Adrian Bellue - War Games (Guitar) -

Adrian Bellue – War Games (Guitar)

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  1. It would be disrespectful if we don't listen to this by a headphones or airbuds

  2. well crap, now i want a 7 string acoustic geet…

  3. Downvoted by inept and jealous haters. Simple as that. Show us whatcha got pussies

  4. Crazy….crazy…crazy stuff man……woo-hoo! sheer exhuberance….
    Inspiring stuff…thank you for the music

  5. Very nice! My fingers/hand got sore just from watching.

  6. I like the filming. Looks vintage. Pretty cool

  7. and Djent has finally arrived to candyrat! woohoo! well played this piece is amazing

  8. Кто-то из русских смотрит на этих Богов?

  9. Adrian bellue with all the shit going on in my life this just hit me right where a hit was needed, the agressiveness, the melody, percussion and the harmonics goddamit!!! Is this possible to do on a 6string? And is there any tabs or lessons of it?

  10. With all if your acoustic work, I don't think I could handle full on fingerstyle death metal from you bro. You make me want to keep going learning fingerstyle because each new release shows me a new height I can reach for myself.

    Very awesome material!!

  11. Fantastic sounds! You are amazing guitarist, Andrian! Bravo!

  12. You guys are amazing , stopping again to say hello Adrian . keep up the great work

  13. Been subbed for years & the complexity of the way this is written and presented is amazing . My fav video on here full stop.I can play guitar but this is God like.

  14. 1:45 got me nostalgic for the Mortal Kombat movies.

  15. Brilliant piece of music and phenomenal playing.

  16. I really like that you incorporate melodies from other songs of yours! Gonna dedicate myself to learning many of your songs, watch out for my covers when they come out!;)

  17. Building a playlist for this guitar jedi. tip of the hat @AdrianBellue & Candyrat's eye.

  18. The first word to come out of my mouth was "What?" and after a brief pause of disbelief, this was soon followed by amazed profanity.

  19. looks like a super hard song, but super fun song to listen to

  20. Ты топовый Бро!! Пусть всегда будет твоё творчество!! С уважением твой друг..

  21. I can see his fingers on fire 🔥🔥😂

  22. This legend deserve more attention. HE NEVER HITS ANY WRONG OR UNWANTED NOTE BRUHHH

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