All God of War Games Ranked From WORST TO BEST -

All God of War Games Ranked From WORST TO BEST

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Like any franchise, God of War has had its lows, though they’ve been few and far between- some might even argue there haven’t been too many of them at all. Its highs, on the other hand, are as numerous as they are spectacular. Hopefully, the upcoming God of War Ragnarok will fall in the latter category, but while we wait for the highly anticipated sequel to arrive, here, we’re going to take a look back at the franchise’s past.

Starting from its beginnings on the PS2 in 2005, right up until now, we’re going to talk about all God of War games, and rank them from worst to best.


  1. Personally GoW 2 will always be the best in the franchise but the new GoW is a close 2nd. I hope Ragnarök turns out to be amazing.

  2. Gow doesnt have a bad game… its from great to amazing

  3. All God of war games are masterpiece…. Simple

  4. I don't know which one but searching for pandora box and killing Ares is my GOW best experience..

  5. For nothing beats the classics, Gow 2 was the best for me, i played all GOW games from day 1 of release and the second one was the most impressive, the adventure was overwhelming and took all power from the ps2, very advanced for the time, GOW 3 was such a rollercoaster! a master piece also, the handheld GOW were fantastic games, GOW 2018 was my least favorite game, the game is great but it felt slugish sometimes, it doesn't feel like a game, it's like a movie with parts of gameplay, the bosses are not impressive, the nord theme is not my favorite and Atreus was one of the most annoying characters ive seen in my 30 years of gaming life, and Kratos was boring, however, the graphics are a master piece, once I spent 4 hours on photo mode, the game looks amazing. there are no bad GOW games until now, even ascension was great, ive even liked more the adventure on ascension better than GOW 2018. ive played a few days ago ascension once again on my ps3 and I really feel it was a underated game, and GOW 2018 in my opinion overatered

  6. I’ve been wanting to play GOW games for so long, but I’ve never been able to get into the series as a whole, I love gaming but graphics and mechanics are usually a big thing for me, so visually the older games put me off. I hope the studio does like a big remastered of all the games one day. I’d definitely buy a GOW collectors edition of all the games remastered.

  7. My list.
    8. God of War: Betrayal
    7. God of War: Ascension
    6. God of War: Chains of Olympus
    5. God of War: Ghost of Sparta
    4. God of War (2005)
    3. God of War 3
    2. God of War 2
    1. God of War (2018)

  8. Whatever will happen, Atreus, my dream son, may you, your dada Kratos, uncles Mimir, Sindri, and Brok shall survive the wor. Atreus melted my ♥️ when he held his tears and said: "She's ready" to Kratos (Faye was about to be cremated on this scene). The scene crushed my ♥️. I am hoping that Freya becomes his stepmother, but let's wait and see if there's a twist in GOW: Ragnarok. I don't blame Freya, but I can sense her sincerity to Kratos and Atreus — before Baldur died. The latter just wanted to be happy while former was too protective as a mother. Anyhow, the plot, like the whole game of GOW 2018 is a masterpiece.

  9. Gow2018 is the worst, according to it's generation.

  10. Too much talking in gow2018 like some talking simulator nonsense.

  11. Who ranked 2018gow as the best gow ever? They need to 🔥 the host for mistakeing best looking for best ever gow.

  12. Ragnarok =$70 (says sony)
    This automatically means everyone gonna buy ps plus tier3

  13. God of War III is still the last and best God of War game.

  14. Personality I don't expect much from ragnarok,,,,,but I expect guns blazing from start to finish just like in gow2 in the other future gow onwards.

  15. Sony ent that stupid to actually bring ragnarok in 2022 same year with elden Ring.((for 2022 sake laughing…))

  16. Am definitely of the view that God of war 3 should have been number 1

  17. is it just me or someone else wants god of war 1-3 remakes for this gen ?

  18. This is hard for me to choose between GOW 3 And 2018. Both great in their own right.

  19. GOW2>GOW4>>GOW3>GOW Ghost of Sparta>GOW Chains of Olympus>GOW1>GOW Ascension

    I’m non conformist

  20. You're definitely selling the side titles short. The old GoW formula was loaded with godawful platforming segments which thankfully the non-numbered entries cut back on substantially. And compared to the original trilogy, where Kratos is often little more than a rage monster even in cutscenes, they show a lot more of his humanity in the narratives.

  21. I liked Ascension….but the game just seemed unnecessary. I played the trilogy including the 2 PS Portable games. That’s 5 games with the same formula. Glad GOW 2018 changed things up.

  22. I like to imagine that Gaming Bolt I'd made up of a skeleton crew of 5 or 6 people that made it big on YouTube. Also, my favorite GoW games are Lords of Shadow and Dante's Inferno .

  23. It’s so hard to choose between GOW2 and GOW3. It feels so wrong to try, but if I had to, I think I’d pick GOW3 as well. Just the combination of the music and the visuals, it really is hard to beat.

  24. GoW 2018 sucks ,newbies to the franchise overhyped it ,GoW 1 and 2 are the best ,only people who are familiar with great hack n slash games like Devil may cry and ninja gaiden will appreciate the old games , casuals will like the new game.

  25. I don't get the hate for Ascension personally. It's among my top 3 GOW games.

  26. God of war Hades is the best god of war game prove me wrong

  27. Listen i love GoW2018 but I preferred GoW 3 and the original style GoW overall but I know I'm in the minority, nevertheless Ragnarock will be an amazing game

  28. Not obvious to me. I still say God of War 3 is the best in the Series!! Hands down!!

  29. God of war 2 remaster is still extremely high on the 'prob not gonna happen' wishlist.

  30. God of war 2018… that’s all for my best list

  31. Hypocritical and Useless review, god of war 3 should be number 1

  32. I still loved the GOW games on PSP irreguardless of any shortcomings

    Also #4 Hades? – 3:55

  33. God of war 2 and god of war chains of Olympus will always be top tier to me

  34. Can’t believe how many videos these guys put out everyday.

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