Air Battles in Vietnam in the Beautiful Game about Planes and Helicopters ! Air Conflicts: Vietnam -

Air Battles in Vietnam in the Beautiful Game about Planes and Helicopters ! Air Conflicts: Vietnam

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Awesome game about dogfights ! US jet fighters in Vietnam


  1. watched 2 x vids now and you obviously dont know before you record how to do stuff. Very annoying. Get it right first THEN show us how it works!

  2. yeah really… .a B-52 on a carrier. …..never gonna happen….phony crap.

  3. bullshit. he just circling in the field..

  4. If you like close to real life simulations go and join the army. Let's see how enriched in details it is for ya all bitching;)

  5. map này ném bom b52 vn t à

  6. You should try "Wings over Vietnam" or its latest version "Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam". It's much better and realistic.

  7. how did that guy get 30k subscribers with not beeing able to use an microphone and say something abvout hese games??… total useless

  8. سلام الشيوعي الاتحاد السوفييتي says:

    I am from Iraq

  9. Ryan B Aircraft Mechanic and Small Engine Repair says:

    Great video is this a app. Also does anybody know a good fighter jet dogfight app for IPhone?

  10. Is this game made by the same company that made Air Missions: Hind??

  11. game yang sangat menegangkan dan senang untuk di mainkan.

  12. B-52 on the deck of an Aircraft Carrier…."seems legit"

  13. Doesn't know left from right. Appears to have never played a flight sim before.

  14. The name of the game please??

  15. Whoever is behind the controller = YOU SUCK ASS (Fact)

  16. Schlechte Vorstellung. Ist das eine Piloten-Show?!

  17. Is your mission to show the most shitty games ever made?

  18. Wasn't this the game engine the History Channel used for their air combat shows where they dissected the dogfights?

  19. I wonder if this game from 2013 will it work with windows10??

  20. the fucker playing the game dnt even know how to control the mig's….

  21. Duybooss Thiên Tài Viễn Tưởng says:

    bắn thắng trong gam vậy thôi ở ngoài máy bay việt dễ, bắn lắm …mơ đi con ……

  22. F100 never had a Vulcan Cannon it had Four 20mm cannons

  23. I from Vietnamese ! And my friend ( USA ) is lose in The Was !

  24. ee hae hae hae hae hae hae….permainane apik karo sing dolanan naha iya good game
    joss rika lah kang

  25. Yup gunship iii got their sound effects from this game.

  26. Lmao….. Showed Off the vehicles for the first 3 mins😆

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