All God of War Games Ranked Worst to Best -

All God of War Games Ranked Worst to Best

Kaptain Kuba
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Ever since I started this God of War channel, one of the questions I get asked the most is “Can you rank all God of War Games?” For some unknown reason, I never thought to make this video.
Maybe it’s because I’m always changing my mind in choosing which is my favorite game in the series. But enough is enough! I sat down, looked at every game as objectively as I could and I made my official ranking of all the GOW games. Hope you enjoy it!


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  1. Ragnarok 🤢🤮
    Gow2 A
    Gow 2018,Gow3 S
    Gow 2005 SS
    Resident evil 4 SSS💯

  2. I know it's your own list but the reason why I disagree is you put Ghost of Sparta below god of war 1 see it has done more than 1 . Better story , better character's , better and smoother combat and a proper god of war experience on PSP which Chains of Olympus fail to do

  3. For me the best is Chains of Olympus,like if you agree

  4. Not played Ragnarok yet but gow 2018 was a legendary experience of all time for me …

    But the menu for skills and armours etc felt way too complicated ..wish it was simple to get into ..but overall story and fluid combat made this game top tier .

  5. To be honest God of war 3 is my favorite

  6. gotta give props to ascension for a ps3 game it looks insane

  7. That gow game I hate so much is Gow 2

  8. I think chains of Olympus was by far the worst

  9. God of war 2018 was the most borring one, so stupid that father son relationship 🤦‍♂️

  10. Please kuba please make a gow 2 barbarian hammer only stream and then you will truly love it (you can switch to the blades tho)

  11. Naw. Nostalgia aside, GOW 1 is hands down the game that's aged the worst. Granted, it's obviously the first and therefore the oldest, but still, that should affect its ranking.

    Clunky controls, tons of jank, enemies that are just a pain (minotaurs), and bosses battles that were honestly perfected in every other game. It just doesn't hold up, in my opinion, mechanically to the new ones.

    I'd put it above Ascension and a hard maybe even above Chains of Olympus, but not Ghost of Sparta.

  12. My list (worst to best)
    Ascension: Not a bad game but others are bette, I might like this mote if I replay it
    Chains of Olympus: Good game but there are a lack of new moves for the blades and helios shield in just golden fleece copy, I love zeus's gauntlet tho
    Ghost of sparta: This game is wonderful but I hate those keres wraiths
    Gow 1: I loved this game, this game might even overthrow gow 2018 but for now its my 4th favourite game
    Gow 2018: This game is a masterpiece its really fun but I hate rpg system and those stupid walkie talkies
    Gow 3: I love this game, The story might be a little bad but its gameplay is supreme
    Gow 2: For me this is the best gow game and I hate how you can only play this through emulators or you need to buy a ps3, this game seriously needs a pc port
    (I haven't played ragnarok because I am waiting for pc port)

  13. I don't agree with your list but it's YOUR list.
    I agree with what you said about armors but in Santa Monica but they made armors even worse.

  14. 9:46 man you can't say that and put a pic of Half-Life 2, a game with amazing story and great gameplay. It has so many weapons and enemies and it has segments for story and for gameplay. It's not one or the other

  15. Hope is both what leads to dispair and dissapointment, and leads you out of it, it is the driving force behind all will and choice. that is why it is the most powerful force. It ain't corny, it's just true.

  16. I really hope that they make Jesus of peace

  17. Loved ths list, man! Personally, mine would go (out of those I've played):

    Chains Of Olympus < 2018 < Ascension < GOW 1 < GOW 2 < GOW 3

  18. God of War 2 and God of War Ghost of Sparta.

  19. Dude forgot the worst gow game gow betrayal

  20. Raganok and 2018 is not better than the old games

  21. Older games are better for me. GOW 2 and 3 are my all time best.

  22. 2, 3 and 1 are the best. I would not even call gow 2018 a gow. Where are the puzzles, platforming, camera pans, sense of adventure. They used kratos and the gow name to sell. The franchise ended with 3.

  23. God of War II is my entry point in the series. I love platforming games as a child and boy it delivers. The puzzles are mind boggling but not frustrating. The combat is great with the blades of athena alone but it's not DMC and the mixups can only be done once you have mastered each weapons' frames. The golden fleece is magnificent as the main parry mechanics and it can be chained with special attacks if you know the timing. We also got a lot of greek characters ranging from mortals to gods to titans and the sisters of fate. The Dad of War series will always be different from its predecessors but from the OG, GOW II is closer to the heart.

  24. Oh little did you know, Ragnarök's armor looks so bad that the bad armor in 2018 looks good

  25. 1:55 to be fair, god of war 2018 did the exact same thing with Odin. Not saying god of war 2018 is any worse than perfect, just saying that that criticism is arguable for both the best and worst game in the series.

  26. The thing I really don't like about the newer games is no jump button 😠

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