Aleister Black makes his imposing ring entrance: NXT TakeOver: WarGames (WWE Network Exclusive) -

Aleister Black makes his imposing ring entrance: NXT TakeOver: WarGames (WWE Network Exclusive)

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The ominous man from Amsterdam rises from the shadows at NXT TakeOver: WarGames: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.
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  1. As far as the full package goes, best god damn entrance on the roster bar none.

  2. Gives me goosebumps every time I see him rise

  3. When his gonna debut as main roaster?
    I wish to see a face off to shinsuke nakamura

  4. cant wait to see him fight hawkins on main event

  5. Him and the undertaker tag team champs 👌💯

  6. Symbolic games from satanism…great for kids

  7. Check out the entrance from my video

  8. When will this guy debut on Smackdown or Raw

  9. Out of shape and small….not very imposing 😂👎

  10. Can anyone tell what is that language in which his name is written off

  11. Dream matches for Aleister Black

    Black Vs. Bálor(Demon King)

    Black Vs. AJ Styles

    Black Vs. Nakamura

  12. Demon Balor vs. Aleister Black Dream match!

  13. This is how a entrance looks like.

  14. I dream of him being the first NXT call up to win a rumble on the first night and face Finn at Wrestlemania.

  15. Vince be like: I like him, call him up and give him 50/50booking against Elias or Corbain

  16. they should give him the Wrestlemania streak like Taker but tweak it a little bit. Have him be undefeated and chase the legend

  17. He could be the next Undertaker…. Imagine him as Undertaker's disciple…. with the Ministry of Darkness back with Undertaker as their Leader

  18. Does anyone know the song at the end of the video? Thanks

  19. If Aleister Black has a Wrestlemania match I wonder what his entrance would be

  20. @WWE Give us Demon King Finn VS Black please

  21. fued between bray Wyatt and aleistar black …will be amazing

  22. One of his most Badass entrance of all time!!!

  23. The fiend vs aleister black could be the Next big feud in WWE

  24. Best entrance and best Theme on wwe

  25. black and kane are the best WWE ramp walker

  26. 0:31
    When the weed almost killed you but your friend tells you that there's more left to smoke

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