All 10 God of War Games Ranked By Difficulty -

All 10 God of War Games Ranked By Difficulty

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“God of War” can get a bit difficult, but which one challenges players the most? For this list, we’ll be looking at each entry based on what makes them so easy or difficult to overcome and what their most challenging elements are. We’ve left no stone unturned, including “God of War: Betrayal” (2007), “God of War III” (2010), “God of War Ragnarok” (2022), and more! Which God of War game did you have the hardest time with? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I have played on very hard mode on all series. Gameplay wise I found God if war 1 and 3 very difficult. GOW 2018 was difficult only because of shitty camera or else it could have been relatively easier

  2. I played 4 ragnarok 1 chains of Olympus 3 ghost of Sparta and I don’t know how the newer games are most difficult. 1 to me is the hardest lots of people can’t even beat the hydra with the button mashing and Minotaurs last game are almost impossible. The puzzles the traps the spiked tower two of them in hades realm can have people die for hours and make you rage quit. I have 1 as the hardest and won’t go through it again. Ghost of Sparta have no issues and chains of Olympus was easy minus the light puzzle.

  3. Try God of War 2 on Titan difficulty. You'll be dead in 2 hits.

  4. GOW 2 and 3 were harder than the newer GOW4 and 5

  5. Ascension is the hardest imo. The trial of archimedes is pain. It took me 30+ tries to beat it on hard. You have to become a master at parrying the gorgons if you want to succeed. It was one of the few moments in videogames that I really felt stuck, this and the ludwig fight in bloodborne.

  6. I played Ascension on launch in harder difficulty and that Archimedes challenge in the elevator was so brutal that they patched it later. I managed to pass like days before it was patched.
    Theseus, the translator and the endurance before Clotho on titan mode in GoW 2 was insane.
    Cerberus with satyrs in front of the judges and Hades on chaos mode in GoW 3 was very, very hard.
    In GoW 2018 Sigrun is a nightmare.
    And in Ragnarok Gná and the viking king on hard almost costed my platinum.

  7. WOW, I never heard of that God of War Facebook game, that’s really cool.

  8. Lol, when you think the newer saga is harder than the old saga, these guys must have not played them on the hardest difficulty setting.

  9. God of war 2 titan mode was so much more difficult than god of war.

  10. My list on very hard mode with upgrade
    1 God of War Ragnarok
    2 God of War 2018
    3 God of War Ghost of Sparta
    4 God of War Ascension
    5 God of War Chains of Olympus
    6 God of War 2
    7 God of War 3
    8 God of War 2005
    9 God of War Betrayal
    10 God of War: a call from the wilds

  11. God of war chains of olympus on highest difficulty its a nightmare the bosses and enemy's

  12. I’ll you right now, idk how the newer difficulty compare, but God of war 1, is very Easy outside of the Ares fight if your on hard, and God of war 3 is a bit challenging, but God of war 2 was def the most challenging of the 3.

  13. The Greek Games are much harder than the new ones

  14. The Greek Games are much harder than the new ones

  15. Played them all besides the text based one and the phone one. To this day nothing infuriates me more than challenge of Hades and realm of Hades in GOW 1

  16. HOW god of war Ragnarok's god mode is so much easier than 2018 and god of war 1&2 are the hardest.

  17. 9:03 Unlike this version of god of war 1, the ares fight in ps2 version had different Healthbar system which made the combat even more difficult than usual. What happened was, if u let Ares hit u, your health will decrease but Ares will regenerate his health proportional to the damage he inflicted you.

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