Aleister Black makes his imposing ring entrance: NXT TakeOver: WarGames (WWE Network Exclusive) -

Aleister Black makes his imposing ring entrance: NXT TakeOver: WarGames (WWE Network Exclusive)

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The ominous man from Amsterdam rises from the shadows at NXT TakeOver: WarGames: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.
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  1. who's here after we knew the structure was created fr the undertaker!

  2. why wrestlers leave the ring when alster black sits?

  3. hes gonna beat the fiend next i can tell

  4. You can do this entrance so much better, WWE.

    You need to cut that boring intro 0:050:34

    Music starts in 0:34 and then, Aleister appears at 0:54, walking a little bit faster.
    That's how you must do this, play the video, close your eyes and think about it

  5. so this was a good time, before Black was ruined, just like his entrance starting September 2020. Here is to the good times.

    We live in a world where Orton's Punt is about to be ruined, just like Taker's streak. WWE is disappointing is heaps.
    Moves, stories, gravitas is all lost. Sad, really.

  6. This entrance was originally gonna he used for The Undertaker

  7. We want PUNK we want PUNK cm PUNK cm punk

  8. I almost fan of wwe…i started watching wrestling from ..wrestlemania 28 great memories…and then come alister black character…..absolutely brilliant booking in nxt …
    If wwe treat him like zalena vega in near future …it will be my last day to watching wwe…

  9. OMG is BALDUR ! Please WWE, book Baldur (Aleister) vs Kratos ( Triple H )

  10. Where’s the Creeky sound? There’s supposed to be a creeky sound?

  11. This is so sad. The theme is gone, the character is gone, the attire is gone, and he's not even on tv

  12. He is the only character/persona/wrestler who could have carried WWE forward..But they ruined it…Enough of Roman Reigns, and getting old wrestlers- hardy boys, mysterio, daniel bryan, morrison etc back..WWE needs a new face…

  13. Black is now buried by Vince on the main roster, just like Andrade… RIP, we miss this

  14. Anyone else come here to remember him before his border jump to the main roster

  15. Aaaand now he's gone. A wrestler this badass got released… 1 week after he returned. WWE what are you doing?

  16. After years of being turned off by 2010s wrestling, Alistair Black's entrance is what got me back into it. And now, a company claiming record breaking profits is releasing wrestlers due to "budget cuts?" So ridiculous.

  17. He had one of the best entrances in a long time. It would of been cooler if the wick of the candles lit as he walked by them.

  18. The unholy fusion of CM Punk and the Undertaker. Vince you wasted it idiot.

  19. It's crazy his entrances always make my eyes water in ugh idk that overwhelmingly intense insane beautiful emotion 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. And that's how folks the legend of Aleister Black has ended in WWE

  21. The way he steps off with that breath sound or backwards speak from the song, then walks forward looks so inhuman. Awesome entrance

  22. I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY LET THIS MAN GO. But I’m SO GLAD they did – they didn’t deserve him.

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