. ok you guys – real
    this is free advice — this is a weird trend in your vids — STOP with the fake audio wav file visualization of the video!
    just stop! It's really distracting and if you ask your audio tech friends, they will likely agree
    it's ALSO INACCURATE as a representation of sound. So it's both visually and cognitively distracting from your CONTENT

  29. Is it just me or do Abby Martin and Tulsi gabbard sounds alike?

  30. Oh what a Hero . . . Keep slapping yourself on the Back . . . Gate Keeper. . . Dont worry when we are under the Red Flag you will still have your Job

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