All 9 God of War Games Ranked (w/ Ragnarok) -

All 9 God of War Games Ranked (w/ Ragnarok)

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God of War has been one of the most successful action franchises in video game history. Here is how I rank all 9 games from worst to best.

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  1. Interesting take on GoW 2. I haven’t replayed the original three in a while. I’m curious to see if I’ve changed opinion on my original ranking.

  2. At first I was shocked that GOW 2 was number 5, but then quickly realized that GOW 3, GOW (2018) and Ragnorok were still not up there. Haha.

    I'd put GOW 2, above GOW 1 but everything else I completely agree with.

  3. Only played half of these games but God of War 3 and Ragnarok best ❕❗️

  4. Hell yeah, awesome video. I have a ton of nostalgia for God of War 3 but 2018 and Ragnarok are at the top of my list hands down.

  5. Think 2018 is a little more cohesive as a story than Ragnarok , LOVE both tho

    Any chance you’re gonna do any more videos like ranking the Valkyrie’s, berserkers, bosses throughout the 2 new games etc.

  6. I liked the new God of Wars but I think I was put off by the slower combat and it just felt clunky to me like you were just surviving until your specials regenerated. On top of the 2018 felt like half a game at the time to me story wise. Too be honest though I'm probably bias, when I pick up a God of War game I just wanted to be angry Kratos and f*** stuff up.

  7. I had no idea god of war betrayal actually existed mostly because I didn’t really care in my opinion.

  8. I personally love god of war ghost of Sparta it’s personally my favorite god of war story and has Kratos try to save his brother which I thought was a sweet story in my opinion.

  9. I love the god of war Franchise it’s really awesome and badass.

  10. Great rankings man on the god of war franchise

  11. I think God of War 3 is much better then 2018 but not as good as Ragnarok

  12. 1. God of war 2
    2.Gow 3
    3.gow 2018

  13. 2018 is my personal favourite of the franchise and my 3rd best game of all time behind the last of us part 2 and the last of us part 1

  14. 9. God Of War: Betrayal(never liked it)

    8. God Of War: Chains Of Olympus(it’s ok)

    7. God Of War: Ascension(never really like it, but it has some great moments)

    6. The Original God Of War(this game really aged bad for me. But I still appreciate it for what it did at the time).

    5. God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta(a really nice edition to the lore).

    4. God Of War 2018(this game is so great but I really don’t see myself playing it again after finishing it 3 times. Great game with low replay value, specially now when Ragnarok is out).

    3. God Of War 3(a great ending for the trilogy! Really liked it!)

    2. God Of War 2(I love this game and specially the quest!)

    1. God Of War: Ragnarok(I love this game. Only two things I really don’t like, The Compass and the Atreus shop)

  15. I didn't think any new God of War game would top GOW3 for me… I was wrong. Ragnarok is spectacular.

  16. 9. Never played the mobile game.
    8. Chains of Olympus – even though this is last, it's still a good game. A testament that this is one of the most consistent series I've ever played.
    7. Ascension – I like the prequel angle, but arrived a bit late to the scene
    6. Ghost of Sparta – good lore in this game with Kratos's brother and mother
    5. God of War 1 – one of the most iconic PS2 games
    4. God of War 2 – This was my first GoW game (I knew the story of the first game coming into this)
    3. 2018 – one of the best PS4 games ever. Every fan of the franchise should watch the documentary about the making of this game.
    2. Ragnarok – The boss variety in this game is better than 2018 while still having an amazing story and fun combat
    1. God of War 3 – Pure nostalgia! I've played it twice and it's the only game I've ever played to completion in one sitting (both times I've played it).

  17. I completely agree with your top much as I enjoyed the older games 2018/ragnarok just hooked me to the point i didn't want to stop playing

  18. This entire franchise is excellent in my opinion without a single weak entry. However, if I had to rank them:

    8.) Ascension
    7.) Chains of Olympus
    6.) Ghost of Sparta
    5.) God of War (2005)
    4.) God of War 2
    3.) Ragnarok
    2.) God of War (2018)
    1.) God of War 3

  19. Good video, but I completely disagree on the notion that Kratos lacked depth until the 2018 game. In fact, I'd even argue that the stories of 2018 and Ragnarok are as good as they are because of the previous installments.

  20. In regards to Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta, did you only play the PSP versions or did you try the PS3 God of War: Origins Collection as well?

  21. I clicked on this video ready to be upset 😂

  22. While I definitely enjoy the older games, my biggest issue with them is Kratos. I just never liked him ad a character. But the new version is by far a better character.

  23. Awesome! Haven’t finished Ragnarok yet but as someone who has played all of them I’ll go:

    8. Betrayal
    7. Chains of Olympus
    6. Ghost of Sparta
    5. Ascension
    4. GOW I
    3. GOW II
    2. GOW III
    1. God of War (2018)

  24. Honestly I can forgive GOW III for having a weak story for the simple fact that it delivers the most BADASS boss fights in any game ever lol

  25. While I respectfully disagree about Kratos being Zeus’s son, I agree that God of War 2 is the weakest of the original three. The fight with the sisters and Zeus is awesome but the rest of it isn’t nearly as interesting as the rest. It’s still good, though. Also, I like the idea of Kratos being a demigod although being a son of Zeus isn’t exactly original, I’ll admit. Though family rivalries make things more fun.

    I have a lot of nostalgia for GOW1 and 3. In fact, I think 3 is still my favorite although Ragnarok is testing that notion. I liked GOW4 but not as much as I hoped, but Ragnarok is unbelievably amazing.

  26. God of War is Amazing! 2018 is in my top 10 games of all time! Havent got to play Ragnarok! Nice list! Ya know a game series that needs a rejuvenation is Prince of Persia I feel it could be so much more than what it is, the team behind these 2 newest games should hop on that!!🤘🏻 awesome list!

  27. GoWII is imo the best one, amazing setpieces, incredible bosses, a good story and most importantly, great gameplay, the rest can switch but it usually is:
    2. GoW2018
    3. GoW: Ragnarok
    4. GoWIII
    5. GoWI
    6. GoW: Ascension
    7. GoW: GoS
    8. GoW: CoO
    9. Betrayal (Never played it)

  28. I like to refer to the Greek games as the tragedy and the Norse games as the atonement in Kratos as a character. OG games still hold up incredibly well it's phenomenal. Ranking:

    1). God of War 3
    2). Ragnarok
    3). God of War 2
    4). God of War
    5). 2018
    6). Chains of Olympus
    7). Ghost of Sparta
    8). Ascension

  29. “Not recommend Ghost of Sparta even if you’re a fan of the franchise?” Oh no ma’am, GoS is mandatory, ESPECIALLY if you’re a fan of the franchise.

  30. And GoW II isn’t all over the place lol. You’re the first I’ve seen with the hot take. It’s actually most people’s favorite out of the original trilogy.

  31. Out of all the old sequels my favorite is God of war 3.. and now both reboots

  32. The original trilogy was so sick. I bailed halfway through Ascension. And the new ones are of course insane.

  33. Hot take… Ghost of Sparta is top 3 best God of War games, great gameplay especially when you consider the limitations of the hardware and one of the the best stories in the franchise. It gave much more context to the original trilogy and is still noteworthy through parts of Ragnarok.

  34. I haven't played the spin off games but my ranking is
    5. Gow1
    4. Gow2
    3. Gow3
    2. 2018
    1. Ragnarok

  35. No other game has dragging and boring segments like Ironwood.
    Many people are not going to play the game a second time solely because of that section of the game.

  36. 09. Betrayal
    08. Chains of Olympus
    07. Ascension
    06. Ghost of Sparta
    05. II
    04. 2005
    03. III
    02. Ragnarok
    1. 2018

  37. 8. Ascension
    7. Chains of Olympus
    6. GOW 1
    5. GOW 3
    4. Ghost Of Sparta
    3. GOW 2
    2. GOW 4 (2018)
    1. GOW Ragnarok

    This is a ranking based on the first time I played these games. Replaying them might swap Chains of Olympus with ascension and 3 with ghost of Sparta.

  38. My list
    1. God of War (2018)
    2. God of War Ragnarök
    3. God of War lll
    4. God of War ll
    3. God of War (2005)

  39. God of War 3 still my favorite. First Gow I ever played, dad just wanted to get me something new to try for Christmas the year I got my ps3, and turned me into a super fan!! God of War 2018 is a really close 2nd!

  40. 9. GOW Betrayal
    8. God of War Ascension
    7. God of War Chains of Olympus
    6. God of War Ghost of Sparta- It is very underrated as we see Athena and Kratis go way back and are actually siblings making her sacrifice in GOW 2 all the more sad.
    5. God of War 2005- Some of the CGI cutscenes and Level designs definitely don't hold up by today's standards
    4. God of War III- This really is their magnum opus pure carnage throughout and the fact it takes place immediately after GOW 2 makes it better
    3. God of War II- Santa Monica knew they could still deliver and amazing game on the ps2 even though it could've been a ps3 release and the CGI cutscenes are beautiful also this is where Kratos themes start going hard.
    God of War Ragnarok- Improves on everything 2018 had and the ending makes a grown man cry
    1. God of War 2018- Complete Reimagining with the simplest plot and a combat system that still amazes people to this day. Norse Mythology was a nice backdrop to this deeply personal narrative, and Game of the Year in a year that was so stacked says everything you need to know about this game.

  41. I don't get how people love ragnarok it's kinda shit ngl , the final boss against odin was about as compelling as fighting a heavy draugr and pretty much every boss lacked scale and compared to 2018 where is the spectacle? I mean kratos was on the back of a dragon fighting balder in 2018 aswell as smashing through a shit ton of ice with a giant hammer from the sky there was nothing anywhere near that level in ragnarok lol it was disappointing as shit

  42. 8: god of war ghost of Sparta
    7: god of war chains of Olympus
    6: god of war 2
    5: god of war 3
    4: god of war ascension(Gameplay was really fun lacked story but amazing combat)
    3: god of war 2018
    2: god of war 1
    1: Ragnarok

  43. Ragnarok is the first game I've ever decided to go for 100% on, and I can easily say it's probably my new favorite game of all time

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