Airsoft War Games CQB Action in Glasgow HD -

Airsoft War Games CQB Action in Glasgow HD

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Tactical Flashlights seen in this video are from Olight at

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Play Airsoft in Scotland
Section8 Glasgow –
The Depot Glasgow –
Airsoft Edinburgh –
Nomad Ayr –
The Fort Fife –
POW Falkirk –
Anzio Camp, Staffordshire –

The most watched Airsoft on YouTube featuring an M134 minigun, it’s awesome

The age anyone can play this game depends on the insurance cover that each site has. Most sites in the UK, USA etc accept players from age 14, though many will also accept players as young as 10. I would advise that before playing Airsoft at any site, you make sure it has insurance cover for all players. Always wear eye protection when playing Airsoft, even if you are just playing in your backyard. It is not possible to convert these items to use anything other than little plastic BBs. Remember always play safe.


  1. what kind of grenade was that he threw?

  2. Nice video!! What is used in the grenades? Because other than sound, there is a small red flash. Thanks for the attention

  3. What pistol does Eddie have?? That thing is cool!!!

  4. UK Airsoft guns are much more realistsic. 🙁 They don't have fucking orange tips, and have a way more realistic noise when you shoot, compared to North American

  5. what was the m4 he was using on the beginning?

  6. you should give tips and advice on your channel

  7. +scoutthedoggie are you the only camera operator for your channel? Or do you have help?

  8. scout do you play airsoft or do you always be the camera man ?

  9. I know it will be a longshot question.. but at 8:30 theres a fella in multicams, black top? Can anyone identify those boots? 

  10. what gun is the guy on the left using with clear glasses and some headphones? from 2:30 to 3:30 about

  11. Why aren't you using safety kills in close quarters?

  12. so many people in this vid could benefit greatly if they had a dump pouch

  13. SHIT love the sound of the Scar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. At 1:35  Can anyone tell me the what the guys backpack and chest rig please!! I cant seem to find it.

  15. yo scout could you and NASH to a tactics collab and go wreck some kiddies at cqb city?

  16. I find it hilarious when people ask where this is.

  17. do  game marshals and players rotate roles at any point? i imagine the marshals are airsofters themselves. it would suck to just stand around all day while everyone else is having fun… no?

  18. dude this is awesome i use the m4 viper black ops it works great

  19. I love how sportsman like they are, unlike around a few games where i'm from ppl bitch about "I didn't get hit" rarely do you ever hear ppl saying "good shot…hit" and laughing and being good sportsman about it

  20. Pretty much every hit they are complimenting each other I like that l. Airsoft needs more of that instead of people moaning and saying they weren't hit

  21. what holster is scott running un minute 4:27 ? if any one knows i would apreciate the info

  22. how do you figure out what Co2 pistol bbs to get? like the size? because I know you cant play with metal bbs lol

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