Airsoft war games in Bristol, Va. -

Airsoft war games in Bristol, Va.

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Due to their realism and accuracy, airsoft guns have overtaken paintball in popularity. In the Tri-Cities, war game players met twice per month at the ZeroHour field in Bristol, Va. Video by Rain Smith,


  1. theres my gun at 1:37 bottom left up 1 i bought it 3 mnths ago

  2. who no's were one is near portsmouth or near crawly

  3. first of all its a magazine. Second, look at airsoftgi . com

  4. Nice place. Wish we had one just like that in NY.

  5. ???? if you mean squad automatic weapon saw its the m249

  6. wow yay someone else here in the tricities into airsoft.

  7. whear would i go to have a airsoft war(like when i go paint balling i got to a place called pev's paintballing is there a place like that for airs soft wars)

  8. i love airsoft! the games my friends and i play aren't exactly great. they're usually two on one or one on one. We often don't have enough guns. the guns aren't great. we dont have speedloaders, either, so reloading is very inefficient and often ends the game.

    I have two spring shotguns, and i recently got a spring sniper. it shoots at about 380 fps. shit! i also have a scope for it, but i'm too lazy to sight it in.

    i plan to build some crude forts and stuff on my ranch.

  9. hey i need your guy's help on buying a airsoft gun.This one will be my 4th but i want it to be the best i have gotten so i am thinking of the r17 air pulse assault rifle or the famas soft spring. so wich should i get???

  10. As the title reads –THIS IS IN BRISTOL VIRGINIA

    AND, as the manager says at 0:22, the ADDRESS IS 3003B LEE HIGHWAY

    It's right off I-81's Exit 7, across from a Blockbuster Video and ABC store.
    The field is nearby.

    hope that helps.

  11. Me and some of my friends just got together and bought some piece of crap starter guns. We live in North Carolina and I go to Bristol all the time. Next time we need guns this is where we will go.

  12. im moving to,is there an age limit or something?

  13. 350 feet per sec…. that hurts and good range… so yea good

  14. me personally… i love pistols. i would love to get a couple 200fps semi-auto S&Ws (smith and wesson(i think its wesson…)) i have one S&W singleshot pistol i put a dense bb in it, nailed my friend in the forehead hes in the hospital for life lol nah juss a huge headache… i own my neighborhood =P

  15. anyone know the nearest paintball arena from Port clinton, OH? [like 3 minutes away from Sanduskey]

  16. HAHAHAHA…did you see the guy fall at the very beginning!!!!huge fall too!!!lol!!he tried to play it off lolololololololol

  17. I wish theres was something like that near where I lived

  18. lol its no fun if you wear face masks. you cant win an airsoft war unless it hurts. i got shot in the lip and i almost forfeited. then i threw a smoke grenade and beasted him. just got a full metal mp40 300 fps i wanna try out on my friends 😉

  19. i have a jg m4a1 V3 it wasn't that great outa the box but i did a couple upgrades and now shoots 421 fps on average

  20. I going to buy a M4A1 Air soft fun, 105 m/s.

    I think it's good for a electric gun.

  21. im going to buy a airsoft gun soon and i need to know. I have this bb catcher and i was wondering if i used the bb's that i shot in the catcher would it reck my gun?

  22. I am interested in playing. Might go check it out.

  23. @IndeedGaming if your shot your out, everyone trusts everyone else is honest. if you cant feel it but you hear it hit you, your still out

  24. i once got shot in the forhead with a pistol the police train with and it hurt like hell!! i want a airsoft gun

  25. do war game have a address and do there hav a website i can check out

  26. can kids play, could my dad play with me or something?

  27. I have the extreme 45 it's 450 fps co2 pistol

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