All God of War Games Ranked From WORST TO BEST -

All God of War Games Ranked From WORST TO BEST

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Like any franchise, God of War has had its lows, though they’ve been few and far between- some might even argue there haven’t been too many of them at all. Its highs, on the other hand, are as numerous as they are spectacular. Hopefully, the upcoming God of War Ragnarok will fall in the latter category, but while we wait for the highly anticipated sequel to arrive, here, we’re going to take a look back at the franchise’s past.

Starting from its beginnings on the PS2 in 2005, right up until now, we’re going to talk about all God of War games, and rank them from worst to best.


  1. GOW2 is the best hands down and one of the best games of all time.. I haven't even watched this but just know GOW2018 will be #1😒

  2. My list
    7. God of War Ascension
    6. God of War Chains of Olympus
    5 . God of War Ghost of Sparta
    4 . God of War 2005
    3 . God of War 3
    2 . God of War 2
    1 . God of War

  3. God of War is the series that proved to me that you can simultaneously have an honest opinion and that that opinion is wrong. For me GOW 3 is the best in the series. It was just so incredible at its time. I just prefer it to the 2018 game but I also have to accept that my opinion is just wrong lol

  4. Great ranking but there s no such thing as worst god of war game

  5. GoW 2 and 3 should have been above 2018

  6. God of war 2 is the best in the series, the narrative story told in epic fashion, it brings everything together so well, storytelling is important. Captivating performance

  7. when you realize its about every god of war and switch to another video

  8. Remake and merge the mobile GOW games in Unreal Engine 5. While merging them, have a writer smooth out the rough parts of the story and also remake GOW 1, 2 in Unreal. Repackage. Make enormous amounts of money.

  9. In my opinion, if God of War 2 was remastered to look as good as God of War 3 did, it would be the perfect GOW game.

  10. My list
    8. Gow Betrayal
    7.Gow Chains Of Olympus
    6.Gow ascension
    5.Gow Ghost of sparta
    4.Gow 1
    3.gow 3
    2.gow 2018
    1.Gow 2

  11. God of war 2 will forever be the best. And 3 should be behind 1 and 2. And god of war 2018 is not nearly as fun as the old style. It’s slower and less puzzles and platforming made it a bore.

  12. Cliché "newest is best". 3 is peak God of War.

  13. God Of War 2018 is not God Of War. It's Dark Souls with a Kratos skin! I cannot understand why this got voted as the greatest game of all time when it isn't even the best within it's own franchise! 2 & 3 are miles better than 2018.

  14. Here's my personal list. You don't have to agree.
    7. God of War Chains of Olympus
    6. God of War Ascension
    5. God of War Ghost of Sparta
    4. God of War (2018)
    3. God of War 2
    2. God of War (2005)
    1. God of War 3

  15. Personally GOW 2 or 3 should've been #1. They're both better in gameplay, controls, and story than GOW 2018.

  16. Woahh. It’s crazy how accurate this list is to mine. 💯👏

  17. My (controversial) list
    1 GOW II. Probably the best PS2 adventure game.
    2 GOW. The one that started it all.
    3 GOW. Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta (tie). Crazy good for PSP games.
    4.GOW 2018. Love the gameplay and world, but the characters are boring or straigh up annoying to me, specially Atreus. Plus the puzzles were meh in comparisson with the other games. Also, not many boss figths. Story was ok, but never got into Kratos and Atreus relationship.
    5.GOW III. (Controversial part). I really, really hate the story of this game, changed characterization out of nowhere (Athena), Kratos suddendly is not strong enough to take on Zeus?? (why GOW 2 then??), and all of that with Pandora box, hope, and Pandora herself is bullshit in my opinion, it all felt very forced to me. Plus, the objective of the game is killing Zeus, again, at least in GOW II was a novelty, and even then the sisters of fate were also the main villain giving more variety to the final goal. GOW 3 just feels so repetitive. And is very short too, in PSP i can give it a pass, but not a fucking PS3 game with less than 8 hours of story mode. Cool boss figths tho.
    6. GOW Ascension. Unnecessary. Completly, absolute unnecessary.

  18. Let Me School You:

    Fact#1 God Of War Is The Greatest PlayStation Video Game On Planet Earth!

    Fact#2 There Is NO Bad Or Worst God Of War Game Ever, Nor Will Ever Be!

    Fact#3 I Love Every Single God Of War Games Equally!

    Fact#4 God Of War 3 Will Always Be My Favorite!
    Fact#5 Stop Calling God Of War 4 God Of War 2018 For The Last Time!

  19. For me :

    7 ghost of sparta
    6 ascension
    5 chains of olympus
    4 god of war 2018
    3-2 god of war 1-2 (the same game each one complement the other)
    1 god of war 3 (the best)

  20. GOW 2
    GOW 3
    GOW 2018
    GOW 1

  21. #1: God of War (2018)
    #2: God of War III
    #3: God of War (2005)
    #4: God of War II
    #5: God of War Ghost of Sparta
    #6: God of War Ascension
    #7: God of War Chains of Olympus

    That’s my list personally.

    I can’t wait for Ragnarok!

  22. Another Channel doing wrong, shame, GoW 2018 isn't the best just because has better graphics and was GOTY 🥴
    GOW 1,2,3 still better in gameplay, story, mechanics, enemies variety, totally better bosses, weapons, magic, soundtrack, puzzles EVERYTHING.

  23. 2018 is not that great gow3 is so much better

  24. God of War 2018 should be at the bottom of the list. They missed the point of what made the previous installations fun: chaining together ground attacks and aerial attacks, getting incentives in orbs and the pure enjoyment of varied chained attacks, being able to jump and explore the environment more, feeling the scope and size of your environment you are traversing, the fear when you try to cross a tight rope climb a mountain and barely keep your balance through skill over having an auto climb or auto jump button. God of War II is by far the best game of the series!

  25. My Rating (I Never Played Betrayal)

    7#. God of War : Chains of Olympus (2008)

    6#. God of War : Ghost of Sparta (2010)

    5#. God of War : Ascension (2013)

    4#. God of War (2005)

    3#. God of War 2 (2007)

    2#. God of War 4 (2018)

    1#. God of War 3 (2010)

  26. My list:
    8: betrayal
    7: chains of Olympus
    6:GoW 1
    5: ascension
    4:GoW 4
    3:GoW ghost of Sparta
    2:GoW 3
    1:GoW 2

  27. If anyone says GoW 2018 is obviously the best GoW game, you have every right to dismiss and forget anything that guy says or have said since his opinion doesn't actually matter in the greater sense of the cosmos

  28. my list:

    7. gow acsention
    6. gow chains of olympus
    5. gow 1
    4. gow ghost of sparta
    3. gow 2
    2. gow 2018
    1. GOW 3!!! MY FAV GAME EVER

  29. Actually god of war 4 is the 8 for me

  30. God of war 2018 was pretty disappointing in terms of gameplay and gore

  31. God of War 2018 is still my least favorite game, I just hate it

  32. I love the fact he listed the games not only from worst to best but also in the chronological order

  33. L LIST. let me correct this
    3.ghost of sparta
    6.gow Ascension
    7.gow chains of olympus
    Gow 2018 really ain't that good people make it to be there are too many flaws but people just ignore it because they are drowned in nostalgia

  34. worst to best imo

    Betrayal > Ascension > Chains of Olympus > GoW1 > Ghost of Sparta > GoW 3 > GoW 2018 > GoW 2

  35. So after a long time from the release i replayed all the gow franchise in 2022 ( 1&2&3&gos&cof&2018)
    And truthfully the game i enjoyed the most was gow 1 (2005) its just perfect the diversity-((you start a game in the seas then you go to a city while its in a war then u go to a desert then into cronos's temple and try to pass each god's exam and each exam gives a diffrent experience from the others , etc..))- that what you want from any story game great atmosphere ,great boss/mini-boss fights and it had the best puzzles in the entire franchise and the final boss fight is way better than gow2 last fight ,and gow 3 did the same but the felling that you can die at any moment in gow 1 gives it more intensity when you'r playing unlike gow 3 u know kratos is so powerful that any enemy will do nothing .

  36. Go to war three is my most favorite game of god of war it is so good I mean the monsters just looks so realistic I’m not gonna lie about that if you guys didn’t play that game then what are you doing it is so good

  37. God of war ragnarok is one of the best games I’ve ever played behind red dead 2 and the Witcher 3

  38. God of war 2018 is pure shit.. they lost the spirit of this game.

  39. Love the god of war 2018 but god of war 3 will forever be the best in my book. After years and years we finally the got the badass showdown between kratos and Zeus and it was just bittersweet

  40. My God of War games ranking list from Worst to Best 9: God of War Betrayal 8: God of War Ascension 7: God of War Chains of Olympus 6: God of War 1 2005 5: God of War Ghost of Sparta 4: God of War 4 2018 3: God of War 5 Ragnarok 2022 2: God of War 2 2007 1: God of War 3 2010

  41. 8. GOW 2018
    7. GOW R
    6. GOW COO
    5. GOW A
    4. GOW GOS
    3. GOW 3
    2. GOW 2
    1. GOW 1

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